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Interview with a Special Investigator

The following is a transcript of an interview with Paul Romano , a Special Investigator for the ASPCA's Humane Law Enforcement. This interview was published on the ASPCA's website, and so credit is given to the ASPCA: Thank you to everyone who participated in last Friday’s moderated discussion with one of our HLE officers at the ASPCA Online Community. Special Investigator Paul Romano was on hand to answer some great questions, from queries about what it’s like to be filmed for Animal Precinct to how he deals with the tougher aspects of the job. What is it like to help animals in need?—Ranen G. Thanks for the question, Ranen. It feels great to help animals who cannot speak up for themselves and, when abused and neglected, cannot tend to themselves. I always tell people, there are no laws that state you must own an animal, but there are laws that make you responsible if you decide to. It’s a great and rewarding job. Aside from money, what tools and resources do you need in order