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Alaskan Wolf. Aerial Hunting. Sarah Palin's 2008-09 Bloodbath. Stop the Slaughter.

The national elections are over, and Sarah Palin has been relegated to the role of butt of jokes and spoiler of John McCains presidential dreams. But, Sarah Palin's anti-animal policies continue to hurt our natural treasures particularly the Alaskan wolf. The hunting season is ongoing. This past November was the worst slaughter in five years. At least forty-seven wolves were killed by aerial gunners, and more killings are expected. The Defenders of Wildlife estimated this season's victims could number as much as 600 wolves. Remember that wolves live in packs, and so there is collateral damage for every wolf killed. All this killing is made possible by Sarah Palin's wolf-killing programs. Our natural treasures are in the wrong hands. To stop the killing, Sarah Palin must be voted out of office, or animal rights organizations need to step up the pressure in Washington to counter the governor's barbaric policies. The Protect America’s Wildlife Act (PAW) needs to be reintr

Northern New Jersey. Dogs for Adoption. December 2008. Pit Bull & Eskimo Dog.

Two more dogs at our shelter who deserve a forever home. A pit bull terrier who looks tougher than she really is, Sandy has been a sweetie at the shelter. However, we are looking for an experienced owner because pits are not lapdogs! Sandy requires a good amount of exercise and strong leadership, typical pittie. She's a darling to walk, no tug of wars. Sandy knows when it's time for a walk and she gladly offers her head/neck to be collared at the kennel door. She's the kind of dog who will sit in place with you in the living room or on the porch. Kimo, on the other hand, is serene and gentle. An Eskimo dog, I would categorize him as small, medium at the most. He's active and loves to run in the yard. We prefer that he not be placed in a home with children under sixteen. He's a cutie. Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society

University of California at Riverside. Animal Cruelty. Animal Experimentation. Britches.

On Christmas eve, I bring you a video about Britches. For those who still defend animal experimentation, I want you to view this video. Maybe on this Christmas eve, it will make you think, make you compare the joy you derive from being a free living being, protected by your human rights from abuse, to other sentient beings who are trapped and defenseless in a world of no choice, a world of pain and emotional distress, a life spent on the receiving end of animal experimentation. There is no Christmas spirit, no holiday season at the laboratories. Lab animals never have a good day. This case comes to us from the University of California at Riverside . As you read this, thousands of animals are under experimentation in universities across America, so-called bastions of higher learning, experiments intentionally hidden from our view although the animal abusers claim that their work is meant for our good. Those who have left the fold will tell you that, at best, the results from animal expe

Northern New Jersey. Dogs for Adoption. December 2008.

Here's a couple of our dogs at the shelter, namely Patches and Oscar . Patches (below) is under one year old, friendly and active. He's a German Shepherd mix with that lovely mix of brown/black/white fur. Patches exudes energy and some obedience training may be required. He arrived at the shelter approx. three weeks ago. Oscar, on the other hand, is a well-mannered gentleman. He loves back massages, and barks at me when I stop massaging him. What a demanding client! I showed Oscar to a family of three last Sunday, and they have made an application to adopt him. But, it ain't over until its over, and so I am still putting him up here for adoption. Come see our dogs and cats at the shelter. There are more animals there than what you see on our website. . Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society

Fur. Animal Cruelty, Donna Karan. Forced to Mend Her Ways.

PETA announced yesterday that Donna Karan has finally agreed to drop fur from her line of clothes. As people say, even granite cracks in water given enough time. PETA and many other anti-fur activists have continually picketed her stores, even crashed a runway show. Karan, who has a propensity for using rabbit fur, stated that her 2009 products will not include any fur, and no more fur from then on. It was reported that rabbit farmers crush the skulls of rabbits and behead them without making sure that they are dead. Then, they rip the fur of their bodies. Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein are a few big name fashion designers who have given up fur. According to PETA, Tim Gunn sent Karan a video on the brutal ways of the fur trade---the skinning and dumping of still living but now furless animals; you've seen the videos, haven't you--- and that supposedly helped convince Karan. I don't know about that. I find it improbable that Karan, until then, didn't kno

One Woman. 100 Dogs. Compassion in a World of Pain.

