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Philippines. Animal Welfare Act of 1998. Amendments. HB 5849. Making a Good Thing Better.

PAWS' May Felix-Razon, in pink, and Anna Cabrera, in black, at the Antipolo Hall of Justice pursuing two separate animal cruelty cases, one for dog slaughter and the other for dog fighting. It has been a long time coming, but it is finally here. People have asked for them, complained how the law has no teeth, how animal abusers can get away with their crimes with just a small fine. Their plaintive cries have been heard and answered. At long last, improvements to the Animal Welfare Act of the Philippines, otherwise known as RA 8485, have been put forward in the form of a House Bill numbered 5849. Congresswoman Bernadette Herrera Dy sponsored the bill in the Lower House with the animal rights organizations including the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, under the legal guidance of Atty. Roy Kayaban , submitting their proposed amendments to RA8485. The proposed amendments are: 1. I nc rease in penalties for animal offenders, including banning of pet ownership for those convicted o

2012 Essex County Deer Killings. Eagle Rock Reservation. New Jersey. A Message from APLNJ.

We received graphic photographs exposing the cruelty behind the Essex County deer hunt, which began in the Eagle Rock reservation on February 2. Just two days after the hunt began, a local resident sent us three disturbing photographs (see one below) along with the following statement: " I am a West Orange resident and was walking in Eagle Rock on Sat., February 4, 2 days after the county deer hunt began there. My dogs led me to a deer that was struggling in a few feet of water but unable to get up. It was alive but clearly dying. There was a clear puncture in its underside, just above its left front shoulder. It appears to have been shot. " The deer hunt, sanctioned and promoted by County Executive Joe DiVincenzo is slated to continue throughout the month on Tuesday and Thursdays in the Eagle Rock and Hilltop Reservations. ACTION NEEDED Please call the following public officials and demand an end to this cruel kill which does nothing to reduce the whitetail's fertility r