Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Humane Society International. Dog Meat Trade. Philippines. A Call for Help. September 2008.

The dog meat trade, there is nothing more vile and cruel. How I wish there was something in dog meat that made it unpalatable, or even poisonous, to human consumption. Spreading rumor that dog meat can cause in infertility in women or impotency in men might not be scary enough to drive away those who are undiscerning and uncaring. If there was something deadly about dog meat, people would find a way around it, just like they did with the pufferfish ( fugu ) in Japan. And let me tell you this, it's not only dog meat but also cat meat. And the problem is prevalent not only in the Philippines, but also in other Asian countries like Korea and China. Imagining the capture, binding and transportation of dogs in cramped bamboo cages is already very offensive to our sensibilities, but to witness the butchering of a dog is horrifying. I know. I spent my childhood in the Philippines, and I have seen the butchery. What can a child do? Too young and scared, lacking in savior faire to stop the slaughter, he can close his eyes or run away to seek help. The sight and the sound of slaughter will never leave your psyche. I bet you have never had a heavier feeling in your heart as I had. I wouldn't wish it on anyone including my enemies. My hands are trembling over the keyboard as I type these words. I wish I was born a mature man; I could have intervened. If you can't help in person, then help those who are helping first hand. Donate to the Humane Society International, specifically towards the fund against the dog meat trade.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Politics. Fareed Zakaria on McCain's VP Choice : Fundamentally Irresponsible.

Just as I have said before, McCain did not put " Country First " when he chose Sarah Palin---shooter of animals--- as his running mate. McCain pandered to the conservatives who had been lukewarm, until then, in their support for him. Palin effectively became his sop to them. Palin also doubled as McCain's rather simple-minded attempt to lure Hillary supporters to his side, believing that if he chose someone with the same body parts as Hillary, they will come. The vast differences between the two ladies in experience, intelligence, and political convictions meant nothing to McCain. If it's a woman, they will come. That's quite condescending to women. Lord have mercy on us if the Palin-McCain ticket wins. McCain would rather win an election than keep the country safe. McCain has acted selfishly and delusional. He deserves to lose big time.

CNN's Fareed Zakaria perspicaciously points out in a CNN interview why McCain's choice of Sarah Palin is fundamentally irresponsible. It behooves you to read Zakaria's arguments HERE

Raw Food Diet. Dump the Meat. Be Healthier. Kinder to Animals.

Here's a young lady who is grateful she dumped fast food, cooked food, and meat. Living a life of obesity, she found salvation in simple foods from the Earth. Read about it HERE

Friday, September 26, 2008

Philippines. Romeo. Dog in Need of Surgery. Donations Requested. Philippine Animal Welfare Society. September 2008.

Word is out that a dog rescued by the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) needs urgent surgery to mend a broken leg. Romeo waited a week for his rescue, and only after an xray was taken did the true extent of Romeo's predicament became clear. One of Romeo's hind legs has a complete fracture of the bone. You can see it from xray. Romeo needs a bone-pin operation to mend the fracture and PAWS cannot afford it. The cost will be P15,000 ( Philippine Pesos ) which translates to $341 US. This is not a tremendous amount of money for us in the United States, but it is a heavy financial burden for an animal welfare society in Asia that does not receive any government funding at all. Yes, they run their operations through donations and sheer volunteerism. An operation like this would cost thousands here in the USA. My dog's surgery last year to correct her patella luxation cost $1500, and that's after driving almost two hours out of my high priced county where the same operation would cost $3,000. This is true. I digressed. This is about saving Romeo.

This appeal is being sent out to the local communities in the Philippiines and also overseas, as in this case. If this fracture is not corrected, Romeo will be walking with a horrible limp for the rest of his life plus the pain will continue to hurt him. I will do my share, and I hope that some of you will also take pity on Romeo

Donations can be made via Paypal at two locations. Here are the websites:

Please look for the donation buttons at these two sites. I have been having trouble with the PayPal button at PAWS' site, and but MeFindHome's works fine. I believe you can also donate using your credit card at that site after you click on the PayPal button.

For those of you on the local end, here is PAWS' actual appeal with the necessary information:

" Please, if any of you who are subscribed here would want to pitch in to help with Romeo's surgery, send us a email indicating the amount that you pledge to deposit to our PNB account on or before September 30, 2008.

Account details:

Account Name: The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
PNB Current Account No. 072-830174-0
PNB Branch: PNB Financial Center (Main Branch)

*Important: please send email first indicating the amount and when the deposit will be made or send us validated deposit slip via fax 475-1688 with the note- "For Romeo" plus your name and mailing address- where we can send the official receipt.

