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New York City. NYPD. Rape Victim's Statement. Franklin Mata. Kenneth Moreno.

" I know that in a criminal trial a verdict of not guilty does not necessarily mean the defendants were found innocent, but I am devastated and disappointed by the jury’s decision. I have waited two and half years for closure that will now never come. Hearing that verdict brought me to my knees; it brought me back to my bedroom on that awful night when my world was turned upside down by the actions of two police officers who were sent there to protect, but instead took advantage of their authority and broke the law. Everything they say about the difficulties of a rape trial is sadly true. One’s word is not enough in these days of C.S.I. and DNA. Even if people believe you, you are tested beyond what any crime victim should have to endure. While on the witness stand, the defense attorneys seek to shame and humiliate you for hours, even days, with deeply personal questions about your body, your intimate life and your social life simply because you dare to come fo

Bright, Victoria. Australia. A Mob of Wallabies. May 2011.

I arrived in Sydney, Australia on May 15th for a two-week visit. My mom, sister, and brother-in-law live in the western suburbs known as the hills area. After a couple days rest, we drove down to Wandiligong, Victoria to have a look at my maternal grandfather's hometown. His family,the Norleys, was one of the pioneer families who settled in the area, working at the quartz and gold mines that flourished in Wandiligong beginning in the 1850s. It was a wonderful trip for us. We were finally able to relate images to the oral history that my grandfather handed down to us. We even found the very spot on which the old homestead stood on what is now Growler's Creek Road. Thanks to a 93-yr old local historian who still remembered some of the family members---my grandfather's siblings and most certainly some members of the following generation ( mom's cousins ). A trip to the local cemetery was imperative. The cemetery is located in the next town of Bright. There, we found the gr

Tambucho Gassing. Committee on Animal Welfare. Philippines. CAW.

If there is one thing for certain, we know who supports Tambucho Gassing as a form of euthanasia at the Committee on Animal Welfare (Philippines). Their names appear on the poster shown above. They have either openly argued about the benefits(?) of Tambucho Gassing, or have voted to have it retained or reinstated in an administrative order. This is a fact, and not a point of contention. Sometimes, we need to present the sad truth graphically in hope that the errant parties will realize their bad judgment and correct it. Gassing animals to death via vehicular exhaust fumes is cruel, uncivilized, and unacceptable. Tambucho Gassing is not Euthanasia. It is incumbent upon the members of CAW to seek a path around the cruelty, to make drugs like Euthal readily available, and to be progressive in their decisions.

Robin. Jockey Hollow. Morristown, NJ. May 2011.

If you haven't been to Jockey Hollow in Morristown , NJ, go! The continental army camped there for three Winters in their struggle to liberate us from the British. You can see a few examples of the crude huts that were built by the American soldiers. Evidently, hundreds of these huts stood in the area surrounding what used to be Wick's farm. You can still visit the original farmhouse. The original huts do not exist anymore, but some of the original hearths are still in the ground. Life proved tough enough that during those Winters soldiers deserted en masse . Nevertheless, for all your sacrifices, dear patriots, the country is forever grateful. Not too far from the hill where the soldiers' huts are located, I chanced upon some birds frolicking in the branches above. It was wonderful and refreshing to hear all the chirping, singing, and whistling going on up yonder. I felt that they egged me out of the malaise that consumed me that day; my pessimistic moods often get the bet