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Seal Hunters Die in Canada. Karma.

A boat carrying seal hunters capsized while being towed, killing three with one missing. Open season on seals started last friday amidst worldlwide protest from animal rights groups. Young harp seals are ruthlessly bludgeoned to death for their fur. Some 275,000 harp seals are expected to die. This is a very inhumane business, and I have no sympathy at all when the hunters lose their lives along the way. I'd say that God himself has come down on the side of the seals. Here is the story: Check this out too:

Princeton, NJ: Congo, the German Shepherd, goes back to Court.

This is an update and an alert. Congo's case will be heard on April 4, 2008 in the college town of Princeton, New Jersey. The presiding judge will be Judge Mitchel Ostrer who months earlier allowed Congo to go home to his family with certain restrictions. Click HERE for my post late last year on Congo's case. The first thing I did was to send an email to Governor Corzine, asking for a pardon. This is very important in case Judge Ostrer does uphold the death sentence. You can send the same email at . Select Law and Public Safety as the topic, and then Pardons and Clemency as the sub-topic . You can then send a polite but heart-felt letter to the Governor. Please do it ASAP. You can also call in your support for Congo at 609-292-6000. Do not worry. Nothing confrontational there. You can write Judge Mitchel Ostrer directly. Your strong but polite letter can be sent to: Judge Mitchel E. Ostrer Mercer County Courthouse 209 South Broad

Japan: Praying Dog. Temple Attraction.

In its ever so vigilant reporting on animal welfare, The Daily Mail put out a report about a praying Chihuahua at a temple in Japan. It's wildly interesting, and click HERE to read about it. (Photo: The Daily Mail)

Political Quote. James Carville on Bill Richardson's Endorsement of Obama.

"Mr. Richardson's endorsement came right around the anniversary of the day when Judas sold out (Jesus) for 30 pieces of silver, so I think the timing is appropriate, if ironic. " Bill Richardson might have earned himself an epithet that will not go away easily. While the contest between Clinton and Obama has its own twist and turns, Richardson seemed to have carved out his own niche amidst the fray that will overshadow his service to this country on a national level. The niche is that of a political Judas. Professing great fondness and gratitude for the Clintons, the New Mexico Governor did a 180 and endorsed Obama, the peddler of false hopes and the spiritual offspring of Pastor Jeremiah Wright. Richardson went on to stress that Obama is a once in a lifetime leader, and then added that it ( American politics ) should not be just Bush-Clinton, Clinton-Bush. Then, as if to create his own safety net, Richardson pledged to strongly support Hillary Clinton if and when she be

Two Dogs Rescued. Saved to begin New Life at PAWS Shelter.

These are two notable rescues performed by an actor, Jericho Rosales, and the Animal rescue Team of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) . Jericho Rosales took pity on the dog pictured on the left while filming a movie on location. He has been a major supporter of PAWS, and one who not too long ago rescued a kitten also while on location. Just think of it. This actor could have just looked away, and very easily decided that a dirty and miserable dog will not be part of his day. But, Jericho crossed the line from sympathy into action and that made a world of difference for this unfortunate dog. Chris is now in the hands of PAWS where he will enjoy a better life, and with good luck get adopted. Gilligan was found stranded on an island between two very busy highways. Thus, the name. He could not get off the island for days until the Animal Rescue Team of PAWS rescued him. As you can see from the photo, Gilligan needs to fatten up. His miserable life on the streets ended when the

Philippines. Pet Luau at Eastwood City. March 29, 2008.

Dogs for Adoption. Northern New Jersey Area.

Right now, we are looking for the forever homes for all our dogs and cats at the Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society . Here are three dogs who sadly have been waiting for a while for their human companions. They have been lovingly cared for by our volunteers at the shelter, but they truly deserve to find a permanent home with a loving family. We do not euthanize dogs or cats to make room, and so they are safe. We, however, would like to see them go for obvious reasons. The shelter is not the right home for them. Chase is a larger than average dog, energetic, and playful. We're surprised that he has not been picked yet. He'll make a wonderful companion. Bailey is focused and interested in many things. She loves her walks and is friendly. She's part Doberman and her colors show it. Carmen, a sweet girl who appreciates companionship, very responsive to humans, personable and nice. I find that there is a certain dignity in her. You should come and meet her. We are located at

New York. Michelle Paige Paterson. Scandal in Albany. Shame on You.