Thank you.

-The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) "
UPDATE : Sept. 30, 2008 Three sponsors in the Philippines have come forward to pick up the bill for Romeo's surgery, and another one to cover the cost of Romeo's hospital stay. The surgery will be performed!

California. Proposition 2. Information for the Undecided. November 2008

Proposition 2. Probably, this will be the most important animal-related legislation to come before the people of California this year. The premise is very simple. Farm animals deserve humane treatment because they too are sentient beings, like our pets. Farm animals, or their natural products, become food. So, it only follows that a maltreated farm animal translates to unhealthy or tainted food. This is as much about consumer safety as it is about animal welfare. For those who are undecided, here is a video that enumerates why a vote for Prop 2 is the only way to go:

Ninja Cat. Sneaks Up on You.

Here's one for your delectation:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Whose Skin Are You In? Fur, Leather, and the Killing of Animals for Fashion.

" My fur Coat, " it's one of those phrases that makes my blood boil, usually uttered by a slave to high fashion, obviously seeking attention and praise. It makes me wish that a discreetly sized aerosol can, bright orange, was within reach. How wonderful it would be to see the mist fly, and hear the woozing sound of the spray...High fashion does not justify the skinning and killing of innocent animals for their fur. Below is PETA's latest video on the problem of fur coats. If you haven't seen videos of this sort, be warned. Gruesome images will follow, and they can upset you. But that is the nature of the beast. It's a cruel business, and you should at least see what really goes on in the fur trade, at least once. Here it is:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

PETA. Vivisector of the Month. Marina Picciotto. Yale University. August 2008.

Well, it looks like that awards night came and went without me knowing about it. Good thing records are kept and publicity, or notoriety, last a long time. PETA's website is a virtual goldmine of information on those who think and feel that humans are the only sentient beings on Earth.

PETA has awarded Vivisector of the Month for August 2008 to Dr. Marina Picciotto of Yale University. For outstanding achievement in the field of pain and suffering, Dr. Marina Picciotto clinched the title ahead of her closest competitor, from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, resident and Wake Forest assistant professor Allyson Bennett . Professor Allyson Bennet's work also involves uncommon cruelty to monkeys, rats and mice. PETA reported that approximately 1,500 monkeys are housed at Wake Forest, and federal funding is abundant. So, pain and suffering will continue even if many experts emphasized that results from animal experimentation are at best unreliable. As for the award, the field is crowded but there are only two finalists and Picciotto reigned supreme.

PETA referred to the two finalists as an " all girl lineup. " Actually, this reminded me of Hillary and Sarah but their work and records are very public, not secretive and intentionally lacking openness. Let's be fair to Bennett and Piscciotto. Animal experimentation is gruesome and merciless. Wouldn't you, yourself, ply your trade covertly if it resulted to animals hideously deformed, paralyzed, made sick, and then cut up like bread? Well, most of us wouldn't be in that business to begin with.

If the experimentation was open to the public, vivisectors would be out of business. Public outcry will be greater because the true extent of animal suffering will be very evident. Ambiguities and double speak will not cut the mustard. The sight of helpless, captive, and miserable animals rattling around cages, or strapped down for drilling, injection, cutting, or burning will be too much to bear for any decent human being. Covert operations, the name of the game. But how can they do that when they are using our tax dollars? We should be able to go in there, film the horrific practices, and expose the cruelty. Again, it's our tax dollars. Why does PETA have to resort to undercover video?

I predict that Bennett will win the award in the future, but the month of August belongs to Marina whose piece de resistance " involved giving monkeys Kool-Aid mixed with liquid nicotine as a sole source of fluid, with the amount of nicotine ingested by one monkey nearly reaching the equivalent of smoking 17 packs of cigarettes per day. " (PETA)

New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance. Tricky Tray. East Brunswick. Need Some Help.

NJARA's Annual Tricky Tray fundraiser is a HUGE undertaking that brings in a lot of money for NJARA and we need MANY volunteers. It will be held on Saturday, December 6 in East Brunswick at the East Brunswick High School.

We need:

- WORKERS: We need about 30 volunteers - that's right THIRTY(!) volunteers - to help out on that day. Help is needed from 1pm - 10:30pm. It will be split into 2 shifts: 1:30pm - 5:30pm & 5:30 - 10:30pm. Those who can work the whole day (1 - 10:30), you will be feed scrumptious vegan pizza for your extra effort!

