Thursday, December 11, 2008

Philippine Animal Welfare Society. Wish List. December 2008. Sylvester, the Dog.

The good people of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) have sent out a list of much needed supplies, and also a pair of photos that will warm your heart. Don't let anybody tell you that they don't make a difference in this world because they do. You can make a difference yourself by volunteering at your local shelter, reporting animal cruelty, intervening in an ongoing cruel situation, and by donating goods or money. As I have often said, the first line of defense is the individual person, not an animal welfare society. Individual actions will morph into a greater good.

The first photo shows Sylvester when he was rescued last July and the second one was taken in October, after four months of care at the Philippine Animal Rehabilitation Center run by PAWS. What a difference, isn't it? You can see the sadness in Sylvester in the earlier photo, and the contentment in the later photo. God Bless.

As for the much needed materials, here they are:

1. Dry cat food or kibble
Consumption: One (1) 30 kg bag of Cat Food is good only for four days.

2. Canned dog food

Consumption: 3 cans each day
2 cans to mix in the dry Dog Food and make it more palatable for shelter dogs
1 can to medicate (used for putting in tablets of medication) dogs in need of special care

3. LIV-52 Tablets and Ramavit Tablets (available at most veterinary clinics)

4. Amoxicillin and Doxycyclene capsules (250mg)

5. Decorative plants, pebbles and stones - for ongoing construction of dog walking areas

As for monetary contributions, their bank account info is:

PNB 072-830174-0
BPI 3943-0086-11
Account Name: The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
Kindly fax the validated deposit slip with your name and mailing address to 724-1986 if you would like us to send you an official receipt.

For those who want to donate via PayPal, I have a donation button on the sidebar of this site. It is safe and fast. Thanks a lot for your help.

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