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PsycotheraPETS at Ateneo

Ok,'s something for you to do on February's a whole day affair beginning at 9am and ends at 5pm....have your pets blessed and listen to two speakers on animal care and PAWS' Doctor Dog campaign...oh, there's also a dog contest...text your attendance and entry to 0917-8197092 before Tuesday...wishing you a load of fun! ( Click on the poster to enlarge it )

The Killing of Philippine Birds Gets More Attention

Here's a link to Carla Gomez's article entitled, " Hunters Still Breaking Chain of Life for Fun. " The article includes a confession from one of the hunters whose picture appeared in the online petition against the wanton and indiscriminate killing of Philippine wildlife . J ust read on... “ This is not just about conservation. It's about biodiversity, natural heritage, legacy and ecological balance ” Senator Zubiri

Chlorine and Dolphins, A Deadly Encounter

In the first place, what is Chlorine ? It is part of the halogen group of elements that is known to be salt-forming. Its symbol is CL, atomic number 17, and its atomic weight is 35.45. You will not find Chlorine in a free state ( by itself ) in nature but always compounded with other elements like Sodium. It is extracted by electrolysis. Chlorine is described as a greenish-yellow gas, and it can be compounded with nearly all the other elements. We are warned that Chlorine is a respiratory irritant, irritating the mucus membranes and its liquid form burns the skin. Its good use includes, ironically, making safe drinking water. But, it is also used in many household products like paper, textiles, medicines, antiseptics, and plastics. However, Chlorine is most commonly used for sanitation, bleaching and disinfectants. In history, Chlorine was used as poison gas during World War One. So, what we have here is a pretty nifty agent of nature, protean in function and chameleon-like in form. C

Dog-eating Men indicted in Hawaii

Two men from Hawaii were indicted for stealing and butchering an 8-month old German Shepherd belonging to Frank and Debbie Manuma, pictured below with their dog. Recent changes in animal cruelty laws have made this crime a felony punishable by five years imprisonment plus a $10,000 fine. And as far as I am concerned, I will hope and pray that these guys get the maximum. The charges are second-degree theft and first-degree cruelty to animals. Circuit Judge Steven Alm issued $20,000 bench warrants for both defendants namely Saturnino Palting , 48, pictured on the right, and Nelson Domingo , 53, left, both of Kalihi, Hawaii. For those unfamiliar with bench warrants, they are issued by a judge for an individual deemed to be in contempt of court as a result of that person's failure to appear at the appointed time and date for a mandated court appearance. When I first saw the headline, red flags immediately went up in my mind. Could it be that the dog meat trade, or that most vile pra

Dog for Adoption: Van Damme

Van Damme is three years old, and he's very friendly with humans but aggressive with other dogs. He's been at the shelter since October, 2006. Van Damme loves to chase cats, but he does not hurt them. To learn more about Van Damme and how to adopt him, go to Me.Find.Home HERE . Photo by Sherwin Castillo .

Philippine Serpent Eagle Rescued

Here's an article sent to an e-group for bird and animal lovers: HUGE BIRD RESCUED IN BESAO, MT. PROVINCE 22 January 2008 An injured huge bird believed to be a Philippine Eagle was rescued last week in a forest in far-flung Barangay Laylaya of this municipality. The bird, which is now undergoing treatment, is under the custody of the town’s Agriculturist Dr. Dam-ay Guinayen , a veterinarian. The bird reportedly suffered a gunshot wound on its right wing damaging a bone. Mayor Wellington Pooten reported the rescued bird during the Provincial Peace and Order Council meeting as he also requested for assistance from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). Staff from the Community Environment and Natural Resource Office (CENRO), Sabangan identified the bird as a Serpent Eagle similar to a bird caught sometime in year 2000 at Lake Danum in Sagada. Regional Technical Director Reynaldo Yawan reportedly advised the CENRO staff, Conception Wangdali , PAENRO Board Sec

Bantay Dagat and the Three Members of the Philippine Shooting Team

In my previous post, I touched upon the scandalous and inappropriate use of a Bantay Dagat boat by members of the Philippine Shooting Team namely Tet Lara , Jade De Guzman and Mike De Guzman . In that post, the team members were shown in a group photo, similar to this one, disembarking with their fresh kill. Although I was pretty sure that " Bantay Dagat " was emblazoned on the side of the boat, one could still argue that I was mistaken. After all, only a few letters were visible with the hunters' legs obscuring the rest. But, we now have a better picture that leaves no doubt in our minds. Call it Divine Intervention. Here it is, manna from heaven. Let there be no doubt that God is a nature lover. All the world's plants and animals are his creation too. And those who protect them are his soldiers on Earth. Let's take a look at this photograph. In this photograph, we again see the humiliating acts to which our natural treasures were subjected to. Take note of the

