Thursday, December 18, 2008

China. Cats for Food. Catmeat Trade. Animal Cruelty.

You've heard me denounce the Chinese officials for their brutal treatment of dogs and cats, particularly the roundup of animals in preparation for the Olympics, but I certainly do not believe that the Chinese nation is a monolithic block of animal abusers. Just like any other nation, the Chinese form a contrasting nation of animal lovers and abusers.

Like or not, the Chinese have been a force to reckon with for thousands of years. Literature, astronomy, mathematics, art, you name it, the Chinese have been there and back. It is said that the Chinese were wearing silk when only cave people in fur inhabited what is now Europe. But a long history in the sciences and other ethereal fields of study do not necessarily translate into a cruelty-free society. Far from it.

Recently, some Chinese protested the killing of cats for meat. Evidently, there is an organized inter-city trade in cat meat in China, and some animal lovers have had enough of the cruelty. Even if kind-hearted Chinese seem like chipmunks caught in a forest fire, they bravely protested so they can be heard. You can read the report HERE

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