Friday, July 22, 2011

Clifton, New Jersey. Protest. Harmless Bear Shot to Death by Police. APLNJ.

The Animal Protection League of New Jersey is joining the Bear Group's protest. See details below. We hope to see you on Sunday.

The BEAR Group will hold a protest THIS Sunday, July 24 (10am - 12 noon) to condemn the senseless killing of an orphan bear cub by the Clifton Police Department...
and we need your support.

Police claim the cub was creating a hazardous situation because it had crossed back and forth Rt 46. But the media has reported that the cub was shot in a wooded area OFF of the highway. Another source tells us that this cub was shot WHILE the police were waiting for the Division of Fish & Wildlife to arrive.

Please join them that such extreme acts of cruelty will NOT be tolerated.

Date: Sunday, July 24, 2011
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 noon
Place: Van Houten Ave & Clifton Ave, Clifton, NJ 07013

: Please park in the public municipal lot behind the municpal building.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Please if you can, bring a well as umbrellas, water, and sunscreen.

Thank you. We realize this is short notice, but this cub's death cannot be ignored.

Eleanor Hoffman and Cathy McCartney
BEAR Group Chair and Co-Chair

Morristown, NJ. Jockey Hollow. No Hunting at Morristown National Park. Public Hearings.

Dear Friends of NJ Wildlife,
Many of you may be in the midst of vacation plans, but if your schedule permits. won't you come out to join us in Jockey Hollow for the public meetings on July 27 and/or 28th? Directors and members of the League of Humane Voters, the Animal Protection League of NJ, and members of the press will be in attendance. It is critical that we have a large turnout for these meetings. PLEASE come out and lend your voice to 'science, not slaughter.' Also, please be sure to submit comments via the link below.
We hope to see you in Jockey Hollow on July 27th and 28th.
Thank you on behalf of NJ Wildlife!
Merrilee Cichy


Animal Protection League of NJ

Morristown National Park to Lift Hunting Ban

The National Park Service has for decades resisted managing park lands to maximize deer and permit sport hunting. As a result, and with natural fluctuations, the Morristown National Historical Park deer population remained stable - until the Morris County Parks Commission initiated hunts in surrounding areas.

Sadly, the Service has yielded to years of pressure from a commercial- conservation "partnership" to do both. The Steering Committee of "Teaming with Wildlife" is dominated by gun, ammunition, and archery manufacturers whose stated goal is increased hunter access, especially in populated areas. Access is key to hunter retention and recruitment aimed at reversing a precipitously declining client base. National and state Audubon societies are the chief 'conservation' component of the coalition. See the list of local area hunts below under Background Information.

Please Attend Public Hearings
Mark the dates, and attend public meetings to demand scientifically coherent and humane deer policy on public and private lands.

The dates and times of the public meetings:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011, from 7-9 p.m.
Thursday, July 28, 2011, from 2-4 p.m.

The location for both meetings is:

Morristown NHP
Washington's Headquarters Museum
30 Washington Place
Morristown, New Jersey 07960

Please Submit Comments

Please submit your written comments by August 14, 2011 at the following link:

Background Information

Mendham Township

Shiff Nature Preserve


Thirdly, Black River Wildlife Management Area manages habitat for deer, serving as a reservoir for deer killed as pests in surrounding locales. Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge enhances habitat for deer. Schiff Nature Preserve, while killing deer, conducts in some cases annual controlled burns, which provide food and habitat for deer, in over a dozen locations. The Park plan permits business as usual, adding a National Park to the pervasively hunted tracts within the county. With few refuges left, deer will seek out residential properties. Hunts will ensue.

The key to fewer deer is a lower fertility rate. Both the proposed killing and habitat enhancement obtains the opposite effects.