Three Members of the Philippine Shooting Team and the Killing of Protected Philippine Wildlife

When a member of the animal or plant kingdom goes extinct, there will be no second chances. Evolution will simply not repeat itself. There are reportedly eighty bird species that are unique to the Philippines and many of them have already made it to the endangered list. And we, to a great extent, have indiscrimate hunting to thank for it. In spite of two national laws protecting Philippine animals, the carnage continues unabated. The killings could occur as arbitrarily as guys getting together for macho time, or as a result of a well-planned hunting trip involving speed boats, bird callers, and camouflaged outfits. Either way, the outcome is the same. Philippine wildlife, our natural treasures, inches closer to a state of irreparable vacancy. Not too long ago, we learned about the Bacolod Air Rifle Club (BARC) whose unbridled killing of Philippine birds and ducks became the subject of an online petition calling for immediate government intervention. My post on that most disturbing c

A Crow and a Cat, an Odd Friendship

Unlikely friends, but they are...I wouldn't say that, from them, we could learn to be more tolerant and helpful inspite of the differences. I think that there are many examples of humans helping other humans who don't look and think like them. But it is certainly like striking gold when you see a cat and a crow maintain a friendly and lasting relationship, and capture it on film. Here it is:

Petco Comes Through for the Animals

Some people know how to raise money, and Petco Foundation is unquestionably one of them. Petco Foundation raised $2.5 Million through their 2007 Tree of Hope program. Not only is that remarkable, but stunning if you consider that the amount was raised in a mere 36 days by the company's vendors, customers, and associates. Wow! Here's Petco Foundation's press release: " The year begins on a high note for thousands of animal shelters nationwide that will receive donations from the 2007 Tree of Hope fundraiser, hosted by PETCO and the PETCO Foundation. The 36-day campaign generated more than $2.5 million from donations given by the company’s customers, vendors and associates. “Tree of Hope has not only helped sustain the lives of animals in need of care and compassion, but also helped nourish the spirit of hope that defines the PETCO Foundation. We are so thankful to everyone who contributed and hope that they all know that they helped to make this world a kinder, safer, a

Of Ducks and Geese...

It wasn't too cold today, 42F, and so I decided to take my dog for a walk at the county park. I was happy to see that the geese and ducks were plentiful, for I thought that they've left the frigid north for the warmer weather of the south. There is a small zoo in the park that I never visit. Instead, I spend my time by the water and appreciate the geese and the ducks. How free and beautiful they are! The geese swim back and forth the pond like a flotilla of ships. Some stop at a shallow part and groom themselves. It's a busy waterway, indeed. Grand Central Station Beautiful colors, just paddling along... With beauty like this, how can hunters shoot them? This is the way to shoot them, with a camera. I think this one is really enjoying the day... Nature is to be appreciated, not destroyed.

Dog for Adoption: Phoebe

This cutie is two years old whose former owners abandoned her for lack of living space. Phoebe is very friendly and playful but retiring at times. She's good with kids, other dogs and cats. Phoebe presently resides in a shelter in the Philippines. To learn more about Phoebe and how to adopt her, go to Me.Find.Home HERE . Photo by Sherwin Castillo .

Denny's Drops Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus

It took a while, but Denny's finally saw the light. Denny's is no longer in partnership with the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus, the Saddest Show on Earth. Denny's joins General Mills, Burger King, Liz Claiborne, MasterCard, Ford Motor Company, and Sears, Roebuck and Co. in rejecting animal cruelty as practiced by the circus. This is a great victory for the animals. Animal circuses are remnants from a time of great insensitivity and cruelty. I urge everyone to avoid all animal circuses.

Dog Humor

Child Bitten at Ark of Avilon

Zoos are nothing but trouble. Zoo animals usually pay the price for human oversight, as we have learned as recently as the Christmas day tiger attack at the San Francisco zoo. There, the enclosing wall was built too short and taunts from the patrons are now suspected as the reason why the tiger leaped into action, killing one and injuring two. Tatiana, the tiger, was shot to death. Since 1990, 220 such incidents in 40 states (USA) involving big cats have occurred. Four children and fifteen adults have lost their lives and fifty other people have lost limbs or suffered other injuries after being mauled (PETA). Zoos are not as safe as they seem, and I reject the very notion that it is wholesome family entertainment. Quite strongly, I believe that zoos practice animal cruelty by dint of animal imprisonment, be it in a small cage, an aviary, or within the confines of a large ( but never large enough ) enclosure. So, an email relating a snake bite on a child ( actually, a 17-yr old girl ) a

William Baber, Tennessee Vet Gone Bad.