We have wondered, at various points in our lives, if there is no limit to human cruelty. Over the years, we have seen the nasty photos and heard the horrifying news. But is there a limit to human kindness? Some people will give you the answer. In the news today, a woman named Catherine Titus cares for approximately 100 stray dogs on a $700 a month budget. The $700 comes in the form of a social security check. It wouldn't be correct to say that she splits this sum of money with the dogs because, according to Ms. Titus, the dogs get most of it. A former worker a humane society in Texas, Titus moved to Oklahoma after falling into hard times. She now lives in a van with a select few of the dogs while the rest fend for themselves outside. But how did she end up with so many dogs? Titus explained, " I get them wandering in from the pasture, stranded and beaten... I pick them up out of trash bags. I picked them up out of cardboard boxes... They tie them to the fence. They tie them t

China. Cats for Food. Catmeat Trade. Animal Cruelty.

You've heard me denounce the Chinese officials for their brutal treatment of dogs and cats, particularly the roundup of animals in preparation for the Olympics, but I certainly do not believe that the Chinese nation is a monolithic block of animal abusers. Just like any other nation, the Chinese form a contrasting nation of animal lovers and abusers. Like or not, the Chinese have been a force to reckon with for thousands of years. Literature, astronomy, mathematics, art, you name it, the Chinese have been there and back. It is said that the Chinese were wearing silk when only cave people in fur inhabited what is now Europe. But a long history in the sciences and other ethereal fields of study do not necessarily translate into a cruelty-free society. Far from it. Recently, some Chinese protested the killing of cats for meat. Evidently, there is an organized inter-city trade in cat meat in China, and some animal lovers have had enough of the cruelty. Even if kind-hearted Chinese seem

Vilsack for Agriculture. Salazar for the Interior. Obama's Choices for the Farms and Animals and the Land.

The word is out. It's former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack (photo) for Agriculture Secretary and U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar from Colorado for Interior Secretary. I think that Gov. Vilsack doesn't raise any red flags among animal lovers, but Sen. Salazar does. Okay, he's a mixed bag which I think is what happens to you if you want to survive in Washington. For example, in 2005, Salazar opposed legislation to ban horse slaughter. This year, he co-sponsored legislation to strengthen the penalties for animal fighting plus signed a letter requesting more funds for the adequate enforcement of animal welfare laws. What are we to think of this? In Defense of Animals (IDA) recommended Rep. Raul M Grijalva (D-AZ) for the post, arguing that Rep. Grijalva has a 100% record on animal issues. IDA further claimed that while Chairman of the Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands, Grijalva was " instrumental in advancing fair and balanced use of federal parks, recreational area

EPA. Environmental Fugitive List. Most Wanted Criminals.

Maybe this isn't new, but it is new to me. There is now a Most Wanted list for those who have committed environmental harm. Well, why not? We have laws to protect the environment and most definitely there are people who won't abide by them if it was convenient or profitable for them. Many of these criminals dumped toxic waste into our natural resources or treasures. It's like someone dumping his repulsive trash in your living room, worse in your kitchen. I also noticed that many of these criminals are foreigners, now fugitives hiding in their home countries. Take for example this guy Butch R. Bustamonte . He hails from the Philippines, and it is believed that he is there right now. That's going to work for him because of the generally weak law enforcement in that country. Criminals can hide there for years incognito or out in the open as long as you continually bribe those who are suppose to catch and prosecute you. I know, I am from that country. I don't need to be

Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits. Stop the Hunting of Wolves and Moose.

