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Van Saun Park. Paramus, New Jersey. Fall Colors. 2012.

Well, it is that time of the year again when Van Saun County Park  becomes ablaze with colors. I was thinking the other day, wondering what is my favorite month. The truth is, I don't truly know. Never given it a serious thought. Certainly, it wouldn't be January or February. Those months remind me of stiff and desiccated corpses in their dank graves. Deep Winter months have no juice, tinged with gray, and stone cold. I love the Summer months for the heat and the extended hours of sunlight, but not much color. It must be October then. The most beautiful weather in the year occur in the Fall, particularly in October.  My birthday is in October, and I am beginning to treat that day extra specially just like in my younger years. However, it is not for the gifts but for scoring one more against Father Time. The height of the Fall colors comes around mid-October in the New york/New Jersey area, at or around the 40th latitude North. As a bonus, I get a holiday in October, Columbus Da