Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nature Preserve. Animals in the Wild. Photos along the Trail. April 2009.

On principle, I do not visit zoos and I do not watch circuses or any show featuring animal performers. It's very easy to discern my objection to these places, and I hope that you will avoid any place that imprisons or uses animals for forced labor. Horse carriages and Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus are just two examples of animal enslavement. Your local zoo is not the " nice, little place where children can see and learn about the animals. " It is a prison for animals, and the placards are a pitiful source of education. My son is nearly 29 yrs old now, and I have never taken him to the zoo or the circus. Does that mean he was ignorant about the animals? No. In fact, not too long ago, he did the right thing.

Last Monday was simply a good day to be out in nature. It was hot but not muggy. The high humidity hasn't come yet in our parts, and it won't be for a while. So, I went to the Flat Rock Brook Nature Center and hiked a trail that I would grade as easy. Here are some photos from that afternoon jaunt ( Click on the photos to magnify them) :

Monday, April 27, 2009

New York City. ACC. Charlene Pedrolie. Tony Avella's Press Conference. ACC must Change. Fire Pedrolie.

It was a hot Sunday, but I wasn't complaining. I am just glad that those wintry days are behind us now. On the bus today, I noticed that not one person had a light jacket on. I am grateful for this series of hot days that began last Saturday. Anyway, people and their rescued dogs came in support of Council Member Tony Avella who held a press conference calling for a complete revamp of the ACC. This change includes dismissing Charlene Pedrolie , Executive Director with no shelter and medical experience at all. She is a business woman and a good example that success in business management does not necessarily mean success in shelter management. The ACC Board of Directors chose her after a long search, and so they share in the blame for the mess at ACC. What mess? Well, there is unbridled killing at ACC. The stats are skewed not to include healthy animals turned sick in counting cases of euthanasia. ACC counts only adoptable dogs that are put down. The result is a misleading impression that euthanasia is down at ACC. For more information on this matter, click on Pedrolie's name above. ACC means animal care & control, but at the moment there is more control than care. You can learn more about this issue by reading the post two entires below this one. Before I let you go, scroll down to the photo of a woman in a wheelchair. She's the owner of Angel, the collie who was euthanized four hours after arriving at the ACC system. The law requires a 72 hour holding period to allow owners to claim their lost dog. That's not acting responsibly. That's playing God, and it's possbile under Pedrolie's reign. Pedrolie's firing is long overdue.

New York City's City Hall in lower Manhattan

Laurie Bleier, Director Brooklyn Animal Foster Network

Some of the people who came in support

They speak for themselves

Supporters just outside City Hall's doors

Owner of the collie that was euthanized within four hours after arriving at ACC

A shelter dog and her human ; Enough is Enough

A shelter dog and a supporter

Yes, sweetie. Enough is enough. Pedrolie should leave ACC.

Pedrolie should go. NYC deserves a No-Kill shelter.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Jersey. Bowhunting on Sunday. NJARA. Continue to Call Governor Corzine. April 2009.

Cross-posting a message from the New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance


Dear Members and Supporters:

Thank you to everyone who wrote, called, e-mailed, faxed and spoke out on behalf of animals and people regarding the Sunday bowhunting bill (S802/A1669).

The Office of Legislative Services told us today that the bill is still on the Governor's desk and he has not contacted them for a signing. If the Governor does not sign this bill by April 30, he will be given an extension until the Senate comes back on May 4, 2009. If he does not sign it at all, it automatically becomes law. He MUST veto it.

ALL of our members, supporters, friends, and associates need to call the governor's office every day to make sure our voices are heard loud and clear.


1. Ask him to veto the Sunday bowhunting bill (S802/A1669). Ask him to say NO to Sunday hunting!

2. Ask everyone you know to call as well. This legislation effects both people and animals.

For more information, please feel free to contact me at


Angi Metler, Executive Director
New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance (NJARA)
Upholding and Advancing the Rights of Animals since 1983 through advocacy, public education and legislation.