- BAKERS: We provide baked goods and refreshments to the attendees, so if you can bake vegan cookies, brownies or cupcakes for us, please let us know.Last year this event netted us $13,500. We'd like to surpass that this year, but we NEED YOUR HELP. It's a lot of work, but it is fun and you can feel good knowing you've helped. A win-win situation!

Please email us at njara@nj-ara.org or call 732-446-6808 to let us know how you can help.And don't forget, if you still have any gifts to donate, let us know!Janine----------------------

Janine Motta
New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance (NJARA)
PO Box 174 Englishtown, NJ 07726

New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance is NJ's only statewide animal rights organization. NJARA has been advancing the rights of animals for 25 years through advocacy, public education and legislation. Visit us at www.NJ-ARA.org.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sydney, Australia. Border Collie. Monty.

Here's a couple of photos of my sister and brother-in-law's dog, Monty. He's a Border Collie who loves the water. My sister found this out when, one hot afternoon in Australia, she left a small pool of water in the backyard and Monty took to it like a magnet to steel. Recently, my sister and brother-in-law discovered a dog-friendly beach along the northern beaches of Sydney. Although Australians think of themselves as dog-loving people, dog-friendly restaurants and similar places are hard to find. So, chancing upon a public beach that allowed dogs can be considered a major find. From the photos, Monty loves the place.

Philippines. Shaun. Rescued Cat Rehabilitated. Ready for Adoption.

At the end of July 2008, I wrote about a cat who was rescued from a miserable existence in a tunnel, stranded on a sidewalk along a busy road. His name was Shaun, and he has fully recovered from the pain and misery that enveloped his life back then. Here he is pictured at play in his foster mom's home, his fur now orange and bright, no longer grimy from exhaust fumes, sheltered and loved by the volunteers of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society. Shaun is up for adoption. So anyone interested should email PAWS at philpaws@yahoo.com

Here's a letter from Shaun:

" Hello, my name is Shaun.

You may not recognize me now so I'm sending my old photos way down below just to help you recall who I am. I myself don't want to remember how I ended up on that tiny shoulder in the Shaw Tunnel two months ago.

My rescuer from PAWS says I was severely dehydrated when she got me.

I'm still a bit scrawny but, hey, my ears are a lot cleaner now, and I really am quite a handsome fellow if you look at me closely.

I am currently staying at my foster mum's place where I am immensely enjoying lazy afternoons by my window "station". My foster mum says I shouldn't make myself too comfortable because someone will eventually adopt me and give me what she calls a "forever-home"

"Forever home" sounds nice. Whatever or wherever that is.

If you give me this "forever home", I promise to love you and keep you company even during the darkest episodes of your life. Abandonment is something I would not wish on anyone.. My next owner and I will have a relationship that's definitely for keeps.

Take that as a promise from a kitty who's been in a dark, scary tunnel.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Philippines. Animal Welfare Act. Animal Abuse. How to Report Animal Cruelty Cases. Call 117.

Going over the search parameters of visitors to my blog, I noticed that quite a few are googling how to report animal abuse in the Philippines. I asked Anna Cabrera of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society what to do in such cases. For cases of cruelty that have previously been been committed, you can file a case against the perpetrator by following a few steps. First, you have to gather evidence like photos, vet certificate, and eyewitness accounts. Then, you need to execute a sworn affidavit and file it at the Fiscal's Office. Here is an example of an affidavit ( real names have been changed ):

QUEZON CITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . .) S.S.


Ako si JUAN DE LA CRUZ, nasa hustong gulang na, at naninirahan sa ***** EP Village, Camp Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City, matapos manumpa ayon sa batas, ay nagpapahayag ng mga sumusunod:

1. Nuong ika-10 ng Disyembre, 2006, mga bandang alas 10:00 pasado ng umaga, ako ay nasa bahay ng lolo at lola ko sa Bataan St., UP Village, Quezon City.

2. Kami ng aking pinsan na si Roberto “Atoy” Mendez ay nagpipinta ng mga rehas at gate sa may bandang labas ng bahay ng aming lolo at lola.

3. Nang dumating ang isa pa naming pinsan na si Joseph at binuksan ang gate, and aso naming si “Blacky” ay biglang nakapuslit at tumakbo patungo sa park.

