Saturday, May 12, 2012

Well-Earned Misanthropy. Flawed Species. Animal and Environmental Abuse.

I don't recall working a job that wasn't a people-oriented job, one that faces and serves the public and not only interact with co-workers. Sometimes, I find it to be some kind of a twisted joke for a misanthrope like me to be a public servant. I've done a pretty good job at sublimation, always courteous and accommodating to people even after becoming aware of multiple forms of animal cruelty from the outright beating of an animal to covert forms like stuffing one's face with a cheeseburger. I try not to blame the individual for specific offenses, but I hold the whole lot suspect by dint of being human. I would prefer to entrust my life to a wild animal than a human being. We are a seriously flawed species with issues rooted in vanity, greed, common stupidity.

I had a good laugh at a comment made by a reader in a newspaper editorial about the environment and those who protect it. The reader concluded that environmentalists tend to coddle an anti-human mentality. I am still amused by this opinion as I write. Well, it seems to me that nature does not maliciously attack itself, and so the destruction must come from another entity. Just add a cognizance of the pain and misery found in animal abuse and the coddling turns quickly into misanthropy. 

Hey, at one time in my life, I started out with a plain white canvass. Humankind has since then done a pretty good job at laying on an El Greco painting on it, unfortunately. But I still don't consider myself as having gone off the cliff. I am barely holding on with my fingertips. I thank and appreciate those who have remained unsullied by life's trampling. Not all humans are abusive or apathetic towards animals. I barely recognize you but you still give me strength to carry on.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A Message from Keep Life in the Park (KLIP). New Jersey S2066. Sportmen's Heritage Act.

Dear Friends of NJ Wildlife,

If you haven't done so, PLEASE contact your Senators and express your STRONG OPPOSITION to S2066, the Sportsmen's Heritage Act.
Find contact information for NJ Senators Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez here:
Remember to share this information with friends and family out of state!

You will also find a link to the Humane Society of the U.S. Advocacy page below.
PLEASE cross post!  Thank you!


Here are some points to reference in your communication.

Please oppose S2066 and help to protect wildlife, habitat and the public. As one of your constituents, I urge you to help protect human health, wildlife and public lands by voting against S2066. This legislation, if passed, will undermine provisions of existing conservation statutes including the Marine Mammal Protection Act and the Toxic Substances Control Act. It will also interfere with the exercise of authority by federal agencies responsible for managing federal lands and protecting public health.

Please oppose S2066 and help to protect wildlife, habitat and the public. An estimated 1,713,000 Garden State wildlife watchers generate $537,388,000 in revenues. New Jersey wildlife watchers outnumber hunters 20-to-1 and outspend hunters 5-to-1. Yet the absolute majority remains disenfranchised from the 11-member Fish and Game Council.

There is no public outcry, demand, or even knowledge of this gun-friendly legislation. The so-called "Heritage" Act is the work of firearms and archery trade association front groups, including the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus, which represents gun, ammo, and archery manufacturers. The number of hunters nationally is plummeting. In New Jersey , that number has fallen by more than 50%.

Hunting is an exclusive and invasive use. Families cannot peacefully enjoy our parks and public ways without at minimum discomfort and the potential risk of injury -- hunting accidents and near misses are common, many are not reported.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that wildlife is to be held in trust for all citizens. A vocal minority should not be permitted for further expropriate our public lands to bully cooperative legislators into passing this trade agenda.

In behalf of the clear majority of New Jersey residents who enjoy our public lands non-violently, we urge you to oppose this self-interest legislation.
HSUS Advocacy Link

Keep Life In the Park (K.L.I.P.)Visit Keep Life In the Park on Facebook

Be a voice for ALL animals with the League of Humane Voters of NJ.
Visit the NEW www.LOHVNJ.ORG and join today!
For the Animals' Sake NJ Blog

New Jersey Black Bear. Chris Christie, Bob Martin, David Chanda, Larry Herrighty. Black Bear Vilified.

Is this the New Jersey black bear we are supposed to fear? Governor Christie, Commissioner Bob Martin of the Department of Environmental Protection, David Chanda and Larry Herrighty of the Division of Fish & Wildlife wants us to consider a black bear in our backyard as a danger to ourselves and our children. And the hunting cabal in the state fans the fire of fear and hate, trumpets overpopulation fairy tale, to justify the yearly massacre of the black bears. The trophy hunts of 2010 & 2011 killed close to 600 bears respectively, approximately 1200 bears total so far. But, do you know that there has never been a black bear attack on a human in New Jersey. Can you see why?

