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Troy Gentry. Lee Marvin Greenly. Canned Hunt of Cubby. Animal Killers for the Ages.

I am going to avoid telling too much of the story of these two guys, country singer Troy Gentry and his buddy Lee Marvin Greenly, and let the videos do the talking. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) estimated that there are approximately 1,000 ranches in the country that offer canned hunting, and half of those are located in Texas. Canned hunting is as low as a hunter(?) can get, shooting a corralled animal rather than one that has a running chance to get away. It's like the proverbial shooting of fish in a barrel. Evidently, this isn't an issue for some shooters (I can't call them hunters since there is no hunt), and certainly not for piddling, glory-seekers like Troy Gentry.

In 2006, two years after the incident, in a deal with federal prosecutors, Gentry was fined $15,000 after he pleaded guilty to a
misdemeanor charge of falsely registering a captive bear as killed in the wild. He was also prohibited to hunt, trap, or fish in Minnesota for five years, ordered to give up the bear's hide and the bow he used to kill the animal.

As for the cohort who charged $750 per guided hunt, Lee Marvin Greenly, he pleaded guilty to
two felony charges for aiding other hunters in killing bears at illegal baiting stations that he maintained within a wildlife refuge in Minnesota. Greenly was ordered to give up the all-terrain vehicles he and his employees used to access the bait stations. Unfortunately, true to form that the guilty always gets a break, Greenly was sentenced to a mere 3-yr probationary period plus penalties amounting to approximately $4,000. You can see a copy of the plea agreement HERE

With no jail time, these men got off lightly. The fee that Greenly charged Gentry to kill Cubby, the bear, is almost equal the amount Greenly had to pay in penalties. It seems to me that Greenly broke even; his crime didn't cost him at all. He's probably still laughing his head off to this day. And the big country star, Gentry, what is $15,000 to him?

Fortunately, they cannot escape history's judgment. Even after a hundred years and beyond, when the great humane societies have finally come into existence, people will still be reading about Gentry and Greenly and their depraved existence on Earth. People will be cursing their names and spitting on their graves. Their relatives, who by then would wonder at how hunting appealed to some, will deny any affinity to them. Perhaps, that would be Cubby's revenge on these cowards--an everlasting condemnation; their names and faces marked forever.


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