4. Dahil alam ko na bawal ang pagala-galang aso sa UP Village ay agad kong tinawag si “Blacky”.

5. Huminto naman at sumunod si “Blacky” at ito ay bumalik kaagad na papauwi sa aming bahay.

6. Nang malapit na si “Blacky” sa aming gate, nagulat na lang ako sa tunog ng putok ng isang “air gun”.

7. Napalingon ako sa pinanggalingan ng putok sa may Bataan St., UP Village, Quezon City, at aking nakita ang nakatirang tao duon na si ATTY. SANTOS na may hawak na “air rifle”.

8. Walang kaduda-duda na si ATTY. SANTOS ang namaril dahil siya ay may hawak na “air rifle”.

9. Ineksamin namin ng mabuti si "Blacky” at nakita naming tumutulo ang dugo sa likuran ng aso bandang sa may puwet.

10. Hindi ko alam and dahilan kung bakit binaril ni Atty. SANTOS si “Blacky” samantalang wala naman ang aso sa kaniyang bakuran, at hindi naman siya nito inaangilan para kagatin.

- 2 -

11. Nagsumbong kami agad kay lola na sumugod naman sa barangay upang magsumbong sa barangay.

12. Patuloy lamang ang aming pag-obserba sa aso hanggang kinabukasan, ngunit napansin namin na wala siyang ganang kumain, matamlay, hirap maglakad at namumula ang mga mata.

13. Dinala namin si “Blacky” sa beterenaryo na kung saan nakuha sa kaniyang sugat sa puwetan ang bala ng “air gun”.

14. Kami ay mga responsableng mga may-ari ng mga aso at hindi naming pinababayaang gumala ang mga ito sa kalsada.

15. Ako ay gumawa ng sinumpaang salaysay na ito upang sabihin ang tutuo at upang patotohanan ang reklamo ng aking pinsan na si Roberto "Atoy" Mendez laban kay Atty. SANTOS na lumabag sa REPUBLIC ACT 8485 - ANIMAL WELFARE ACT.

Juan De La Cruz

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this ___th day of February, 2008, at Quezon City, Metro Manila. I FURTHER CERTIFY that I personally examined the affiant and I am satisfied that he read and understood his statements and that he freely and voluntarily executed the same.

Now, for ongoing cases of cruelty, like a dog slaughter taking place, you can call 117. This number 117 is the official Patrol number to report crimes. It wasn't too long ago that the police, when called at 117, reponded only to crimes against humans. But you can call 117 to report cases of animal cruelty as well, just as PAWS has done many times over. Animal cruelty is undoubtedly a crime, an offense of Section 6 of Republic Act 8485. PAWS has had many good responses to their calls. You have to be forceful and clearly inform the officer that animal cruelty is a crime, and they have to send someone to the scene of the crime. Ask for the officer's name and tell them you will call back for an update. Remember, an animal's life or well-being will depend on the urgency of your call. Insist that they take action on the basis of the Philippine Animal Welfare Act.

If the case involves a wild animal, find out if the owner has CWR or WFP to keep the animal by calling up DENR-NCR . Tel 4352509 (lina). DENR requests that they be given the names and numbers of the barangay within the area as well so that they can act swiftly on the matter. Photos taken will be extremely helpful as well.

I hope this helps. Also, please remember that nothing is better than taking immediate personal action against animal cruelty. Time is very important and critical, and in many cases you can intervene and save the animal. Declare that animal cruelty is unlawful and the) Philippine Animal Welfare Act protects animals from cruelty.

Animal Transport. Maryland to New Hampshire. I-95 Transport Group. Pharoh. Cairn Terrier.

This is Pharoh. He's a Cairn Terrier and he was residing with his foster mom in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland until today, Sunday, when a group of animal lovers, myself included, relayed him from there to his new home in Barnet, Vermont, a distance of 550 miles and ten hours of driving according to MapQuest. Pharoh's human companions left him with a friend and they never came back for him. The friend had Pharoh fostered, and she in turn found a forever home for Pharoh through a Cairn rescue group in New Hampshire. How do you get a fostered dog in Maryland to his forever home in New Hampshire? Enter the animal transporters.

It's my first transport, and I was pretty eager to get on with it. My ride took me from Montvale, New Jersey to Danbury, Connecticut, a distance of 60 miles and approximately an hour of driving. I took possession of Pharoh at the last rest stop on the Garden State Parkway North from a guy name Tony who drove up from Mount Holly, New Jersey, a drive of approximately 94 miles ( 1 hr. and 45 mins. ). At my destination, I handed off Pharoh to Katie who took Pharoh 123 miles ( 2 hrs ) to northern Massachusetts where Pharoh's new human companions picked him up and drove him to Vermont, covering another 136 miles. And, you can add our respective return trips to the overall mileage. Can you believe it? We did this for free, a purely altruistic endeavour, for Pharoh and the good people who decided to take him into their lives.

