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New Jersey Bill S1848. Baiting Deer. Spotlighting. KLIP.

    I am crossposting a message from Keep Life in the Park regarding a bill that would make it easier for hunters to kill a deer. I used, "hunters," liberally and it does not necessarily mean humans who hunt. You'd think with all the modern weaponry, gear, and other aides the hunters would have a tremendous advantage over the animal, but no.  But, really, forget the hunt. There is just baiting now. There are no more hunting skills involved because the bait does all the work. This bill in question will legitimize a practice that is already quite prevalent among the shooters.  And what else would capture the attention and take up the time of State Senators Bob Smith and Jennifer Beck than more ways to cater to the hunting cabal in the state, figuring out more ways to destroy our wildlife? They are enemies of New Jersey wildlife.  ======================================== Dear Friends of NJ Wildlife, The New Jersey Legislature is considering a b