Wednesday, December 24, 2008

University of California at Riverside. Animal Cruelty. Animal Experimentation. Britches.

On Christmas eve, I bring you a video about Britches. For those who still defend animal experimentation, I want you to view this video. Maybe on this Christmas eve, it will make you think, make you compare the joy you derive from being a free living being, protected by your human rights from abuse, to other sentient beings who are trapped and defenseless in a world of no choice, a world of pain and emotional distress, a life spent on the receiving end of animal experimentation. There is no Christmas spirit, no holiday season at the laboratories. Lab animals never have a good day.

This case comes to us from the University of California at Riverside. As you read this, thousands of animals are under experimentation in universities across America, so-called bastions of higher learning, experiments intentionally hidden from our view although the animal abusers claim that their work is meant for our good. Those who have left the fold will tell you that, at best, the results from animal experimentation are unreliable. But the butchery continues. Please do your research, and avoid products born out of animal experimentation.

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