No, this is not about Eliot Spitzer and his prostitute. It's about the wife of the incoming Governor of New York State, Michelle Paige Paterson who showed up wearing what looks to be a real fur coat. Was that an attempt at elegance? It didn't work, repulsive. Was that meant to make you look classy? Sorry, but wearing the skin and fur of dead animal is hideous. The lady is either ignorant or arrogant, or both. Mrs. Paterson, obviously, needs to hire advisers if she's going to live under a political spotlight. At the very least, she must be aware that there is great controversy over fur coats and so this is a slap on the face for animal welfare advocates. I don't think that Mrs. Paterson is uninformed at all. The disgrace continues after Spitzer. Here is PETA's reaction : Dear Mrs. Paterson, I hope that this finds you well. As you may know, PETA is the largest animal rights organization in the world, with more than 1.8 million members and supporters dedicated to the

Beijing Olympics and Animal Cruelty

The Daily Mail has once again reported on a horrific case of animal abuse, and the perpetrators will not surprise you. After you read the article, you'd wish that Beijing never won the bidding. Chinese authorities, a thought that doesn't conjure up images of compassionate and animal-loving people, are rounding up stray cats in the capital plus those given up by their owners in the hopes of making the city look cleaner and disease-free for the Olympics. The truth is, the cats are headed for slaughter. All too often, animals bear the brunt of the blame for almost anything. Click HERE for the article. Boycott the Olympics! Write to your respective olympic committees!

Miss Piggy Gets Adopted

Here's a super nice cat named Miss Piggy. I frequently visited her at the Bergen County Animal Shelter in New Jersey, all caged up but always reaching out through the bars to play with me. I noticed from her data sheet that she's been there for months, and I was afraid that she'd become " Urgent " one of these days. She's a really sweet girl, tilting her head from side to side, her face round and girly, very responsive to humans. I visited her last about two weeks ago, and just yesterday I saw her photo on the shelter's website under " Adopted. " Wow, I wish you all the best little girl. I am so very glad you're out of your stainless steel jail, and living in a home now. You've spent too much time waiting and waiting, but finally your new human companion arrived. God bless you, and may you live a long and happy life...

Paul McCartney. Vegetarian.

Personal Action Saved Dog from Slaughter. Certain Death Turned into Happy life.

Take a look at the photos. You'll quickly like this dog. His good nature and charm comes across quite easily even in pictures. What more in person? Although this dog's life is now the envy of other less fortunate dogs, his past experiences were grim and cruel. Nancy Cu Unjieng, President of Compassion and Respect for Animals (CARA) gracefully recounted Pogi's story to me, exemplifying a level of personal responsibility against animal cruelty that resulted in life-changing experiences for both animal and humans. Nancy and a colleague named Grace Mercado were at a women's correctional facility where they learned that a dog was given away to a garbage collector presumably for slaughter. The ladies raced after the garbage collector in a tricycle, and confronted him about the dog. At first, the collector denied having the dog. Obviously, he expected to received some cash, however little that may be, from the dog-eaters when he delivers the dog to them. All this commotion, h

A Mis-steak? I don't think so. No meat. Thank You.

I have been trying to get my diet in line with my philosophy, and I've had some very good success. However, eggs and dairy products are still major attractions for me. I love cheese and 3-minute eggs. So, I am not a complete vegetarian although chicken and beef have slowly faded into my dietary history. About two weeks ago, I attended a friend's daughter's sweet sixteen celebration in a fancy hotel in town. That must have been $200 a plate plus a live band and an open bar. In other words, the guests had a great time. The guests with whom I shared a table must have found it odd that I took photos of my plate. And they must have considered me wasteful after they noticed what was left on my plate by dinner's end. I used to enjoy a good steak, but not anymore. I, now, always look back on the images found in slaughterhouse videos whenever I see a piece of meat. No, it's not right. The huge s callops, crispy veges, potato and creamy desserts plus some dancing was recip

New Jersey Meadowlands. Demo Against Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus. March 9, 2008. PETA and NJ-ARA. Photos.

