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Amber, The Pit Bull, Needs Your Help. Slated for Death. NJCAS. Choose Life, Not Death. Work the Problem. Don't Kill the Dog.

I am trying to save the life of a pit bull named, Amber. She is being held, at the time of this writing, at the North Jersey Community Animal Shelter  (NJCAS) in Bloomingdale, NJ . It serves as an adoption center as well as animal control for several towns in Passaic  County. I am presently a volunteer at NJCAS, coming in on Sundays, and whenever I have free time. I love all animals, and I love all the  dogs I have met at the shelter. But, Amber's case is outstanding, and I'd like the world to know her story.  Amber entered the shelter around June, 2012, ten months ago. And during that time, she has never bitten anyone---shelter staff or a  prospective adopter. However, in an adoption event several weeks ago, she was reported to have lunged at a stranger and would have  bitten that stranger if not held back. The Animal Control Officers (ACO) at NJCAS do not deny that Amber has no aggression towards the  shelter staff at all, even with an ever-changing crew, but is u