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Philippines. Quezon City. Joseph Carlo Candare. Criminal Charges Filed. Self-Confessed Serial Cat Killer.

For those of you who are following the Joseph Carlo Candare Case, you will be pleased to know that criminal charges were finally be filed in Quezon City against this serial cat killer. Mr. Candare is charged with violating the terms of the Philippine Animal Welfare Act of 1998 , otherwise known as RA 8485. The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) came through and made it official on June 19, 2009. Included in their case is a signed affidavit by one of the witnesses to Mr. Candare's killing of Tengteng, a one-month old kitten. There were several witnesses to the crime but most of them refused to submit an affidavit, fearing retaliation or simply lacking a good sense of citizenhood. PAWS' volunteer lawyer, Roy Kayaban, will be prosecuting the case. There will be an inquest by Quezon City's Office of the Prosecutor and that will take two to three weeks.

This is going to be a long, hard climb but it has to be done in the name of animal welfare. Two years ago, charges were filed against the ring leader of a dog fighting business in Antipolo, and it is only now that the case is being tried. We know that the wheels of justice turn slowly, and so it might very well take the same amount of time to bring Mr. Candare in front of a judge. But, that day will come. Let us have hope so we can have purpose. Let us have faith so we can persevere. Onward.

UPDATE: August 7 2009 Mr. Candare missed his court appearance on July 23 2009 at the Hall of Justice. Another subpoena was issued for Mr. Candare to appear in court on August 20 2009 at 1pm. The Director of PAWS personally delivered a copy of the subpoena to Dr. Maricor Soriano, Deputy Director of Academic Affairs of UP, who said that she will make sure that Mr. Candare receives it. Mr. Candare is still enrolled at the university.


Beth said…
hello chessbuff!
please ask PAWS if they can set-up a special account for legal fund for this case. i'm sure some of us who signed the petition 'Justice for Tengteng" that you initiated will be happy to contribute. i have linked your blog to my website and my blogsite
Beth said…
correction on the blogsite, s/b
Ted Teodoro said…
Thank You, Beth. Yes, I know about your blog because I have been there. You and your husband make this world a better place. I will relay your idea to PAWS. They are pursuing other criminal cases aside from Mr. Candare's, it is a good idea that they initiate a legal fund. Please, you want to keep in touch with other animal welfare issues in the Philippines, you should join the PAWS Animal Welfare Advocate group on Multiply. It's free to register.
Beth said…
Yes, I will join the PAWS Animal Welfare Advocate group on Multiply.
You do great things for the voiceless. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
While the wheels of justice turn slowly, why not keep this Monster behind bars to cool his heels while he waits? No REASON to let him out on the streets. He knows he has been caught, he KNOWS he is going to pay, one way or another, so he will continue killing cats and, perhaps, start killing infants, small children, and defenceless women. Why keep this Monster alive? It is only going to get WORSE!
Ted Teodoro said…
Hi Amice! Thanks for commenting. Frankly, I wish it was as simple as collaring the guy and throwing him in jail. But even a self-confessed cat killer like Candare has to go through the legal process. With this criminal charge, Candare will most likely deny that he was the author of the blog in which he confessed to killing Tengteng and many other cats. That won't be a problem because I and other people have screen captures of his now defunct blog which includes a solo photo of him. The school related activities mentioned in that blog will also confirm the true identity of the writer---Candare. However, as much as I want to see him injail while he awaits his trial, that's not going to happen. School is out right now, and I was told he has gone back to his hometown of Butuan for the Summer break. U.P. is holding hearings with Care and Resposibility for Animals (CARA) to settle the issue of his status as a student at the university. I am afraid to imagine what Candare is doing on his Summer vacation.
Anonymous said…
have you ever considered who JC is? what made him do it? do you think this court hearing would "reform" him?

i knew him when he was in grade school.indeed what he did was wrong but he's just 18 and considering his childhood background, i think he needs compassion...psychological help more than learning about animal rights at this point.

i say person first before the kitten.
Ted Teodoro said…
Anon, thanks for commenting.

Well, it seems that your friend from grade school has transformed from an innocent school boy to a serial cat killer. If you are unsure, just ask him or read his self-confession.

He should received counseling and I hope he does get this help in jail. That's been the thrust of the petition about Tengteng's killing, punishment and rehabilitation for Candare. Candare broke a national law, and he broke it repeatedly. He was aggressively cruel to animals and has shown no remorse. Definitely, he needs to be punished and taxpayers need not give him a free ride anymore at UP. Giving him counseling without jail time is to treat him differently from other criminal offenders. Murderers can also make the same argument that they only need counseling and things will be okay from there on. But, there is a justice system that dictates that we are responsible for our actions. And I am in total agreement with that.
EmEm said…
I am glad to know that something is being done regarding this case.

To Anonymous: if we ask that question to every single murderer in the world, there would definitely be a shortage of psychiatrists. People don't even have to "learn about animal rights", it is simply a function of humanity to understand without being told that it is not right to hurt these helpless creatures who, like us, are created by God. Of course "JC" will be getting psychological help -- because there is also counseling available in prison. I'm sure his "childhood" will be sorted out in there. It is so easy to just blame mom and dad when shit happens, yes? You speak of compassion - yes we are being compassionate here -- for the future victims of this boy. It will be easy to graduate to human preys if he could kill a kitten so easily and even brag about it.

To PAWS, MORE POWER TO YOU. We support you all the way.
Cat said…
>>i knew him when he was in grade school.indeed what he did was wrong but he's just 18 and considering his childhood background, i think he needs compassion...psychological help more than learning about animal rights at this point.

i say person first before the kitten.<<

I have been informed by professionals that these people do not rehabilitate, they escalate from animal neglect to animal torture and killing to people. I cannot believe that a souless creature like this should have more consideration than the innocent animals he killed. How can one trade the cruelty to animals for compassion for the murderer? Thank you.
Anonymous said…
there are a lot of people who do more outrageous things out there. you're efforts should be to criticize those who kill people. Who are all of you to judge? I know this guy and he is not really someone who is helpless. As if, all of you are sinless. If you really don't want to hurt an animal, never eat meat in your entire life.
Ted Teodoro said…

Thank you for your comment. All comments, even if they are contrary, are welcome here.

First of all, I agree with you that those who defend animal rights must go all the way and not consume them as food. As far as I am concerned, I am a vegetarian and I can't even look at a meat dish without feeling nauseous. Meat is nothing but a body part of a dead animal who used to enjoy life like you and me. If you are not yet a vegetarian, please consider this ethical way of life.

As for Candare, I must tell you that all efforts to defend him will not succeed. That's the problem he created for himself. He is a self-confessed animal abuser. He'll have to argue against himself and with himself.

But, Mr. Candare is now a wanted man. He failed to answer to summonses and he can be arrested on sight. The arrest warrant was signed by presideing judge J.N. Asis of Metro Trial Court NCJR Branch XL 40- Quezon City. You claim to be his friend, or at least know him, and that means you may have information about his whereabouts. I suggest you contact PAWS at if you do know where he is. Don't be an accessory to a crime.

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