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The World's Smartest Dog

I think you'll love this clip from about a very smart dog. World's smartest dog? Well, I don't know about that, but this is very amusing. I think you'll love it.

Kentucky Fried Chicken. Kentuck Fried Cruelty.

So, you like KFC? Ever wondered how that meat ever got to your plate? You should always ask this question of everything you eat. There's more than a good chance that the chicken you ate went through the very same process featured in this video . Take a look. It's not so delicious afterall. Here's Rev. Al Sharton speaking about better treatment for chickens. Watch more videos at .

Leigh Lawson Pickets. It's not the Tiger's Fault.

Leigh Lawson picketing all by herself outside the San Francisco Zoo the day after Christmas. A Siberian tiger was shot to death by police officers on Christmas evening after it attacked and killed one person and injured two others. The attack is now under investigation, raising doubts as to whether the attack was accidental or not. Expert Jack Hanna argued that the tiger could not have leaped out of its confined area by itself. Because of this, the zoo was declared a crime scene by the police. Meanwhile, Ms. Lawson wished that the tiger was tranquilized instead of killed. News reports, however, stated that the tiger had begun to approach the police officers when it was shot to death. The death of a young man plus the injuries of two other people are deplorable, but how else should we expect a previously confined tiger to behave in public? All zoos practice animal cruelty by dint of animal imprisonment. Zoos are nothing but trouble . According to PETA, " Since 1990, there hav

Dogs & Cats for Adoption at PAWS Shelter

Just a reminder to those who are looking for loyal, lifetime companions...The Philippine Animal Welfare Society has cats and dogs for adoption. They come in all sizes and colors. They are waiting and hoping to meet their new Mom and Dad, to live in their permanent home where they are part of the family. These animals have had a tough start in life, but that is not indicative of their personal worth. As you already know, the love that cats and dogs give to their family is unconditional. They don't know how to pretend. Everything is sincere with them. Go ahead and make a big difference in their lives and in yours. Pictured above is Jasmine , the longest-staying resident of the shelter. The cutie on the right is 1-2-3 . Photos by Sherwin of me.find.home. Go HERE to begin the process.

Animal Welfare. Senator Zubiri Statement on Hunting Philippine Wildlife

Here is the Philippine Star's report on Senator Zubiri's statement in favor of Conservation and Animal Welfare: ZUBIRI WANTS POACHERS, BIRD KILLERS PUNISHED Losing any of them to extinction would be breaking a link in the chain of life not only of those birds but all of us, said Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri, author of the "Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act" (RA 9147), on reports of bird massacre in Negros. " These poachers should be punished and the penalties to be slapped should be strong enough to stop these practices and serves as a warning to others ." Zubiri, a conservationist and executive director of the Philippine Cockatoo Conservation program and the Philippine Deer Foundation, was worried of the angry comments from signatories. The online global petition showed pictures of dead doves, mallards, whistling ducks and snipes. This isn't just about conservation, it's about biodiversity, natural heritage, legacy and ecological bala

More Philippine Animals Under Fire. Mindoro Safari Kills Native Buffaloes

Mindoro is hardly the place you'd imagine when you hear the word SAFARI. I have fond memories of Mindoro, having spent a summer vacation there at a farm where my aunt cultivated sorghum. In Calapan , I hitched rides on the tractors as dawn broke and then swam in the cool pond all afternoon. This was in the late 1960s and early 70s. Now, a certain Jay T. Carlson lures hunters to the island offering nothing more than an opportunity to shoot a live animal. Anything to make a buck. We're not talking lions, tigers, rhinos and leopards here. We're talking about docile, non-aggressive, native water buffaloes who wouldn't even put up a fight if you walked up to them and cut them with a knife. What a pathetic way to get your kicks, and an unconscionable way to make a living! Unfortunately, some hunters have heeded his call, not knowing fully the personal danger they are in. Carlson downplays, quite unfairly, the presence of rebel forces in the area, and the possibility of kidn

Now, It's Bel Air. Cats Trapped and Starved...