To financially support NJARA's work, please click here:
Phone: 732-446-6808 / Web:

Be Green! Visit and explore a plant-based diet.

Searching the web? Don't "google", use and NJARA will receive a donation for every qualified search! Bookmark it today! [Be sure to enter New Jersey Animal Rights as your charity.]

Friday, April 24, 2009

New York City. Protest the ACC Board of Directors. Sunday, April 26, 2009.

Cross-posting a message from the Brooklyn Animal Foster Network


Please join us as we voice our opposition to continuing the City contract with Animal Care & Control (ACC) unless the disinterested and inexperienced Board of Directors including Executive Director, Charlene Pedrolie are replaced with forward thinking, humane shelter professionals and animal rights advocates!Attention everyone who cares about the hideous numbers of animals being killed in our shelters.

Please sign the petition below so that we can put an end to AC&C's dismal record of mistakes and animals killed for want of a home. Send letters to the Board members (info below) protesting their failure to closely monitor and oversee what is happening in our shelters and for their failure to hire someone who can implement the mandate of a NO KILL NEW YORK!

New York City's taxpayers and the animals in our shelters deserve nothing but the best: experienced, concerned and compassionate leadership at the top along with workers who give a damn about the helpless animals in their care. We demand a re-structuring of AC&C with a board and director who truly reflect a NO KILL agenda! Enough is enough!


Sunday, April 26
On the Steps of City Hall
Noon to 2pm

Council Member Tony Avella will hold a press conference at that time.

Please bring your rescued dog with you if possible.
New York City Hall is located at the center of City Hall Park of Lower Manhattan between Broadway, Park Row and Chambers Street. In October of 07, the Board of Directors of ACC hired Charlene Pedrolie, a business woman with not a shred of shelter or medical experience to run ACC. The Board has inexplicitly stood by and watched as mass resignations of key personnel and firings of long term, dedicated employees and volunteers have decimated the ACC into the nearly unrecognizable entity it is today.

Despite recent ACC press releases claiming that euthanasia is down, the fact is, the ACC is contracted to kill animals and is also responsible for finding homes for them. This conflict of interest has resulted in the dishonest reclassification of countless thousands of animals from adoptable to unadoptable for reasons of sickness and temperament. More often then not sickness overtakes the animals in a matter of days and sometimes hours (Strep Zoo Oubreak) as they wait in unsanitary conditions. Witnesses have watched as Temper Tests are deliberately set up to fail terrified animals.

Inexperienced, uncaring and untrained ACC staff bungling has resulted in an avalanche of documentation to the office of Council Member Tony Avella. E-mails and phone calls have outlined the worst cases of accidental death, negligence and abuse. Just last week Mr. Avella announced his office is seeking to obtain all records regarding euthanizations, length of stay for animals brought into ACC, physical examination, as well as records concerning owner notification. This was in response to the case of Angel the Collie who was illegally euthanized a mere 4 hours after admittance into the system despite a 72 hour stray hold mandated by New York City law.

A number of ways exist to improve New York City's animal control system.

Read more from the NYC Bar Association Committee on Legal Issues Pertaining to Animals.

The AC&C contract is up on June 30, 2009. We believe this leaves plenty of time to search for people who are fit for the job.

Laurie BleierDirector Brooklyn Animal Foster Network
Who to call and email:
Thomas Frieden, M.D.Commissioner NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygene who runs 212-788-5261Work fax: 212-964-0472

From the Board of Directors of NYCACC
Bruce Doniger Hedgefund TREASURER 212 888-5151
Mayor Mike Bloomberg
Petition to remove the Board of Directors of Animal Care & Control

Morning Coffee. Soy Milk. Measuring Animal Welfare in Odd Places.

