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Bergen County Parks Department. New Jersey. USDA. Geese gassed to Death. Stop the Killing.

I am crossposting an alert from the Animal Protection League of New Jersey ( APLNJ ) regarding the gassing of Canadian geese in Bergen County, NJ parks. This is particularly disturbing for me since Canadian geese are non-aggressive animals and they are the most visible wildlife in parks like Van Saun Park in Paramus . Geese are very family-oriented and it isn't a stretch at all when I say that they have better family values than many humans on this planet. They take care of their young and they stick with their mates. Some humans can definitely take lessons from geese on how to become a loving and protective family member. I am not one who believe that the geese are a nuisance in the park. Rather, they are sentient and therefore their lives have value. To gas whole families of geese is inhumane. Gassing can take as long as fifteen minutes. Read the message below and learn about the duplicitous work of the Bergen County Parks Department. The areas particularly affected are Saddle

Philippine Animal Welfare Society. Cats for Adoption. June 2010.

Meet Gavin. He's just one of the 243 cats at the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). Two hundred and forty-three? Well, yeah. You better believe it. Any shelter that refuses to euthanize to make space will end up with numbers like that because intake will almost always be greater that outtake. So, adopting and donating in kind or money is always a big shot in the arm. Don't just nod your head. Do one of these two things. Gavin's story is typical of all the animal residents of the Philippine Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC) which is under the management of PAWS. Homeless, hungry, and abused cats like Gavin are rescued from streets and nurtured back to good health at PARC and then put up for adoption. Do you believe in miracles? Just take a look at Gavin's before and after photos. Yes, it's the same cat! Here are more cats who need a permanent and loving home. Everyone of them is a survivor. I do realize that you need to be physically in the Philippines to

Late Evening Walks in the Park.

It's that time of the year when the sun sets late in the evening, and there is still sunlight by the time I reach home from work. As always, the first order of business is to walk my dog, Fidelma , who already knows by heart the several routes we take around the neighborhood. Summer, however, affords us an opportunity to break the routine and head for Van Saun Park which lies approximately three quarters of a mile from our home. The park feels different at that time of the day. The same place is a different place at a different time. We are normally there on Mondays, several times during the day, and spend a combined time of three hours walking the grounds, sitting at nice, cozy spots and enjoying the breeze. It's always a struggle to lead Fidelma forth and on our way although that by itself will bring new joy to her. She truly enjoys the place. It must be a combination of scents and mysterious-looking underbrushes that keeps her interested. But our late evening walks entail

Philippines. Dogs for Adoption. June 2010. PAWS. PARC.

It's time again to showcase some dogs who are looking for their forever homes. This post is truly for adopters who are in the Philippines. The dogs you see here, at the time of this writing, are under the care of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society . They have varying stories of survival, but somehow they have been fortunate enough to end up at Philippine Animal Rehabilitation Center which is managed by PAWS. We're talking strays, survivors of the dogmeat trade, and rescues from cruel situations in the hands of uncaring humans. Please remember that this is just a small selection of the dogs up for adoption. There are many more at PARC. If you see a dog you like, or would like to meet more dogs, you should contact PAWS at (02)4751688 or email them at . Twiggy Sybil Parvati Myrtle Marga Lucius John

BP. Oil Spill. The Trashing of America. Corporate Tomfoolery.

It's no laughing matter, but BP's ineptitude and careless planning are summed up in this farce. I say, terrorists need not apply because BP is doing one hell of a job ruining America already. I don't know how BP executives can sleep at night knowing that for every second of the last 49 days or so oil has been spilling into the sea and coastal areas of America, killing plants and animals and the livelihood of thousands of people who depend on the sea. Worse, the muck is moving up the coast in a path of great and permanent destruction and BP's stockholders still expect their dividends. BP might have spent money setting up drilling operations in the area but the oil belongs to the Earth. It's not BP's private, self-created reservoir. So, it's not like they are losing money because the oil is spilling. To spill the oil is tantamount to entering someone else's home and opening the spigot and letting the water run free, ruining the floor, the carpet, and engen

Passaic County Elections 2010. Pat Lapore. Terry Duffy. William Pascrell III.

I am crossposting a message from Keep Life in the Park (KLIP) regarding tomorrow's elections in Passaic County. Please read the urgent and important message below. It's time to send Lapore, Duffy, and Pascrell away from positions of power that they have used to allow the inhumanely killing of animals in Woodland Park. They have not be receptive to dialogue. We need people who are open to discussion especially when it comes to the humane treatment of animals and the judicious spending public funds. Most people believe that the deer hunt at Garrett Mountain was unnecessary and cruel. Defeating these individuals is a step towards engendering a more humane society. Lapore and Duffy are the Democratic incumbents on the Board of Freeholders. Vote them out in November 2010. ============================================== Dear Friends of NJ Wildlife, Believe it or not, Passaic County elections are tomorrow, June 8th. Up for re-election as Freeholders will be Pat Lapore and Terry Duf