  • White-tailed deer respond to hunting pressure with higher productivity. By removing competitors for food, hunting either raises productivity, or, in areas where food is plentiful, arrests deer in the rapid growth phase of the reproductive cycle.
  • Among other management goals, the National Park Service proposes opening forest canopies so that sunlight reaches the floor. This is classic enhancement of deer range. White-tails browse and forage on warm weather grasses and woody stems.

Predictably, hunted deer sought refuge within Morristown National Park. Moreover, surrounding hunts are preventing deer from dispersing from park lands. The issue is not the number of deer - clearly, the species is within biological carrying capacity. Rather, it is where the white-tail is pushed and pulled, by hunting, and habitat enhancement.

Stating that hunting in adjacent parks and suburbs has forced deer to seek refuge in Jockey Hollow in Morristown National Historic Park (emphasis ours), Morris County and New Jersey Audubon staffers admonish the Park Service to be "a responsible neighbor" and install an annual hunt. Jockey Hollow, alleges the Morris official responsible for adjacent hunts, is a "textbook" example of what the deer - not the hunt managers - have wrought.

That hunting would drive deer into Jockey Hollow was a foregone conclusion. In response to killing programs, does increase their home range by an average of 30% (Henderson, Warren et al 2000). Hunting increases birth rates, or keeps rates high. In 2000, wildlife advocates notes:

On the fly, local managers are conducting random, patchwork kills that not only stimulate birth rates, but drive panicked animals into neighboring areas or towns. The pattern is circular. Baited kills at Baltusrol Gulf Club are causing 'a heavy influx of deer into the Watchung Reservation.' (Watchung Report, 1999). Deer fleeing heavy gunning during the Watchung annual kill seek refuge in adjacent neighborhoods (Watchung Report. 1999.) After the Reservation hunt began, surrounding boroughs initiated hunts. The refuge-seeking justifies more reservation killing. On the heels of Millburn Township 2001 deer kill, the Township began receiving complaints from 'neighborhoods where deer hadn't been seen before.' Kills ensued (Russell 2000).

Managing both habitat and hunting for deer will inarguably result in annual sport hunts and driving deer into the few unhunted areas left: residential properties.

Susan E. Russell

Wildlife Policy Specialist

Animal Protection League of New Jersey

Keep Life In the Park (K.L.I.P.)

Be a voice for New Jersey animals. Join the League of Humane Voters of NJ!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

PAWS. Philippines. Animal Chronicles. Dr. Wilford Almoro, Shelter Vet.

Video streaming by Ustream
Animal Chronicles is a weekly, one-hour radio show hosted by PAWS Director Anna Cabrera on DZRJ, 810 khz. Showtime, as of today, is Monday, 7pm Manila time which is 7am on the American eastcoast.

Although I don't live in Manila, I know enough of the goings-on in that city to say that this is the first radio show devoted specifically to animal welfare. You can call it a breakthrough. This was unheard of when I was growing up in Manila. It's a wonderful opportunity, a virtual bullhorn, to spread the gospel of animal rights, welfare, and responsible dog guardianship.

Not ownership, but guardianship. I cringe at the word, "owner," and I avoid it like the plague.

The Philippines is still in the nascent period of its animal welfare revolution, but the country is making great strides towards a more humane society with the passing of the Philippine Animal Welfare Act (R.A. 8485) and the Anti-Rabies Act. Animal cruelty cases have begun to be heard in court, and the first ever conviction of a private citizen
occurred this year for an act of animal cruelty committed on a single animal, a kitten in this case.

There is a lot of hope. And with a growing number of animal rights advocates and organizations like CARA
, IRO, AARRC, AKF and SAWS, the prospect of a more humane Filipino society is very real.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Air France. KLM. Largest Animal Transporter. Vivisection. Air Souffrance.

Last month, I joined other animal rights advocates in a demo outside the Air France offices on E50th street in Manhattan. Air France-KLM is the largest transporter of animals to testing facilities around the world. We remained at the site with our leaflets, posters, and megaphones for three hours and then moved on to the Grand Army Plaza on 59th street and Fifth for another 3-hour protest against the horse-drawn carriages. It was just our little contribution to the cause, our way, the traditional way of protesting.