Okay, folks. It was a long and hard campaign effort. We might not be able to recall with ease the highlights, but don't despair. Someone did it for us, and you can see them in the video presented here. Aptly enough, it's called Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits. No, it's not about the shooting of moose and wolves which the governor wholeheartedly supports. Actually, wolves are being hunted and killed, from the air and from the ground, as I type this message to you. Remember, if you can present a severed front leg of a wolf to the governor, she will pay you $150 for it. How do you do this? Well, you can hop on an aircraft and hunt them down from the air. Don't worry. She'll probably give you a hug and a kiss as well. Governor Palin supports the aerial hunting of our natural treasures. Heck, the less wolves around, the more moose for her to shoot. Some people's values are simply misplaced, I tell ya. I find this practice to be very brutal and destructive, and so are

Northern New Jersey. Dog for Adoption. Auggie. Bassett Hound Mix. December, 2008.

Auggie arrived at the shelter about two weeks ago. A happy dog, he waits anxiously to be walked, like all other dogs really. Auggie is immediately friendly. You can touch him right away. Walking him is like walking a sniffing machine. Auggie loves to check out his environment, very curious dog. Auggie does not try to drag you along the way in a power struggle. Instead, he takes a walk with you. Within two minutes of meeting Auggie for the first time, I gave him a tummy rub. That's a testament to his being a friendly and trusting dog. He's just a nice dog. I like him a lot. Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society UPDATE : Adopted 12/12/2008

Anti-Fur Demonstrations. New York City & New Jersey. December 2008.

More Anti-Fur demonstrations coming up very soon. Here is the info: Saturday, December 13, 2008 NJ Antonovich Furs (1:00 - 2:30pm) 125 Route 46 West, Totowa, NJ Important Parking Note: There is parking at a business building across from the Bethwood Restaurant. People will need to drive through to the back and turn right to park. Any questions: contact Jan - Saturday, December 13, 2008 NY Macys (2:00 - 4:00pm) 151 West 34th Street New York, NY. Due to the cost of sound permits/parking because of the transporting of large props, please consider bringing a $10 donation to keep the protests going: to NYCAnimalRights - Please RSVP to Sunday, December 14, 2008 NY Lord & Taylor 2:00 - 4:00 In front of the Lord and Taylor holiday windows 38th and 5th Ave. For more info:

Philippine Animal Welfare Society. Wish List. December 2008. Sylvester, the Dog.

The good people of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) have sent out a list of much needed supplies, and also a pair of photos that will warm your heart. Don't let anybody tell you that they don't make a difference in this world because they do. You can make a difference yourself by volunteering at your local shelter, reporting animal cruelty, intervening in an ongoing cruel situation, and by donating goods or money. As I have often said, the first line of defense is the individual person, not an animal welfare society. Individual actions will morph into a greater good. The first photo shows Sylvester when he was rescued last July and the second one was taken in October, after four months of care at the Philippine Animal Rehabilitation Center run by PAWS. What a difference, isn't it? You can see the sadness in Sylvester in the earlier photo, and the contentment in the later photo. God Bless. As for the much needed materials, here they are: 1. Dry cat food or kib

Philippines. Dog Meat Trade. Dogs Rescued from Slaughter. Angelo Nicolas. Quezon City Police. December 2008.

Some good news. As much as I criticize people for their cruel acts, abusive behaviour, and inhumane work, I also give praise to those who rightfully deserve it. For this post, I've got Inspector Angelo Nicolas , head of the Quezon City Police District’s Anti-Carnapping Unit (Philippines). What does carnapping have to do with animal abuse? Well, Insp. Nicolas received a tip from an animal rights advocate concerning the illegal transport of animals, dogs in this case. These dogs, all seventy of them, were meant for the meat market in the northern Luzon city of Baguio. Baguio used to be the Summer capital of the Philippines, at least when I was growing up in the country in the 1960s. If my memory serves me right, the city has an elevation of 10,000 feet. God blessed this city with pine trees, clean mountain air and a cool climate. I used to look forward to weekend trips to Baguio for these reasons, but I believe that it has gone to pot since I was there last. Noxious fumes pervade al

Pets as Gifts. ASPCA Message. Holidays, 2008.