In my previous post, you heard about the cold-blooded murder of caged cats in DasMarinas Village ( they were recovering from spay/neuter procedures). Now, Bel Air has come up with their own rendition of that now very familiar song, " Animal Cruelty, You're always on My Mind." It seems that the local barangay government set traps to capture six stray cats in the neighborhood. Having succeeded, barangay officials left the trapped cats in their cages for four days with no food and water. Take note, I didn't say FORGOT. Fortunately, some concerned citizens together with Vets In Practice arrived at Bel Air to provide what has become a very rare commodity, mercy. True to their mission, Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA) worked out a compromise with the barangay officials in Bel Air. Yup, that's like a seeing-eye dog leading the blind. You can follow the rest of the story at the forum of the Animal Welfare Coalition (AWC). Click HERE . Caution, disturbi

DasMarinas Village Great Cat Massacre, Air Guns Used to Kill Innocent Animals

Some very chilling news comes out of DasMa Village where three kittens were shot to death and eleven cats euthanized by licensed vets due to the gravity of their wounds. Another group of six cats were taken to the clinic for further examination while eight seemed alright although they showed signs of being shot at. This is a very gruesome and cruel act of violence towards animals most possibly committed by more than one person using air guns. Dasmarinas Village security have not come up with any leads. However, a further investigation will be conducted. On Friday , the 21st, a representative of the National Bureau of Investigation will come to DasMarinas to investigate this horrific crime. The intrepid staff of Vets in Practice, based in Mandaluyong , provided immediate medical attention to the victims. Compassionate and outstanding people. I picked up the story at the website of the Animal Welfare Coalition ( AWC ), a group of dedicated and kind-hearted organizations fighting a

PETA Asia-Pacific Appeals to PBN Foundation & Metrowalk Commercial Complex

November 29, 2007 Brenda Locsin, Chair PBN Foundation 3/F Ersan Bldg. #32 Quezon Ave. Quezon City Dear Ms. Locsin: PETA Asia-Pacific is an affiliate of the world’s largest animal rights organization, which has more than 1.8 million members and supporters. On behalf of our supporters, I urge you to reconsider your support of the Wonderful World of Dolphins show. There is certainly no “wonderful world” for dolphins who are forced to perform for crowds. Although most traveling dolphin shows often claim that their “performers” have been rescued, most of these highly intelligent, sensitive, and social animals are forcibly abducted from their homes. As part of this notoriously cruel process, dolphins are surrounded, netted, and dragged onto boats. The dolphins who are discarded often die from drowning, shock, lung aspiration, or pneumonia. In the wild, pods of dolphins can swim up to100 miles a day together. When captured, they are torn from their families and thrown into aquariums, where th

Dog Meat Trade Rescue, Adonis, Sends His Love and Thanks to All...

“My name is Adonis. When I was in PAWS shelter, I heard the volunteers say that I was the sweetest dog there. Today, as I survey my new turf — the garden owned by my new human Rhea Orpilla — I realize I am one lucky doggie. Rhea has a puppy named RJ, who is now my constant canine companion and playmate." “I still find it hard to believe that I am actually here, ready to spend my first Christmas with a family who loves me. Several months ago, I thought I was a goner. I really did. I was crammed with 100 other dogs in a small van. When they opened the van, some of the dogs that were in the cage with me were already dead due to suffocation." “Kelly, the blonde lady from Humane Society International who was there when we were rescued, was one of the first people who offered me a kind pat on the head. She kept calling me ‘Brown-Brown’ and kept on saying I was ‘a good dog’ in a soothing voice. I really liked that Kelly. I felt somehow that her nice, soothing voice was a sign o

America's Wildlife Needs Help. Wolves Slaughtered.

Take action online at The Defenders of Wildlife (DOW) have called out to all people for support and financial assistance in their fight to save the wolves of America. They need your support to prevent the killing of hundreds of wolves in Idaho and Wyoming and ensure a healthy future for American wolves. The Yellowstone Wolf Legal Defense Fund needs $60,000 and you can make a donation of any amount HERE . American wolves are in very great danger in several states. The Defenders of Wildlife tells us that in Alaska " state officials continue to allow airborne gunners to kill hundreds of wolves. Easy targets against the snow, hundreds of wolves have been shot from above or chased to exhaustion and then killed by aerial gunners who land and execute them at point-blank range. " In the Northern Rockies, the Defenders of Wildlife tells us that " the federal government has put forth a proposal that could lead to the slaughter of hundreds of wolv