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Primate Products. Florida. John Resuta. Animal Experimentation.

Our brethren in South Florida are not the type of people you want to mess with. They will root you out at your workplace. And then show up just when and where you think you're safe---at your doorstep. John Resuta learned the hard way. The video above shows our friends at his doorstep in Cutler Bay. You see, John works as the Operations Manager for Primate Products. This company imports and breeds monkeys destined for a hideously cruel, life-long existence in animal experimentation. The company's Live Animal Division is located in Miami, Florida. It is a morally bankrupt line of work, if you ask me. This is a company who ran a promotional drive that offered anyone a complimentary five aluminum collars and one capture pole for every restrainer purchased. What a bargain! They should be listed as a victim-delivery service. I must ask, who do you think is more depraved, the men who gang raped a woman, or the guy who delivered the victim to the gang?

 These photographs were taken after the rally at John Resuta's residence. Before they left the scene, with a touch of good housekeeping, the demonstrators paraded through the posh neighborhood, informing  the people that " An animal killer lives Here."

If John Resuta thinks that was the end of it, he is mistaken. This demo was the Kimchi before the Bibimbap, the chips and salsa sauce before the Mushroom Fajita. Even if his sister insisted that John Resuta is an animal lover, the protesters will be back for John.

For more information and to give support, go to SMASH HLS

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Animal Protection League of New Jersey. Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale. 2012. Montclair.

Haven't met us yet?

Stop by and visit the Animal Protection League table at the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale this Saturday, May 5! Our programs director, Janine Motta, will be staffing an information table and she would love to meet you!

Where: Go Lightly, 4 South Fullerton Avenue, Montclair, NJ 07042

When: Saturday, May 5 from 11AM - 4:30PM

What: The previous two Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale events, organized by Montclair Vegans, were such a success, that they're doing it again! Please stop by and bring your friends and family to come and try some delicious baked goods, mingle with like-minded people and check out the wonderful eco-friendly store, Go Lightly. This is going to be the first year that there will also be live music, thanks to the band In Cages!  

We're grateful to Montclair Vegans for offering us this outreach opportunity AND for choosing APLNJ to be a recipient of part of the proceeds raised from this event. Thank you Montclair Vegans!!
Please share this with your friends, and come out and support us! We're looking forward to a delicious event, raising both awareness of how good cruelty free can be, and funds to support two great causes.
Please also come out and support Go Lightly, a wonderful vegan eco-store and cafe! We want to encourage everyone to check out her delicious vegan ice-creams, sandwiches and salads and an assortment of interesting, innovative and cool eco-friendly products.
Hope to see you there!
Angi Metler
Executive Director

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Jerzon Senador. Puppy on a Clothesline. Animal Abuse. Wanted by the Police.

One foolish act compounded by another. When the Philippine National Police came to Jerzon Senador's home last week to arrest him, his parents claimed ignorance of this whereabouts. Evidently, Senador decided to make a go for it, and his parents stepped up to run interference for him. These things don't usually end well for the fugitive especially if  reward money enters the picture later on. 

Like most animal abusers, Senador thought it was funny, entertaining, no big deal to subject an animal to an anomalous condition. In this case, as you can see in the photo above, he hung the family pet on a clothesline using pins. If my memory does not fail me, this happened back in June 2011, Senador subjected this dog to a few rounds in the washing machine as well. 

The charge against Jerzon Senador isn't making a mountain out of a mole hill as some people argued. Some people stressed that the dog suffered no serious injury, that the Senador family normally treated the dog with kindness.

But, that is not the point. You do not get a free pass for an abusive act because you have been good so far. I am reminded of traffic court where defendants excuse their violation on the basis of many, many years of good driving up to that point. That is not how it goes. Your previous driving history is irrelevant to your present violation.

You see, it is this nonchalant attitude towards  an animal's safety and well-being that makes some forms of animal cruelty possible. Obviously, Senador thought it was amusing. He eagerly shared this " funny" moment with the world on the internet. He expected the world to laugh with him. It was all about us, our enjoyment, and the ridiculed animal was just a means to that end. This dispassionate attitude permeates in circuses and marine parks where the trainers think nothing more of these animals, often believing that the animals actually enjoy performing before a crowd. The zoo managers are the worst. They swear by their enclosed and fake environment, believing that the elephants, tigers, and other such wild animals live contently in those confines. These animal manipulators believe what they want to believe, and pay no heed to reality.

Jerson Senador must stand trial for animal abuse. It isn't a laughing matter at all. The prosecution of his case is essential to the advancement of animal welfare in the Philippines.