My routine in the morning, right off the bed, is to turn on my laptop and check for emails that have come in overnight. And there's the weather forecast to check after which off I go into the shower. Walking the dog is the last thing I do at home before I leave for work, and the walk could take as long as thirty minutes depending on how soon my Fidelma can " deploy the troops. " I don't even think of coffee until I am almost at work, stopping at the Pret A Manger across the street for a medium sized cup, to go. Sipping hot coffee and surfing the web at my desk before the work day begins is probably the best time of the day for me. I am fresh, open-minded, and usually still unspoiled by the rudeness of other people in spite of the commute to work. That first cup of hot java goes a long way in defining the course of my attitude in the coming day. I hate paying for flat, watered down coffee and I hate it more if I had to drink it. Which brings me to the very point I'd like to make ---- the soy milk container at Pret A Manger is often empty. Just yesterday, as I poured the last ounces of soy milk into my cup, the next customer watched in frustration because she had to be the one to ask management for a refill. Listen, this is not a complaint. It is good that the soy milk dispenser at Pret is always near empty. You know what that means, do you?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Indiana. Evansville. Sarah Palin. Right to Life. Death to the Wolves. Defenders of Wildlife Pursues the Governor.

No rest for the weary, but the Defenders of Wildlife (DOW) would have it another way---no rest for the cruel. Hey, I have no problems with that. Gov. Sarah Palin went to Evansville, Indiana on April 16th to attend the Vanderburgh County Right to Life fundraising dinner where she was hailed by Republican National Chairman Michael Steele as one of the GOP's current standard bearers. Well, sir, watch your step. That standard is dripping with blood. We don't want you slipping and sliding and end up with your foot in your mouth. The DOW anticipated Palin's presence in Indiana and sent out a call for donations to which I responded, but evidently so did hundreds of people. The response was great enough that the DOW was able to afford both print and television ads reminding the citizens of that state about the hideously cruel anti-wolf campaign that the governor is running. The governor obviously has a double standard when it comes to the right to life. Both PRINT and TELEVISION ads were seen by hundreds of thousands of people in Indiana.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Michigan. Euthanasia Via Gas Chamber. Wrong. Obsolete. Inhumane.

Life became a little hectic for me in the last week, having to drive up to Boston and spend some quality time with my son plus I followed an extremely cruel case of cat abuse in the Philippines which I intend to blog about very soon. But let me first tell you about Michigan.

Did you know that approximately twelve animal shelters in that state still gas animals to death? Whoa, did we not put a man on the moon in 1969? Don't we now use little personal electronic gadgets to send and receive email on the go, to browse the web, and to give us directions to our destination via satellite? What happened in Michigan that they are still stuck with euthanasia via gas chamber? There's an oxymoron right there, but the government officials with superannuated thinking who are comfortable with superannuated technology are the ones we should be concerned about. Death via gas chamber means that dogs try to scratch their way out of the little enclosure, rolling and tumbling as their life is gassed out of them. Their cries for help are ignored as part of the process.

There is petition you can sign to get some Michigan animal shelters out of the stone age. You can find it here : . It also tells us about Michigan House Bill 4263, the Humane Euthanasia of Shelter Animals Act. Please sign the petition. It takes only two minutes of your time, but it can make a world of difference for a condemned animal. Learn some FACTS about the gassing of animals.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Philippines. Stray Dogs and Cats. Purina. PAWS. Posters on the Homeless.

Not too long ago, I featured two television ads that portrayed homeless dogs and cats in the Philippines. Homeless but not worthless, as they said. Those ads got people talking and thinking in the old country, and my blog certainly received many visits from web surfers who typed in " paws purina " as their search parameters. Purina, of course, is the company who joined forces with the Philippine Animal Welfare Society in this effort to enlighten the public on the plight of stray animals. Well, here are two posters that are part of that campaign:

If you haven't done so, click on the posters to enlarge them. These are very powerful, moving images and they are not stylistic nor abstract representations of stray animals. These images are accurate representations of the lives of stray animals. Situations like these will confront you not only in the Philippines but in many other countries. I recognize these scenes from my childhood, and they are happening as you read these lines. Those of you who have traveled abroad, or even locally, may have some experience with similar cases of deprivation.