The Philippine Eagle, Some Good News

Even as a child in the Philippines in the 1960s, I was aware of this great bird of prey that was the subject of reports by the National Geographic Society and Life magazine. The aviator Charles Linbergh came to the Philippines and helped focus the world's attention on this eagle and what has been its constant nemesis--- extinction. Through the dedicated work of conservationists and their backers, the future of the Philippine Eagle ( Pithecophaga jefferyi) is no longer as grim as before. The Agence France-Presse recently reported on the 22nd Philippine Eagle born and bred in captivity. It is in good health and fed a nourishing meal of ground quail meat. It is still without a name. Evidently, the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF), organized in 1987 and situated in Davao, allows individuals or companies to name the chicks if they donate at a certain level. It's all for a great cause, obviously. The center estimated that only 600 of these eagles are left. The Philippine Eagle is

Philippine Wildlife and the Bacolod Air Rifle Hunting Club

The alarm has been raised by nature-lover and bird conservationist Josef Sagemuller who unwittingly surfed into the website of the Bacolod Air Rifle Hunting Club . There, he found his worse nightmare. The site was filled with photos of gun-toting men proudly wearing garlands of dead birds, scores and scores of them, shot and killed for the joy of the hunt. The men sported gleeful faces while holding up their dead trophies as if they had just won an Olympic medal. One even proudly lined up his feathered victims on the floor alongside his two happy children. He wore a tee that proclaimed "one shot, one kill. " You won't find these images on their website anymore because the club quickly took it down as soon as they got wind of the protest. One would think that the Bacolod Air Rifle Club would stand their ground and fight, but they opted to pack up and run. So much for the bravery of hunters when confronted with real live opposition. It is argued that such indiscriminat

Metrowalk Dolphin Show Demonstration a Success...Public Informed

Representatives from several civic-minded groups converged just outside the entrance to the show last Sunday, Dec. 9 2007 at 12:30pm, and made the public aware that not everything was fine and dandy at the show. Members of Kalikasan, Agham, and the Earth Island Institute-Philippines joined PAWS in distributing leaflets, staging a mock dolphin show, and a death-in where they laid on the ground with fake blood splattered on their white t-shirts. All this to illustrate the grim reality of animal shows where starvation is part of training and lifelong captivity is the norm. The Inquirer, a local newspaper, wasted no time in posting their online report on the demonstration in which the managers were reported to have a permit from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES). This bid for legitimacy seems odd and even misleading. CITES is based in Nairobi and it is a department of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP). It is not an i

Funding for New Jersey Animal Shelters

On Monday, Dec. 10 2007, New Jersey's Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee will be conducting a public hearing on bill A. 4482 which seeks to provide state funding for existing animal shelters as well as providing funds to build new ones. There are 566 municipalities in New Jersey and only 42 public shelters to serve them. These 42 shelters are almost always filled to capacity, and the only way to make room for new arrivals is to euthanize current residents. The existing shelters are also in need of funds to care and house animals seized from cases involving animal cruelty and animal fighting investigations. The sponsor of this bill is Assemblyman Gordon Johnson (D-37). The ASPCA has given their full support for this bill, and they believe that the absence of funding hinders the enforcement of animal anti-cruelty laws. The source of the funding will come from a 25 cent assessment on defendants in municipal court cases. The hearing will be at the State House Annex, 125 West S

Mikah, Champion Cat Stretcher and Yawner

Meet Mikah . She's the 2007 winner of the Stretch and Yawn category of the World's Coolest Cat and Dog Show conducted by Catster and Dogster . She's not in any pain in spite of the unnatural sleeping position. Evidently, this is how Mikah sleeps on a regular basis. Mikah's luck changed for the better when her would-be mom was in Mandaue City in the Southern Philippines on a business trip. Mom stopped to pick up some bread, and saw a skinny and tired-looking stray. She offered the kitten some bread. As expected of a hard-up stray, Mikah readily consumed the manna from heaven. Right there and then, Mom decided to rescue her from her life in the streets. Because of her homelessness, Mikah was sickly and prone to diarrhea. In their early life together, Mom and Mikah found themselves at the vet's office several times. In time and through the constant care of her mom, Mikah got better. Mikah's fortunate encounter with the kind-hearted lady isn't uniqu