Here's a message from our friends at the ASPCA regarding pets as gifts this holiday season. If you ask me, I'd say just forget about it. I don't like the idea of animals as gifts even if you are good -intentioned. There's something about the holidays, or birthdays, that has " IMPULSE " blinking in red in my mind. Getting a pet should be a well thought-out process. In the best of worlds, getting a pet should be about giving an animal a better life and not making someone happy on a special occasion. Yes, I know. It's not a perfect world, and there are many cases where things have worked out quite well for both gift and celebrant. I don't always get my way. In case you are in the hunt for a pet this holiday season, take a few minutes to listen to ASPCA President Ed Sayres and Officer Annemarie Lucas , ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement’s Supervisory Special Investigator:

Tampa, Florida. Animal Abuse. Five Dogs Neglected. November 2008.

Oh, I'm sorry. Have I introduced you to this nice couple over here? World, meet Wilmer Fernandez (34)and his wife Aixa Rodriguez (32). They live in Tampa, Florida with several children plus FIVE starving and abused dogs. The news reported that three of the dogs were tied up in the backyard with a leash that was too short to give them any room to exercise their muscles while two of the five dogs, boxer and dachshund, hadn't seen a veterinarian at all. One of the five was near death. A dog named Casper , according to the officers, was so sick that they could not tell what breed he was. All dogs were found to be hungry and thirsty. If on November 30, an investigator didn't coincidentally see an emaciated dog in the backyard of 12315 Cambridge Ave ., where Fernandez and Rodriguez live, these dogs would have died a very cruel death. When questioned, the couple argued that they did not have the money to properly care for the dogs. Well, yeah, how could they afford vet care when

Borche. Fort Lee. Demonstration. Dec. 6 2008. Animal Cruelty. Fur.

One more demonstration alert, this one from the New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance ( NJARA ) who will be targeting the fur store Borche in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The sponsor will be the Caring Activists Against Fur . Just two weeks ago, Hearts for Animals demonstrated at this very same store. To tell you frankly, I have never been inside a fur store. That's a blessing, I think. It must be like a morgue. An atmosphere of painful death must pervade in it, to see the remnants of what used to be beautiful animals displayed on hangers and windows. I mean, these stores sell the fur of dead animals. You can realize the monstrosity of the fur business by putting it in this very simple term. Dead animals are literally hanging on chrome racks with price tags attached to them. And for a sum of money, an animal's fur can become your fur. But, no. It never becomes YOUR fur because you don't grow any fur. You just bought the fur of a hapless animal whose fur was forcibly stripped from

American Dog Magazine. Best Friends. 100% Donation.

Want to help the animals, and get something in return? Well, your ship has arrived. The American Dog Magazine will donate 100% of its revenue to Best Friends Animal Society when you sign up for a subscription. I looked over the magazine, and it became immediately evident that it isn't one for cuteness overload. This magazine delves into animal welfare legislation, advocacy, animal training, profiling of animal welfare advocates, and so on. It has pretty good stuff. Now, why would they donate 100% of their revenue to Best Friends? It sounds counter-intuitive for a magazine to give up 100% of its subscription revenues to a cause, even a good one. Let's hear from the publisher: " I'm personally disgusted by our nation euthanizing 5-7 million pets EVERY year and the only way to end this is to spay and neuter like crazy, shut down the puppy mills, stop pet stores from selling puppies, stop the backyard breeders from trying to make a buck and help change legislation to curb

Dog for Adoption. Northern New Jersey. Franklin. Blind Dog.

This is Franklin, and he is blind. He arrived at the shelter about two weeks ago. Franklin is a very quiet dog, and that might be from his near deaf condition. We crumpled a plastic bag near his ear, and he reacted to it. So, we believe that he can hear a little bit. It is not surprising that when Franklin goes for a walk he goes in circles around you, using the leash as a reference. I know of blind cats who do the same thing. Circling gives them an idea of their surroundings. Franklin will make for a great lap dog, a companion dog, and a house dog. I have no doubts that he can learn the furniture arrangement in any house. When you have a blind animal in the house, do not rearrange the furniture. You can bet your your house that Franklin's sense of smell is above average. Well, Franklin is up for adoption. We're looking for a special person for a special dog. If you have any interest, or doubts, come to our shelter and meet him in person. He is a good boy. Bloomingdale Animal