The Tagalog header on the dog poster roughly translates into " An Excellent Guard Dog with No Home of His Own, " and the blurb below into, " If we don't help them, they'll end up making the streets their home. " As for the cat poster, it says, " Give Them a Home so They Can Live a Full Life. "

If you think life is tough on you, think again. There are sentient beings who have less than you have. This world is really tough on animals. Consider giving your time, effort, or money to help the homeless. For those of you in the Philippines, take personal charge of a homeless and needy animal. The world will be a better place because of your compassion.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Health. Sandwiches to Avoid. Vegetarian. Blimpie.

Just a noteworthy article on Yahoo today, David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding have written about the 8 Worst Sandwiches in America. Scary, but we need to know this stuff. You don't want to be blindsided by a foot-long sandwich. Some of them are over one thousand calories. I am singling out one from Blimpie called " Blimpie Special Vegetarian 12 Inch. " I sense a contradiction there already. Vegetarian for good health but twelve inches of any food couldn't be good. I'll pass on the 5-pound tofu burger if ever that was offered. This wolf in sheep's clothing has a whopping 1,186 calories and 19 grams of saturated fat. As the writer's prudently pointed out, vegetarian doesn't necessarily mean healthy. Furthermore, there are 131 g of carbs and 3,532 mg of sodium in this sandwich. As my father used to tell me, " don't do this to yourself ; you still have a future." Avoid this sandwich unless, as the writers suggested, you intend to share it with a little league team.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

California. OrangeBone. Shelter Animals in Stores. Last Chance for Animals.

I am surprised that my postman has not complained about the amount of mail coming to my address, usually newsletters, magazines, and promotional items from animal welfare organizations I have joined or donated to. His bag must be considerably heavier because of me. To be frank, I don’t have the time to read all the material and I cannot always give when asked for donations. I’d quickly run out of time and money, and then end up unable to give anyway. I hope that there is a cyclical phenomenon in giving, that other animal lovers take up the slack when some are unable to give or support.

There was one piece of mail that pricked my interest more than the others. It was from the people at Last Chance for Animals ( Los Angeles ), touting their success at convincing a local animal store to turn away from puppy mills and instead showcase animals from local shelters. The store is OrangeBone on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Of course, the idea is worth a try but some questions linger. Anything to undercut the business of the puppy millers is good news. If it catches fire, this new idea could help thousands of shelter animals and nothing more exemplifies working the problem at both ends than a store that showcases shelter animals while animal welfare orgs raid the mills themselves.

At this point, I am under the impression that the store deals with puppies only. But if the idea is to help shelter animals, stores who will adopt this idea will have to deal with older and often larger dogs, or cats, as well. If this breakthrough idea works, then all shelter animals need to be helped.

At first, I thought, what? They’d be selling shelter animals! Well, come to think of it, shelters require some payment too. We charge $130 per adoption at the shelter, and that’s much lower than the $600-$800 range at the pet store. Is that considered a donation or a sales price, and do we really need to be technical about these matters? In order for a business to switch from an outlet for puppy millers to saviours of the homeless animals, there’s got to be something in it for them. A business is a business after all, and it is impractical to expect them to operate on compassion alone. Both store and shelter have bills to pay. So, receiving money does not necessarily constitute a betrayal of our mission to help homeless animals.

The logistics of this arrangement were not discussed, only that it was the culmination of a long effort on the part of LCA. I imagine the store would cycle the dogs and cats between shelter and store to provide maximum chances at adoption. If this proposal was put on the table at one of our staff meetings, I would ask who would be handling our dogs at the store. Sorry, but I do make a distinction between shelter workers and hired help at a pet store. I was trained by a trainer to handle our dogs. Our dog population is usually one third pitbull, and many pitbulls are not dogs that store employees may want to handle. And if we are going to make distinctions as to who goes to the store and who stays at the shelter, that division could seriously harm the adoption of those who remain at the shelter. A “ shelter dog “ might even acquire a new connotation. If after many years, people will be saying “ Well, the nicer shelter dogs are at the store while the tougher dogs are at the shelter, “ then I would be totally against that. Given that we shouldn't close our minds to new ideas, there are underlying concerns at the shelter end of this idea. I wish it success, nevertheless, and whatever kinks there are could be straightened out by good judgment.