Oh, before I let you go, we let Pharoh out of his crate and walked him in Danbury and he was the most lovable, playful, funny, tumbling, little pookin dog! He rolled over several times for a tummy rub, and played catch with a plastic cup. Have a good life, sweetie!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Southport, North Carolina. Dogs for Adoption. Owner's Dying Wish.

There are ten dogs in Southport, NC who are in need of adoption very soon. Their human companion is dying of cancer, and it is his wish that the dogs find a forever home. The dogs were described as friendly and loving. They appear to be Shephard/Husky/ Malamute/ Collie mix type dogs. If you can help, please call Peter at (910) 269-4147. Here is the plea from those deeply involved in this case:

" We have no place for these dogs to go. Once they go to the vet for spay/neuter, they need to go into a new home.

If you are an animal rescue group and can take one dog, PLEASE, PLEASE DO.
We would be SO GRATEFUL. If you are an individual and can foster one dog, PLEASE DO!!! We can provide you with food. If you could please adopt one, there is no fee, but we ask that you sign an adoption agreement.
The dogs have lived together as a pack and some are shy, some outgoing, but all are loved dearly by their human.
If anyone can work with the more shy ones, please help them!!! "

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Greater Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies. Wolves. Great News. September 2008.

No. The Alaskan wolves are still in great danger from aerial hunting and a governor who would pay $150 for one of their forelegs so that she can hunt more moose ( wolves prey on moose). It's the wolves in the Northern Rockies and Greater Yellowstone area who are the beneficiaries of official changes at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). Officials of the FWS say that they intend to abort the agency's plan to delist gray wolves in Greater Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies and place them back under federal protections. Now, that's a bit of great news.

The Defenders of Wildlife thanks everyone who helped enlighten the folks at FWS, folks who " finally bowed to reality by recognizing that there are serious scientific and legal problems with their plan for delisting wolves in Greater Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies. " The Defenders of Wildlife is asking all of us to continue the fight by sending a message to the FWS that a management program beneficial to the wolves must be put in place. You can help out by clicking HERE

Monday, September 15, 2008

Philippines. Dogs for Adoption. Philippine Animal Welfare Society. September 2008.

If you're somewhere in the Philippines, particularly in the Manila and Quezon City area, here are several dogs who could be your best friend and loving companion. They reside, temporarily I hope, at the shelter of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in Caloocan [ See Correction in Comments ]. Saved from hideously cruel situations by both the grace of God and kind-hearted members of PAWS, these dogs deserve a better life. The shelter is a better place than the street, but it is not a home for animals. Please consider opening your heart and home to a dog/cat in need. I don't know these dogs personally, and so I have lifted the narratives and photos from the PAWS website. If you are interested in providing a forever home to anyone of these forever friends, then please contact the Philippine Animal Welfare Society at philpaws@yahoo.com or call 475-1688; 3pm-5pm Mondays to Sats..

" Piolo was rescued from a pound who reportedly did not regularly feed or water the dogs under their care. Indeed, Piolo was positively skeletal when he arrived at the shelter a month ago. Despite his emaciation, Piolo was the happiest, friendliest, and sweetest dog you could meet. He was happy to meet everyone and would play with anyone. His indomitable spirit made him an instant shelter favorite with volunteers and visitors. Though a new dog, he has already completed the necessary vaccinations and is ready for adoption. Piolo's new forever-family would be very very lucky to have such a sweet dog. " More photos of Pioli : http://mayangelafelix.multiply.com/photos/album/28

" Hershey was picked up by a barangay's animal control facility, and was kept for four months, hoping they would find her owner. Unfortunately, no one turned up to claim her. She had a damaged left eye, but was otherwise healthy. Extremely shy at first, Hershey turned out to be a very sweet and loyal dog. She loves human company and is quite content just staying by your side while you work or read a book. Hershey is gentle enough to be around small children. A few days ago her damaged eye was finally cleaned out and stitched up - she is Hershey the One-Eyed Dog. Already spayed, she is ready to find her new forever-family. "

" Jerby was abandoned along with another dog by his former family, when the family had to leave the country and unable to take their dogs along with them. A PAWS shelter denizen since November 2007, he is considered by most PAWS volunteers to be the sweetest dog in the shelter. His companion was lucky to have been adopted already, a few months back. A lot of PAWS shelter adopters neglect to choose Jerby maybe because he is not as attractive as the other shelter dogs. But what Jerby lacks in appearance, he more than makes up for in heart. Already neutered, Jerby is ready to go home with a new forever-family who would be lucky to have this very sweet and loyal companion. "