Euthanasia is suppose to be merciful. When William Baber had his way, it was far from it. Baber used the very cruel " heart stick " method minus the sedation. This means that the animals could spend as long as 30 agonizing minutes before death actually occurred. Undercover video showed that William Baber even stepped on the animals to immobilize them for the injection. Do I sound like I am describing an executioner and not a veterinarian? Very sad, isn't it? The video showed dogs’ tails visibly wagging and cats are flailing before they’re given the lethal injection . "It’s just a horrible, horrible way for an animal to die,” said former euthanasia technician June McMahon. reported that " still conscious, the cats were described by inmates as 'going wild' after being placed in a container, with as many as 10-15 of them being dumped on top of each other in a 'cruel manner,' authorities allege.These animals were allegedly placed

Adoptable Philippine Dog : Celine

Periodically, I will feature a dog, or cat, who is in need of his/her forever home. These homeless, but loving animals are living in the shelter of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society . Featuring them here is my way of helping them out, both PAWS and the animals. For starters, this is Celine. She was once a stray, and not as pretty as she is now. She's good with both dogs and cats. To learn more about Celine and how to adopt her, go to Me.Find.Home HERE . Photo by Sherwin Castillo. UPDATE: Celine has been ADOPTED !!!

Foie Gras Production at Elevages Perigord, Palmex Inc., and Aux champs D'Elise

The video you are about to see was filmed at the production sites of the three largest producers of foie gras in Quebec. If you want to know the truth about what goes on behind closed doors, view the video. This is not for the faint-hearted. You have been warned. In any case, what you can do is to quit foie gras or not begin it at all. You help perpetuate the cruelty if you do foie gras.

Target Drops Foie Gras

Unlike who stubbornly offers products produced through inhumane methods, including items promoting and glorifying animal fighting, Target has shown a lot of class and admirable social consciousness by immediately dropping foie gras from its online offerings. This means that Target rejects the horrendous treatment of ducks and geese and the hellish conditions in which foie gras is produced. I am still amazed at how some people find this diseased and enlarged liver as a delicacy. Utterly barbaric! The impetus came from PETA who contacted Target about the product and its cruel origins. Most people are unaware of the hideous cruelty in producing foie gras, and the public need to be informed. Recently, a foie gras producer like Elevages Perigord , from Quebec, was exposed by an undercover investigation conducted by Farm Sanctuary, much to the chagrin of the company. Unspeakable cruelty was, still is, practiced upon the helpless feathered animals. You can see what I mean by cli

PETA Demonstration Alert. Weizmann Institute, NYC. January 8, 2008.

Click on the text to enlarge it...

Rep. Tom Lantos, Friend of the Animals, to Retire

A great American and friend of the animals, Rep. Tom Lantos , 79, announced yesteday that he is retiring. A routine medical check-up revealed a cancer of the esophagus. Rep. Lantos is a holocaust survivor and an immigrant from Hungary. He is quoted, " It is only in the United States that a penniless survivor of the Holocaust and a fighter in the anti-Nazi underground could have received an education, raised a family, and had the privilege of serving the last three decades of his life as a member of Congress... I will never be able to express fully my profoundly felt gratitude to this great country ." Rep. Lantos is the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. He is serving his thirteenth term in Congress, representing the 12 th congressional district of California. His congressional website describes him as " a leader in the Congress in dealing with animal welfare issues. He is the founder and co-chair of "Congressional Friends of Animals," an orga and Animal Cruelty

They seem like an odd couple, don't they? Well, I wish they truly were but they actually have a close relationship. Believe it or not, sells literature that encourages, even adores, animal fighting. Humane Society of the United States has been trying for a year and a half to persuade to drop these products to no avail. Finally, in February 2007, the HSUS sued for selling items that promoted dogfighting and cockfighting which the HSUS deemed illegal. The sale is a violation of the Animal Welfare Act. In rebuttal, argued that the First Amendment protected their right to sell such products, but the HSUS disagreed. The First Amendment does not protect illegal activity. What are these products anyway? Well, take a look at TheDog Pit . This book was originally published in 1888, resurrected by Read Country Books , and now marketed by We are now at a point in our civilization where we do our utmost to eradicate animal cruelty becau