Over in France, members of the organization known as Air Souffrance carried their message like no other has done before. With their natural good looks, charm, and coordinated dress, they spread the ugly truth about the airline in style. See them HERE

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Marzigliano's Live Animal Market. West New York. FAUN. Owner gets Riled Up.

Marzigliano's is a live animal market on Bergenline Avenue, West New York, NJ. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the NYC area, yes, there is a town in New Jersey called West New York. Marzigliano's has been the site of a live animal market for decades. The usual selection would include ducks, goats, pigeons, chickens, and rabbits. There is a slaughter pen in the rear of the store. They can manner-of-factly kill the animals onsite for you, if you so desired.

A friend who is already in her late 50s told me that, as a child, she witnessed three goats shoved into the trunk of a car outside Marzigliano's and off they went to be slaughtered in someone's backyard. So, the place has a long history in the sale and slaughter of animals. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Marzigliano's was the last stop for many thousands of animals before slaughter. This place reeks with sadness, misery, and death.

When consumers come into Marzigliano's, after a few minutes, they usually emerge with a bag of meat--the body parts of an animal that was alive just a few moments before--or a bag containing several live and terrified chickens that are struggling to get out.

Marzigliano's has been the object of innumerable and regular demonstrations by a group called, Friends of United Animals NJ, or FAUN for short. FAUN is there almost every weekend, and this is made possible through the tireless leadership of Anthony Botti who can be seen in this video confronting, I presume, the owner of Marzigliano's. The video is self-explanatory and it shows the very tenuous relationship between the protested and the protesters at a demo site.

In case you are thinking, live and let live, or eat and let eat, I disagree with you. All life must be respected. Animal slaughter for food is wrong.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Pennsylvania. Lancaster County. Puppy Mills. Truth in Advertising.

When I used to eat meat, I looked forward to those family-style dining places in or nearby Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Gettysburg was usually my final destination, and so these places would be along the way. I could see their ads on the highway; Good N Plenty was one of those places. Well, I am no longer interested in them and I don't think I will ever eat there again unless they've turned vegetarian.

Here's a sign that would surely turn heads. I love it, just love it. Pennsylvania's countryside, bucolic scenes replete with monumental grain silos standing next to postcard-like barns and farmhouses, hides a nasty truth. Pennsylvania is spangled, better still, pockmarked, with innumerable puppy mills. It's like a beautiful face compromised by zits.

This billboard ad informs travelers that there is misery in God's little acre. Animals that live(?) in Pennsylvania's puppy mills do not think it is a beautiful and happy place.

Adopt. Do not buy from pet stores.

More Info:

Friday, July 01, 2011

New York City. Canada Geese Captured & Slaughtered. Inwood Park. Using the Poor.

Goose Chase: Inwood Hill Park Geese Captured

It's unconscionable for Mayor Bloomberg, the city government, and the USDA to use the poor and hungry in Pennsylvania to acquit themselves, to exonerate, to justify the mass roundup and slaughter of Canada Geese in the Inwood area. These people are pitting poverty and hunger against compassion and animal rights in true manipulative form, shoving geese down the throats of the poor whether they asked for it or not, hoping that the feeding of the poor will soften their image and wrongdoing. Let the poor be, and don't use them in your grand designs.

This geese roundup and slaughter do not make good sense. The geese that flight 1549 sucked into its engines are migratory geese, not local park geese. The incident happened at approximately 4,200 feet. Park geese do not fly that high. What for? Come next Winter, there will be migratory geese up there again because they come from somewhere else. It is irresponsible of the USDA to enact measures that give the impression that something is being done about the problem. It is a false impression. The flights coming out of La Guardia, JFK, or Newark are no more safe now than before, but the USDA wants us to believe so.