" Ely was rescued along with four other dogs in a trucking parking lot. They were a wild band of strays with severe mange (galis), very skinny, and living on scraps from garbage. Ely had no hair then, and had scabby wounds throughout his body. This was a year and a half ago, in March 2007. Today you would swear the Ely you see must be a different dog. He now has grown a soft beautiful brown coat and has gained a lot of weight. A small stubborn patch at the end of his tail refuses to grow any hair, though. Maybe to remind us all of his past and how far Ely has gone. Ely is approximately 7 years old, already neutered, and ready to go home with a new forever-family. His happy, friendly, and sweet disposition makes him a great canine companion. "

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sarah Palin. A Hunter's Pride. Animal Cruelty. The Death of Animals.

“ We hunt as much as we can, and I’m proud to say our freezer is full of wild game we harvested here in Alaska.” Sarah Palin.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sarah Palin. A Political Liability. Shoots Animals. Mat Damon Deplores Palin's VP Selection. Foresees Disaster in Washington.

Mat Damon is right. We should all be scared of Sarah Palin. The likelihood of Palin becoming our president is greater than what we've thought so far. John McCain is an old man, and he is ailing. To suggest that he might not complete a term as president isn't outlandish at all. One cannot vote for McCain as president without weighing Palin as his replacement. If you approve of John McCain, do you also approve of Palin as president? They may be on the same ticket, but they are very different people. McCain is a veritable war hero and veteran, and he has had many years of Washington experience. There are no accounts of Palin's heroism except as a cheering hockey mom. McCain is an animal lover, and I don't think that he's ever killed an animal for sport or fun. Palin shoots animals, and she is proud of it. She even offered a $150 bounty for every Alaskan wolf foreleg brought in. McCain is against drilling while Palin is for it. I can imagine McCain standing up to foreign leaders, hostile or friendly, while Palin tries her best to avoid questioning by our very own American press.

Sarah Palin doesn't even know what the Bush Doctrine is about, as evinced in her interview with Charles Gibson. Remember, unlike us, she is running to become the VP of the USA. Virtually, Palin is running for President by dint of McCain's old heart. This is essentially the gist of Mat Damon's comments. Palin did her best to fudge it, but her ignorance was transparent even when she tried to drown Gibson in a blizzard of words. Saying that she's ready doesn't mean that Palin is actually so. Palin's qualification for foreign affairs, according to John McCain, is that Alaska borders Russia. Really? Does living in New Jersey endow me with profound experience and deep understanding of Pennsylvania then? Putin would have a field day with Palin, and we don't have to help McCain put us in a situation like that. Ok, but never mind what I think. Let's listen to what Mat Damon thinks ; he's entitled to his opinion:

Cristina Perez. Judge Rules Against Animal Cruelty.

If you haven't heard of Judge Wapner and the People's Court, then maybe you are too young. He held the first people's court, back in the 1980s, not sure. However, you must be aware of the slew of similar courts on television nowadays where people consent to air their dirty laundry before a national audience and be legally exonerated or condemned, scolded or praised. I have often wondered what unique joy or satisfaction, or sense of vindication do some people get by participating in a very public mud slinging. Anyway, one such court is Judge Cristina Perez 's court, aptly name Cristina's Court. She's an immigrant to the United States, and worked her way up to a judge's educational and professional level. But, she's also a gem on a personal basis, coming to bat for animal welfare when she didn't have to. Cristina is a good example of how legal immigration continue to replenish our nation with exemplary individuals. Here is her ad against animal cruelty. If you want to know more about the judge, you can read up on her at her website:

Friday, September 12, 2008

California. Proposition 2. November Vote. Prevention of Cruelty to Farm Animals.

Californians, please, please, please vote for Proposition 2 in the November elections. It doesn't cost you anything, but simply casting your vote for the proposition will save farm animals from cruel and hideous situations in the farm. We're talking adequate space for them to turn around in place, for the animals not to spend their entire life crammed in a cage, and other humane considerations like that. Let's listen to some people who care:

Proposition 2 : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proposition_2

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New York City. 9/11. World Trades Center. Twin Towers.

In Honor of those who died at the World Trades Center, September 11, 2001. Some people thought our country would collapse. Silly people. We're stronger now.