PAWS & the Earth Island Institute Protesting Dolphin Show at Metrowalk

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society and the Earth Island Institute (EII) will conduct a peaceful demonstration against an Indonesian-based dolphin show this Sunday, Dec. 9, 2007. This is not the first time they are going against this particular show. Here's more information: "Dear animal advocates and friends,After our Christmas Get-Together on Saturday (3pm -PARC), PAWS is set to hold a peaceful picket on December 9, Sunday at Metrowalk in Ortigas and distribute flyers in front of the Dolphin Show entrance there.Please join us: WHAT : Information- dissemination campaign- WHY : People Shouldn't Watch Dolphin Shows ACTIVITY : Flyering WHEN : December 9 (Sunday) - 10 am to 11am ( New Time : 12:30pm - 2pm ) WHERE : in front of the "Wonderful World of Dolphins with Sea Lions" Metro walk Complex, Meralco Avenue Pasig City, Metrowalk, Ortigas The organizers of this show are the same organizers of last year's show at SM Mall of Asia - Movers and Shakers- which

Support the NJSPCA while You Drive

The New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( NJSPCA ) has teamed up with Car-Tatts, a manufacturer of highly durable, high-quality vinyl graphics for cars, to help educate motorists about animal cruelty and what can be done to prevent it. A portion of the sales of Car-Tatts in the NJSPCA section on will help the group continue the fight against animal cruelty. Captain Steve Shatkin of the NJSPCA said, " It is our hope that this effort will raise the profile of the NJSPCA, inform people where to report animal cruelty, and raise much-needed funds for an organization that has never received any state funding whatsoever ." The NJSPCA handles approximately 3500 animal cruelty cases each year in the state of New Jersey, with about ten percent of those cases involving dog fighting. So, let's give these wonderful people a helping hand. After all, animal cruelty degrades the society we live in. Reject cruelty wherever you see it, a

Burberry Leafleting Demonstration, Short Hills, NJ. Dec. 9, 2007 at 1pm

Take a good look at Burberry: Here are directions to the mall: North : New Jersey Turnpike South to exit 14 for I-78 West. Follow to Route 24 West to exit 7C (JFK Parkway). Center will be on the right. Or, Garden State Parkway South to exit 142 for I-78 West. Follow to Route 24 West to exit 7C (JFK Parkway). Center will be on the right. East : Take I-78 West to Route 24 West to exit 7C (JFK Parkway). Center will be on the right. Or, Route 80 West to Route 287 South to exit 37 for Route 24 East to exit 7. Follow signs for The Mall at Short Hills, (center will be on the right). South: New Jersey: Turnpike North to exit 14 for I-78 West. Follow to Route 24 West to exit 7C (JFK Parkway). Center will be on the right. Or, Garden State Parkway North to exit 142. Follow u-turn signs to I-78 West to Route 24 West to exit 7C (JFK Parkway). Center will be on the right. West: Take Route 80 East to Route 287 South to exit 37 for Route 24 East to exit 7. Foll

PAWS Holiday Wish List, 2007

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society has come out with their holiday wish list, and I encourage everyone, both in the Philippines and abroad, to chip in for a very good cause. Up front, PAWS' cattery needs repairs and renovation. Since 2001, the cattery has not received any significant upgrading due to a very tight budget. Your donations are a necessary resource in the fight against animal cruelty and a boost for animal welfare societies like PAWS. The structure itself is one of great simplicity and function. Here is a couple of photos taken by PAWs volunteer Liza Umayam during the blessing of the animals: As you can see, the cats are not individually caged, but free to move around. If not for PAWS and its cattery, these cats would be in the streets, vulnerable and hungry. But, things could be better. So, here is the wish list and please consider it as an opportunity to make a difference: PAWS' "Twelve Days of Christmas" Wish List: 1. dog cage - approximately P3,00

Dog with Two Hearts

Can you believe it? This Chihuahua was born in Japan earlier this year, and the breeder is keeping the dog.

PAWS heads to Court...Will Fight On

Now that December has arrived, there are more than just the multi-colored lights, the jingle of carolers, the trek to midnight mass, and the selfless gift-giving to look forward to for the people of the Philippines. The pursuit of animal welfare and the prevention of cruelty do not stop even when it's Christmas season. Amidst the holiday spirit, there is serious business that needs to be done. The Philippine Animal Welfare Society goes back to court on December 13th to pursue a case against 14 people involved in gambling and vicious dogfighting in Antipolo, a city outside Manila. Dogfighting is a violation of the Philippine Animal Welfare Act , and this case will serve as the spearhead for all other legal cases relating to dogfighting in the future. The law is a wonderful piece of legislative engineering, but some criticize it as toothless because of weak enforcement. Well, this case caught the attention of the public and a victory in court will quantumly modify that perception fo