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Demo Against Mark T. Hall, Insurance Lawyer at Morgan, Melhuish & Abrutyn. Livingston, New Jersey. Animal Cruelty. Vendetta Killing.

An all points bulletin from Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) and the Animal Protection League of New Jersey (APLNJ)... There will be a demonstration on Thursday, Feb. 2nd, 11am, at the law offices of Morgan, Melhuish & Abrutyn. The exact address is 651 West Mount Pleasant Avenue, Suite 200, Livingston, New Jersey 07039. Bring yourself, your friends, and your signs. Please spread the word on the demo and continue to discuss and disseminate information about this egregious case of animal abuse on your blogs and social networking sites. This is only the first of the many planned demos. If you have any questions, you can contact Stuart Chaifetz at The protest will be against Mark T. Hall , an insurance lawyer for the law firm of Morgan Melhuish Abrutyn . The firm has offices in both Livingston and Manhattan. Hall practices out of the Livingston office. See the map above. Why the protest? Well, there is THIS and THAT In a nutshell, Mark T. Hall, a hunter

A Bull and Two Goats. Tolerance. Bullfighting Tricks. S1085. Bad.

If I don't watch it, this blog site will begin to drip with sadness and despair. What else is there in the world of animal welfare and animal rights except for the occasional flicker of hope and happiness. This world is dripping with cruelty and it's all from one source, one species. I'll let you guess who that is. My stress level has increased over the years, counteracting my life-extending hypertension medication, largely from one habit. I read about animal welfare and environmental issues everyday. You see, I have this need to know. The animals are my friends and co-riders on this planet. And the Earth is my home. It's your home too. They are constantly under attack. Maybe, I can help in some way. Maybe not. The latest activist act I committed was to call my state senator's office about S1085 , a bill to allow commercial logging in New Jersey's public woodlands. Senator Bob Gordon's office didn't answer and so I sent him an email. It's one thing a

Logging in New Jersey. S1085. A Message from KLIP.

Dear Friends of NJ Wildlife, The logging bill, now known as S1085, sponsored by Senator Bob Smith (D - District 17), which establishes a forest-harvest program on State-owned land has been posted for a vote in the NJ Senate on Monday, Jan. 30 . Even if you have already called, we ask you to continue contact your State Senator informing them of your strong opposition to this legislation. This 'Forest harvest program established for State-owned land' will be disastrous for wildlife habitat and the environment. It would mean early succession and destruction of forests on a massive scale. Profits after program implementation will go directly into state Wildlife Management Areas to support hunting. One more convoluted program allowing the DEP to manipulate even more habitat and wildlife. Commercial logging in the tiny state of New Jersey? We don't think so. We can all think of less invasive 'green' jobs for New Jersey. Please cross post. L

Sierra Club. Manatees. Tea Party and Egocentrism.

I recently rejoined the Sierra Club and soon there were two past issues of their official organ called, Sierra, in my mailbox. It's pretty good stuff, covering a wide range of issues from closure of coal-burning plants, pathogens in Christmas trees, off shore drilling, to animal welfare issues. The articles are informative but not too long, most run from 200 to 300 words. One can say that they are suggestive, but not exhaustive. Once your appetite has been stirred, if you really care, you can dig deeper on your own time. It's just a good fit. I would more likely enjoy a discussion with an intelligent friend over lunch than a 3-hour lecture by a wooden character in an auditorium Speaking of animal welfare, in the November issue, it was reported that when the U.S. Fish & Wildlife proposed protecting the wintering manatees in the warm King's Bay in Florida by making the bay a manatee refuge, requiring boaters to reduce their speeds, the local Tea Party leader, Edna Mattos,