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Rhode Island. Greyhound Racing Comes to an End. Cruelty Exits.

There is reason to rejoice. The powers that be in Rhode Island have decided that there will no longer be greyhound racing in the state beginning August 2009. That's next month. I believe that with Rhode Island dog racing gone, the New England states will be completely rid of this most vile, most cruel gambling enterprise. If you listen hard enough, you'd hear a collective sigh of relief from the greyhounds in America's smallest state. Greyhound racing is legal and operating in only eight states with Rhode Island gone. They are Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. An estimated 22,000 dogs are killed each year because they are injured, too slow, unfit to race to begin with, sick, and at retirement age which is five to six years old. You might ask, but they can live up to twelve years and beyond? Yes, you are right. Racing greyhounds are usually slaughtered when they are no longer race-worthy unless a rescue group comes to save them.

Our good friends at Grey2K deserve a lot of credit for this victory; perhaps emancipation is a better word. They have worked hard against greyhound racing not only in the New England states but also in other states and even overseas. Please check out their website and get to know them better. This is a great victory.


Anonymous said…
your blog is nice
SwitSexyThing said…
im happy with this news. hopefully that will not materialize in the phil. 11 senators are already voting no and we need 15. i hope we can get those 15. even the simpsons criticize this. in the cartoon sitcom they have a greyhound they adopted from the tracks after being discarded and named him santa's little helper. i hope the greyhounds from the closed tracks will find new great homes too.
Ted Teodoro said…
Hi Swit. Thanks for commenting. You made me think twice. I believe we need 12 senators on our side to kill the bill in the senate. I went to the philippine senate's website and counted 23 senators altogether. so, 12 would be the majority and we already have the support of 11.
bridie34 said…
as an owner of a ex racing greyhound and have had nothing to do with greyhounds before this until a doctor a work told me to adopt a greyhound he said you would love them and - i love this dog i really love this dog, he is the most placid and the friendliest dog i have adopted and i have adopted other dogs and they can be difficult - you can take him everywhere and he is the most friendliest and socialble dog in brisbane we have "off lease" areas and he just socialises and plays with every dog there - you take hin home and he sleeps give me a greyhound anytime the work has got to get out there - I,m theresa in a Australia
Ted Teodoro said…
theresa, thanks for commenting.

you two were blessed with each other. i am very pleased to learn about your lives together.

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