It was rained out yesterday, but we managed to get it going today. This was the second time in a week that we protested Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus in New Jersey. When we demonstrated for the first time, we were an all-PETA group of eight. Today, in the Meadowlands, the group numbered thirty and it was a blend of PETA and the New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance. We strategically positioned ourselves between the multi-level parking garage and the IZOD Center. We managed to meet the crowd who came early for the pre-show presentation and of course for the main event. We did very well because the crowd had nowhere else to go but through us, and we were ready for them. So good, in fact, that security arrived and strong-armed us into two specific and confined areas for the rest of the night. I hope that somehow we have planted seeds in the hearts of many attendees, and they may not be back for more of the circus in the years to come. Our next demo will be at Madison Square Garden i

New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance Protest Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus. March 8, 2008.

RESCHEDULED TO MARCH 9, 2008...6PM - 8PM...DUE TO BAD WEATHER !!!! Ringling Bros. Circus animals : Lifetime of cruelty, chains, cages, and bullhooks is all they know. Jumbo Video Screen depicting elephant training circus method. " Sink that hook into 'em. When you hear that screaming, then you know you got their attention. " Circus Activists! Help educate the public about the cruelty, suffering, and death animals in Ringling Bros. Circus endure under the big top. After traveling in cramped box car trains for hours, the elephants and horses were forced to walk on the highway under dangerous conditions for both animals and public to the Izod Center in East Rutherford, NJ (Meadowlands). Here the endangered Asian female elephants will be chained and the tigers caged unless they are performing. Help is needed to hand out flyers and hold signs for the suffering animals in circuses! What : Ringling Bros. Circus Demonstration When : Saturday, March 8, 2008Time: 6:00PM-8:00PM Wher

New Jersey: Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus. PETA Protest. East Rutherford.

Well, we were out there today in East Rutherford protesting the arrival of the Barnum & Bailey Circus in New Jersey. We got pretty good coverage from news agencies plus all the people who drove by and honked their horns. We stationed ourselves at the junction of Park Avenue and Ridge Road, and when it started to rain we didn't abandon our posts. It wasn't a particularly large group, probably eight people in total. We had a caged PETA Campaign Coordinator named Virginia Fort who donned nothing but body paint and panties to highlight the circus' abuse of animals. The attraction was a real eye-catcher. " I'll gladly bare my skin if it will help expose Ringling's abusive treatment of animals," says Fort. "The best way to stop this abuse is for people to boycott Ringling and other circuses that use animals." (PETA) Ms. Fort was, in fact, referring not only to the general animal population of the circus but also to a caged tiger shot dead by a ci

Dog for Adoption: Chubby

Chubby Written by Sharon Say Edited by Alya Honasan Photo by Sharon Say Just when Christmas was about to come, Chubby found himself abandoned by his human, all alone on the doorstep of PARC. Beside him, though, was a colored ball, almost like a bittersweet message from his owner, telling us that he was loved but could no longer be kept. Today, Chubby still keeps that ball near him, waiting for the day when he can happily run around with a human again, ball in mouth. Chubby is about 4 years old, an energetic male. He seems to have some Labrador in his blood, what with his deep brown eyes and pristine white coat. He must have been chubby when he first arrived, which was why he was given that name. Over the months, however, missing a home and initially being set apart from the other dogs in PARC has saddened him and affected his appetite, making him a lot less than chubby nowadays. He has no diagnosed ailments, is fully vaccinated, and is well taken care of by the staff. He’s a bit of a l

India Moves to Protect Its Tigers

Conservationists in India and abroad have reason to celebrate. The Indian government has recognized a threat to the country's wildlife, and consequently more funding and land will be provided to address the issue. This is the kind of governmental backing that Philippine wildlife needs and the Filipino conservationists deserve. Read about it HERE