Mink. Fur Coats. Fur Trade. Animal Cruelty.

While some people proudly wear their mink coats, this is what's left of the real owner. Tell them what you think.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). Alpo and Friskies Donate to PAWS.

Friskies and Alpo came up with a product ensemble to benefit the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) particularly the numerous animals under their care at the shelter. The combo package included a free Frisbee or a free paw-shaped food scooper, or 2 free cans of Fancy Feast Cat Food topped off with the PAWS sticker. The promotion ran from April to July 2008, and perhaps this is only the beginning of a wonderful partnership. Friskies-Alpo also donated much needed food to the shelter during the length of the promotion. This is wonderful news, and thank you Friskies-Alpo for your kind heart and support for animal welfare in the Philippines. Pictured here is PAWs Director Anna Cabrera receiving the first batch of dog food from a representative of Friskies-Alpo.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Northern New Jersey. Fundraiser. Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society. September 2008.

How about some wine? Well, come on over to the Cupsaw Lake Clubhouse, Cupsaw Drive, in Ringwood, NJ for some wine tasting. The date is September 27, 2008 from 7-11 pm. There will be some wine, food, music, and prizes for everyone. For tickets, please call 973-962-4062. The proceeds will benefit the shelter. I believe that the clubhouse is located on the northern point of the lake. Here's the general area ( call for exact directions ) :

Northern New Jersey. Dogs for Adoption. Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society. September 2008.

The thing about volunteering at a shelter is that periodically you look around and realize that you've got a whole new generation of adoptees. This is good, for it means that earlier generations of adoptees have gone to their forever homes, and the vicissitude continues. It's a measure of success, nurtured by volunteer work and public donations.
The following are four of our newest residents, and all of them are good and happy dogs. They don't belong in an animal shelter! I realize that the first attraction is often a physical one, and so I present their photos here without narratives. You can read about them at our website, and if you like what you learn about them then you can go on from there.


Adopted 09/19/08!!!


Adopted 09/19/08!!!


Adopted: 09/29/08!!!


Adopted 09/19/08!!!

Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society

Monday, September 08, 2008

Puppy Mills. Obama Supports Action Against Puppy Mills. Animal Welfare. Baby, Three-legged Poodle.

Here's a photo that is circulating around the web. Obama is not a pet owner, and there is no evidence that he ever was. However, that doesn't mean that he is oblivious to animal welfare. For sure, Obama does not shoot animals for sport unlike Sarah Palin. So, Obama could be of great help in Washington, either as a Senator or President, to further the cause of animal welfare whatever or however that could be. I must say that Obama does not seem comfortable holding an animal in his hands, or maybe I am just seeing too much into it. The dog, Baby, by the way, is a survivor of the puppy mills of northern California. Baby spent a decade in a puppy mill, producing litter after litter. One of Baby’s legs had been so badly mangled, having lived in a cage, that it had to be amputated. Yes, Baby is a three-legged poodle who travels the country as an ambassador for puppy mill dogs everywhere.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Northern New Jersey. Cat for Adoption. Kit. Bloomingdale Animal Shelter.

Here's a cutie who needs a permanent home. I very seldom go into our cattery at the shelter but I see the cats that walk out into the outdoor enclosure. From there, I can play with them by sticking my fingers through the wire fence and scratching their foreheads and backs. So, you'll just have to go by looks here, and if you are interested in Kit then you must come to our shelter to meet Kit personally. She's a cutie indeed. Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society

Aerial Hunting. Alaskan Wolves. Sarah Palin. Anti-Life. Animal Cruelty.

With all the effort and heartbreak related to stopping the aerial hunting of wolves in Alaska, the last thing we need is a Vice-President who supports this brutal and merciless practice. Sarah Palin professes to love life, that she is a pro-life candidate, that she realizes the beauty and value of life. But, how can one embrace and tout this philosophy and then be a sport hunter and supporter of aerial hunting of animals?

Did you know that Gov. Palin proposed paying a $150 bounty for the left foreleg of each dead wolf? Why, because wolves prey on moose and Gov. Palin is a moose hunter at the least.

What kind of human being will offer money to have animals killed so that she can have more animals to shoot?

But wait, there's more. Did you know that Sarah Palin approved a $400,000 state-funded propaganda campaign to promote aerial hunting? You betcha.

Gov. Palin's stand on life is contradictory, hypocritical, and shameless moral double standard. On what other issues is she playing both sides of the street? Should I dare say a Bridge to Nowhere? Now, there's a political double standard. Look it up.