Monday, April 06, 2009

New Jersey. Bowhunting. Bowhunters Under Scrutiny. The Evils of Hunting. Animal Cruelty.

Governor Jon Corzine hasn't signed S802 into law yet, but he hasn't vetoed it either. S802 will allow bowhunting on Sundays. The hunters already have six out of seven days to kill animals, and now they want all seven. There is increased traffic in the woods during Sundays with bikers, hikers, horseback riders, and citizens who just want to enjoy the natural setting. Just three weeks ago, a Bronx woman was shot with an arrow in a park setting. Bowhunting on Sundays is not good for anybody except for those who want another day to kill animals.

I found this website that exposed what really goes on during a " hunt. " Watch the videos, and decide if bowhunting is a sport or just legalized blood lust. Hunters have always made the lame excuse that they are conservationists too. Watch the videos.


Please make a brief, polite phone call to Governor Corzine at (609) 292-6000 to urge him to veto S. 802. The Governor's staff is taking a tally of the pro and con callers. The call is non-confrontational. Just say, " Tell the Governor to Veto Bowhunting on Sundays. " Call Now. Let's speak for those who can't defend themselves.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Wolves. Alaska. Poison Gas. Sarah Palin. Ashley Judd. Defenders of Wildlife. Our Natural Treasures Trashed.

Not withstanding the natural acrimony that accompanies any political office, the governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, seems to be the most hated governor in the United States. Can you name another governor who has greater infamy or notoriety than Palin? Hands down, Palin was the laughingstock of the 2008 elections. Lord, did she make us laugh and cry at the same time--- dinosaurs in Egypt 4,000 years ago, reading all newspapers, what does a VP actually do, it’s all about job creation, the Bush Doctrine, Russia through her kitchen window, and other earth-shaking gaffes. Senator McCain intended Gov. Palin to be his Hail Mary pass against the Obama juggernaut but she quickly turned out to be his extreme unction.

The elections, like her national aspirations, are over but that doesn’t mean that she’s stopped stirring the pot and casting spells. The governor is still very much alive, riding on her broom over the Alaskan moon as wolves cry out to her for mercy. There have been 232 wolves killed this season alone ( 1,055 since 2003), and it’s not yet over. This is all part of the governor’s predator control program, the wolves being predators of the moose which the governor loves to shoot. The fewer predators there are, the more moose to shoot. Out of simple minds come simple equations.

Here is part of an interview with Ashley Judd and Roger Schlickeisen, President of the Defenders of Wildlife, on Larry King. It says Part 1, and I haven’t located Part 2 yet. I apologize to both Ashley and Roger for mentioning their names in the same breath as Palin’s. Neither insult nor malice was intended.

You will see how wonderful it is to have Ashley Judd onboard. Articulate and obviously well-informed on this and other related issues, Ashley Judd makes me suspend my judgment on the human race as the vilest and most flawed species ever to walk on Earth. Listening to Palin refer to the Defenders of Wildlife as a fringe and extreme group, I am reminded of Samuel Johnson’s lament that (I paraphrase) enlightened people are always under the unfair and ignorant judgment of their inferiors.

For those who think that I come down very heavy on the governor, I want you to know that under her aegis, Alaska’s Board of Game approved Proposal 190 which will allow the use of POISON GAS to snuff the lives out of wolf families in their dens, not only during the hunting season but throughout the year. That's sick and inhumane.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

New Jersey. Stanhope. Deer with Bowl Stuck on Its Head. NJARA. Rescue Needed.

This is an alert from the New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance that I am cross posting here.


The NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife (DFW) and the Stanhope Police need help trying to locate the deer who has a bowl stuck on her head (see article below). If you see the deer, please call and report her whereabouts to the DFW's 24 hour Hotline dispatcher so they can send out help (they are looking to tranquilize her and remove the bowl). Call 877-927-6337.

New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance (NJARA) Upholding and Advancing the Rights of Animals since 1983 through advocacy, public education and legislationTo financially support NJARA's work, please click here: Phone: 732-446-6808 / Web: Be Green! Visit and explore a plant-based diet.Searching the web? Don't "google", use and NJARA will receive a donation for every qualified search! Bookmark it today! [Be sure to enter New Jersey Animal Rights as your charity.


Deer may have bowl stuck on its head

STANHOPE ­ Usually “living in a fish bowl” means no privacy with people all around, all the time.Unfortunately, a white-tail deer could use some people around it. The animal appears to have a fish bowl stuck over its head.The last week in March, students at the Valley Road School talked about seeing a deer with a bowl on its head. Then adults began seeing the deer when it came out of the woods at the back of the school.“I haven’t seen it yet,” school principal Clifford Burns said on Tuesday, “but our head custodian has seen it.”A teacher who asked that her name not be used said students have made assisting the deer a project, discussing with teachers ideas on how to get help and what kind of help is needed.“Someone suggested getting pictures, so a couple of students used a cell phone to get a picture,” she said. The idea was to present the picture to the newspaper to bring attention to the deer’s predicament. Because the picture was taken with a cell phone camera, it is not very clear and would not reprint well. But it does show a deer with something over its head big enough to come almost to its shoulders. The item looks like a clear spacesuit helmet from a 1970’s science fiction thriller but its makeup, either glass or clear plastic, can't be determined.The deer appears to be staying in the area between the Valley Road School and Lenape Valley Regional High School, a five-minute walk through woods. Stanhope police said they have not taken a formal report on the deer, but are aware of the animal’s location. The teacher said she has talked directly with the borough’s animal control officer who acknowledged he has been told of the deer’s plight, but said there is little he can do since the process would require at least a tranquilizer gun.In an e-mail to the New Jersey Herald, another teacher said students are traumatized by seeing the deer, although Burns said he doesn’t get that sense. “I’m with them and I wouldn’t say they are traumatized. Some are worried, sure.”Darlene Yuhas, a spokeswoman for the state Division of Fish and Wildlife, said conservation officers and wildlife technicians have been alerted to the problem and are looking into whether there is anything they can do. Created: 4/1/2009 Updated: 4/1/2009

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Danger of Dog Meat. Cat Meat. Philippines. Korea. China. Vietnam. Rabies Infection. Miserable Death.

We have long suspected it, and now we have proof of it. Preparing and eating dog and cat meat can be very harmful, even deadly, to humans.

Dr. Heiman Wertheim and colleagues from the National Institute of Infectious and Tropical Diseases and the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology in Hanoi, Viet Nam reported on two cases where rabies infection occurred not through bites but through the handling of infected animals and the consumption of their meat. Their REPORT was published in PLoS Medicine last month.

Roughly 30,000 people in Asia die every year from rabies infection. If you are ever infected with rabies, you will experience a state of agitation, suffer from severe spasms, become feverish, become afraid of water and unable to drink liquids. You will eventually die. You don't want to be in that picture. The animal rights group, It's Their Destiny , reported that China and Vietnam have increasing cases of rabies infection. Why not? It is said that the only thing with four legs that the Chinese won’t eat is the table. I have said it here before, China has no animal welfare laws. That is so outrageously backward when you consider that Chinese culture was so advanced that they wore silk at a time when the earliest Europeans were still in caves, wearing fur.

What does this mean for some Filipinos? It means to lay off the butchering and consumption of dogs and cats. You are not completely safe anymore, or never was, after all. Drop this inhumane practice. Stray animals are better fed than eaten. The dog or cat you butchered and ate can ultimately kill you. Sweet revenge, I'd say.

More News HERE