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Foie Gras and Elevages Perigord

The Canadian company, Elevages Perigord , has been accused of animal cruelty at their farm in Quebec. This company produces all sorts of duck-related products including foie gras . The products are equated with fine culinary taste and style, but their production is brutal. Elevages Perigord products can be found at who seems unmoved by the charges of animal cruelty. I have requested to drop their line of Elevages Perigord products, but all I got was a perfunctory email saying that my request was received and it will be forwarded to the higher ups. If you are a registered member of, please urge them to take action. For my part, I find it a conflict of interest to continue buying from until they join the effort. I am still hoping that they would turn around the drop this supplier. Otherwise, action was taken against Elevage Perigord by several groups. Farm Sanctuary does excellent work protecting and fighting for humane treatment of far