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U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. Goose-Killing Roundup Proposed. Animal Holocaust.

I am crossposting a message from our dear friends at Keep Life in the Park. ============================================== Dear Friends of NJ Wildlife,   As we enter the warmer months with goslings appearing shortly, the following articles are relevant to us New Jersey too.  Intelligence and compassion can help us co-exist with the creatures that also call our outdoor space home.  The bird that survived the arrow is proof of how low some humans can stoop.  We take the high road promote non-violence towards all animals.   K.L.I.P.   Oppose Senator Gillibrand's Goose-Killing NYC Wildlife Refuge Birds striking planes up five-fold since 1990; Sullenberger calls experience key Captain Chesley Sullenberger, who landed his US Airways flight on the Hudson River after birds were sucked into both engines in 2009, interviewed with  CBS  Evening News anchor Scott Pelley, and

Laguna & Cebu Pit Bulls. Philippines. Dog Fighting. Donations Needed.

It has been a while, over a month, since my last post. Shameless backsliding, I must confess. I can't even claim writer's block since I have been writing a lot, opining on  newspaper readers' comments, social networks, emails and tete-a-tetes with brethren animal lovers on animal welfare issues particularly in the Philippines.  The standout, like a wart on a bald head, concerns the rescued pit bulls in San Pablo, Laguna, over 250 of them, used for fights held locally but broadcasted via internet to a betting and cheering public in Korea. The syndicate, ran by Koreans, was busted at the end of May 2012 by the Philippine National Police after months of surveillance. Much to their chagrin, the authorities discovered that the individuals they arrested in December 2011 on a similar raid were the very same ones running the San Pablo fights--while out on bail. Evidently, they have no fear of the law, counting on turnstile justice, in and out, easy peasy. Well, the Koreans nat