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Protest Against Gov. Christie's Trophy Bear Hunt. Dec. 3, 2010. Trenton, New Jersey.

Dear Friends of NJ Wildlife, The following alert is from APL-NJ. Please try to come to Trenton if you can! This rally is being sponsored by Friends of Animals . For specific information, please contact Edita Birnkrant, NY Director, Friends of Animals at or 212.247.8120 , or Dustin Rhodes at or 202.906.0210 . APLNJ is grateful for FoA's support in stopping the NJ bear hunt and we encourage your attendance. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Support The Right To Arm Bears Rally Reject the Slaughter Defend Black Bears in New Jersey Friday, December 3, 1pm - 3pm State House , Trenton, NJ Your presence is urgently needed at a rally organized by Friends of Animals (FoA) and joined by NJ-based group Heart for Animals , on Friday, December 3, where we’ll protest New Jersey's bear hunt directly to Gov. Chris Christie’s (R-NJ) off

Bear Trophy Hunt 2010. Board of Freeholders. Bergen County.

I am crossposting an announcement from Keep Life in the Park regarding a motion to ask the Bergen Board of Freeholders to come up with a resolution against Gov. Christie's trophy hunt which begins on December 6th. Those who can attend the meeting, please do so. ========================================= Hi Everyone, Please save the time and date. This Wed. Dec. 1st 7:30 Public Meeting Room (5th Floor), One Bergen County Plaza, Hackensack, New Jersey, some KLIP members are going to the Bergen County Freeholders meeting to ask for a resolution against the NJ Black Bear Hunt which is set to start on next Mon. Educate these politicians that the Div. of Fish & Wildlife is not pro-animal, but rather they are almost always anti animal. Please lend your voice to this request. You can just go up and request the resolution against the hunt. That's all we need from you. We need to show that the people are against this trophy hunt! This is important and the politicians should hear from

Van Saun Park. Squirrel on the Job. Winter Around the Corner. Nov., 2010.

Van Saun Park is, once again, in its prettiest with Fall colors in full glory. It is remarkable how, in life, a blossoming period precedes a natural death. It is said that dying patients get better a few days before they expire, like a bulb that shines brightly before it burns out. It actually happened in my father's case who became conscious and interactive on a Tuesday and then died on the following Thursday. Well, Van Saun Park is preparing for the deep freeze to come, and the animals know it. Armed with my new 300mm zoom lens, I walked around the park on Veteran's Day, looking for a good shot. It was a cloudy afternoon and good photo opportunities would be close to nonexistent. One could feel that even nature didn't want to do anything worthwhile. I noticed a corner of the playground that had patchy sunlight on it. The sunlight fell on the ground, the moving three branches and leaves overhead made the area blink from dark to light. Good scene, but no cigar. Until, a squ