Palin, however, is consistent in her assault on what makes America beautiful. Her drill, drill, drill is also kill, kill, kill. We need people in Washington who have sympathy for animal welfare and respect for our natural treasures and resources. And yes, opposing Palin is thinking of our " Country First. " Please do not support the McCain-Palin ticket. They are the wrong choice for our country for many other reasons: http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/09/03/rosen.palin/index.html

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Politics. Sarah Palin Shoots Animals. Animal Cruelty by Sport. Anti-Choice and Anti-Life.

And we thought we were on the way to a national recovery ... until... the Pentecostal, pro-human life ( anti-choice ) but anti-animal life Sarah Palin showed up. She ain't no Hillary Clinton in experience and depth, and she ain't no change from what used to be ( Cheney ). I hoped that Hillary would win the democratic nomination, but when she lost I switched to John McCain. I thought McCain was doing well, and he didn't have to make any Hail Mary passes to win the White House. But, his choice of Palin made we wonder about his judgment. Is America's best interest served by this VP choice or has politics somehow manage to stay on top of national interest time and time again?

The choice of Palin was about ideology, and not meant for the good of our country. Most certainly, it was to appease the conservatives who have been lukewarm in their support for McCain. So, after all that " Country First " mantra, John, it was party first before country. You'd rather win an election than see the best possible people in the White House. But wait, there's more. You judged that Palin would be the lure to attract Hillary supporters to cross the line. So, are we to relate Palin with Hillary, see a connection and breath a sigh of relief? I think those Vietnamese guards beat you too much, John. That's like linking a dolphin with a tadpole. The only similarity this Palin has with Hillary are body parts. I have crossed party lines for you, John McCain, but not for Palin. Thanks to this mooseburger aficionado, I am a democrat once more. Talk about fixing something that wasn't broken in the first place.

John, listen to me. You don't want the White House. You're against drilling, but Palin is for it. You have and enjoy the company of many animals, but Palin loves to kill them. You claim to be a maverick, but you voted over 90% of the time with George W. Bush. Clearly, you don't know which direction to go. If you want to go nowhere, don't take the country with you.

Palin placed a bounty for every Alaskan wolf killed so that there will be more moose left to be hunted and shot. To increase the odds against the animals, Palin supported the aerial hunting of wild animals and argued with the Bush Administration that polar bears should not be on the endangered list. John, you are on the endangered list yourself. With your advanced age, a great deal of uncertainty will overshadow your term as a President. No doubt, Palin stands ready to take advantage. People are concerned. Don't you realize that Palin's appointment as your VP adds up to an early Christmas gift to Obama? Hello, wake up. This is not a Vietnamese guard speaking to you, but an American. Perhaps, with all the twists and turns in this election year, the good Lord has decided that Obama is really what is good for us at this point in history.

Sorry, John. I think you've made a grave mistake with Palin. Palin is the skunk in my garden party, and I am left with no good choices but to go with lesser evil. Some might argue that Obama isn't such a bad choice after all. He's young, well-educated, a family man, willing to make changes, and not extreme. No one challenges his decency. I am willing to give a decent man a chance.

Above all, I hate people who shoot animals.

Retiring Republican Rep. Tom Davis of Virginia on the GOP : "The Republican brand is so bad right now that if it were a dog food, they'd take it off the shelf."

Bear Photo by STEPHEN NOWERS / Anchorage Daily News

Japan Dolphin Day. September 3, 2008. Japanese Drive Fisheries. World Protest Against the Butchering of Dolphins in Japan.

In case you didn't get wind of this, the world will protest the killing of dolphins by holding demonstrations at Japanese embassies around the world. This will be the fourth annual protest held against the drive fisheries of Japan. Thousands of dolphins are herded into a cove in Taiji and then brutally hacked to death, sparing only a few for the captive dolphin industry. The slaughtering season runs from September to March. Dolphin meat, recent studies have shown, has high levels of mercury, and it is unsuitable for consumption by children or pregnant women. The Japanese consumers are undeterred by the danger.

The Humane Society International informs us that " The Taiji dolphin hunts continue to prosper because the fishermen receive immense profits from selling some of their victims to the captive dolphin industry. The government also gives the fishermen permission to continue the hunt because they consider the dolphins pests who eat too much of the fish stocks around Taiji. "
A list of participating organizations for the global protest can be seen HERE
See the true story behind the seemingly happy dolphins we clapped for at dolphins shows and sea worlds. It is sickening to realize that so much misery lay behind the scenes, and we thought everything was just dandy: