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Holmdel, New Jersey. Protest. Bow Hunt. February 6, 2010.

Cancelled...Demo moved to February 14th, 2010. Please attend: Rally for the Deer of Holmdel Saturday, February 6, 2010 1:00 - 3:00pm Holmdel Township Municipal Building 4 Crawfords Corner Road, Holmdel, NJ Holmdel is conducting a cruel and inhumane bow hunt. The hunt has been going on since Jan 1st and will continue until Feb 20th unless we can get the committee members to stop it sooner. Please help by attending our rally. For more information, please contact Laurie at or cell# 917-797-6734 Note: Rain, shine, sleet or snow! Our fight for the deer will not be stopped. Parking Information: Municipal building parking lot. Directions: Holmdel Township Municipal Building is located at 4 Crawfords Corner Road at the intersection with Holmdel Road. To reach the Municipal Building from the South - Take the Garden State Parkway North to Exit 114. At the light make a left onto Red Hill Road. Follow Red Hill Road for two traffic lights . At the second traffic light bear

Bow Hunting. A Deer's Slow Death. Cruelty Not Sport. Ignorance Not Glory. Blood Lust Not Control.

The video presented below is not for the faint-hearted. It shows the slow and suffocating death of a deer shot twice with an arrow. I was prompted to present this video by my disgust at what is happening at the Garrett Mountain Reserve in Woodland, New Jersey. The Board of Freeholders, led by Mayor Pat LaPore, authorized a bow hunt to cull a supposed overpopulation of deer in the reserve. No scientific proof or evidence was presented to support their estimate of 400-600 deer living in the park. There is a more humane way to cull deer population, and that is done through a contraceptive called GonaCon. It works for five years and cost approximately $7 a shot. But Mayor LaPore and the Board of Freeholders would rather spend $5,000 to hire a local bow hunting group to massacre the deer and another $15,000 to butcher their bodies. Even in death, there are gradations. Lucky are those blasted into pieces by high-powered rifles and shotguns. They are dead in an instant. But bow hunting leaves

New Jersey. Bill 979. Anti- Antifreeze Poisoning.

Some good news on the New Jersey legislative front...Both houses of legislature have approved Bill S 979 , requiring only the signature of the present Governor to make it into law. S 979 requires manufacturers to add an aversive agent to antifreeze products, making anti-freeze unpalatable to both children and animals. Sen. Jeff Van Drew , D-Cape May, Atlantic and Cumberland is credited for shepherding this bill into law. Ethylene glycol is used in antifreeze but its sweet smell makes it attractive to both children and animals resulting in the poisoning of approximately 1400 children and 10,000 animals each year. Those are large numbers, indeed, and I am glad that there was no serious bipartisan squabbling in the state congress over this bill. I have heard from people who have actually tasted antifreeze, and they described it as being similar in taste as Gatorade. We have one of those rare occassions when a particular bill benefits both children and animals. The HSUS, HSLF, the Consumer

Woodland Park, NJ. Meeting. Board of Freeholders. Protest. January 29, 2010.

Just a follow up on what's going on with that bow hunt at Garrett Mountain Reservation. Animal rights proponents will be attending the meeting of the Board of Freeholders on January 26, 2010 . This meeting will be at 401 Grand Street, Paterson, NJ 07502 . Contact number is 973-881-4402 . Time is 5:30pm . I would not be able to make that meeting since I work in Manhattan from 10-6. But for those who are free, please attend and make good use of the few seconds you might get to express your opinion. Time is always limited in public meetings like these, and so go straight to the point and do not ramble on. Some of the people will be bringing photos that, in a way, can speak louder than words. Please stress that there is a humane alternative to bow and arrow hunting. GonaCon was approved by the FDA late last year, and is estimated to cost from $7 to $10 per shot. Compare that to the $20,000 that the board allotted to make this hunt possible and you will realize the magnitude of their

A Full Weekend. Work, Love, and Protest. Animal Welfare.

Last weekend was a busy one for animal welfare. I did my usual Sunday morning work at the animal shelter, washing and scrubbing kennels and getting to know the dogs even more. Being a cold day, we didn ’t wash the outside runs for fear of forming a thin layer of ice which will surely make the dogs slip and slide, and possibly cause injury to them. It was with great sadness that I learned that Matrix, a pit bull mix and my most recent favorite, had fallen gravely ill in the previous days that he was euthanized for his own benefit. An advanced state of heart worm made him cough up blood and he was no longer his old self. Matrix spent a month with us and that turned out to be the best days of his 10-yr life which was mostly spent chained, exposed, and hungry in the backyard. Matrix’s case is a testament to the harsh realities besetting our animals. He loved his walks, and he was just beginning to enjoy his freedom. Sometimes, help comes too late. Cruelty and suffering are omnipresent. We

New Jersey. Woodland Park. Second Demo. Protest the Deer Slaughter. January 17, 2010.

New Jersey. Passaic and Essex Counties. Woodland Park & West Orange. Videos of Deer Hunt Protest.

Passaic County Protest, Garrett Mountain Essex County Protest, West Orange Action for Deer of Garret Mountain and Rifle Camp Parks in Passaic Co. on Tues. 1-12-10 Please call Gov. Corzine 609-292-6000 or fax 1609-777-3634 . Ask the Governor to STOP the hunt. He has the authority to stop it. Facts to Mention : The Passaic Co. Freeholders made this bow-hunt decision via consent agenda item which means it was without public input and we are worried for our safety, the suffering of the deer, etc. This lack of transparency in government must be stopped as well. Even if you called already, call again! Also, Please call Sweeney (new Sen . prez.) 1 856-251-9801. Please make these calls and faxes today .

New Jersey. Essex County. Deer Killing Protest. January 11, 2010.

DEER KILLING PROTEST! Join a protest at the Essex County press conference were they will announce plans for the 2010 Deer Killing Program. Please come out and let all the politicians know how the people of South Mountain, Eagle Rock and Hilltop feel about another slaughter of our deer by Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo ! Date: Monday, January 11 , 2010 Time: 2 pm (promptly) Place: Essex County Satellite Office 560 Northfield Avenue West Orange, NJ * Meet at Codey Ice Skating Arena 1:30pm (adjacent to the satellite office) * Bring yourself, your friends, neighbors, and your signs for GONACON (a deer contraceptive) Sign suggestions: * STOP KILLING NOW! WAIT AND INNOCULATE! * Deer fertility control registered; HERE NOW. * GnRH now registered for nonlethal deer management.....HERE NOW

Philippines. PAWS. Cat Food Donations. January 2010.

If you are not located in the Philippines and would like to help, there is a PAWS Paypal donation button on this website. It's legit, safe, and humane. Thank you for your support.

PETA. Michelle Obama. Anti-Fur Ad. No Permission Required.

Michelle Obama's office is reportedly upset at PETA for including her in this ad. Not that Michelle isn't against fur---she's made anti-fur statements before, following the lead of the French First Lady-----but First Ladies are not suppose to endorse political organizations or special interest groups. I don't understand that point. Doesn't she explicitly endorse the Democratic Party? Anyway, this disagreement pivots on the concept of consent. Michelle did not consent to being part of this ad. PETA, nevertheless, will run the ad. PETA has stated that if they sought Michelle's permission she would not have been able to give it considering the constraints placed upon a First Lady. I reckon that when it comes to animal welfare, high profile people who make pro-animal statements must realize that their images could be used in campaigns against animal cruelty. And if one is truly an animal lover, then don't make any bones about it for as long as it is done tastefu

New Jersey. Woodland Park. Garrett Mountain (NJ) Deer Hunt Protest

I am crossposting an alert from the Animal Protection League of New Jersey . Demonstrators needed on Saturday, January 9, 2009. ================================ Urgent Please join us for the Garrett Mountain Deer Bowhunt Protest! We know this is last minute, but we just found out and are trying desperately to save these beautiful, gentle animals. These deer come right up to your car when you drive in the reserve! Will you help us? Please re-arrange your Saturday accordingly – this is so important! If you live in NJ, please attend this protest. The NY people will speak out against fur with me at Saks, but I know that we have enough dedicated activists to be in both locations. Time is of the essence and we couldn't wait another day to schedule it. The deer need a big turnout. – Julie, Caring Activists Against Fur PLEASE CROSS-POST When: Saturday 1/9/10 GATHER 12:30 pm at parking location - 3 Garrett Mountain Plaza (directions below) Protest: directly across from Mina&#

Feeding the Cold and Hungry. Citizens of the County Park. Their Winter of Discontent.

I couldn't feel comfortable where I was at, knowing that frigid conditions existed outside where animals have to scrounge around for food, fight for a morsel, and caught in an endless search for sustenance. Geese are some of these animals who peck at the ground for tiny bits of food. And when the ground is covered with ice and snow, that means slim pickins for them even more. Yesterday afternoon, my wife and I were driving home from a late lunch when she decided to drop by Shop Rite to get a few things. It was remarkable how well-fed we were and then we head for the supermarket to stock up on more food. I thought about the geese and the ducks at the county park, and how miserable they must be in these arctic conditions. I knew it was too late to drop by the neighborhood deli and ask---as I have done so before---for the bread that they no longer see fit to sell. It was already 430pm and the deli usually gives up the surplus bread in the mornings. It was getting dark, and the park cl

Northern New Jersey. Dog for Adoption. Matrix. Pit Bull Mix.

At long last, Matrix was freed from his life of bondage as a backyard dog, a heavy chain around his neck for most of his life. He is considered a senior dog and probably ten years of age. You can't tell by his energy level. I walked Matrix the first time I met him at his kennel door, and he was super excited to go. His tail is not docked and it wags at high speed. Watch out behind! For all the years that he was chained, Matrix was easy to walk. In fact, I got him to heel in the first minutes of our walk. He's an obedient dog. I put on a brand new collar on him, and he stood still until I was done. When he hears his name, Matrix reacts instantaneously and his tail begins its supersonic wagging. He's a good and friendly dog. Matrix is presently my favorite at the shelter.