Monday, December 22, 2008

One Woman. 100 Dogs. Compassion in a World of Pain.

We have wondered, at various points in our lives, if there is no limit to human cruelty. Over the years, we have seen the nasty photos and heard the horrifying news. But is there a limit to human kindness? Some people will give you the answer.

In the news today, a woman named Catherine Titus cares for approximately 100 stray dogs on a $700 a month budget. The $700 comes in the form of a social security check. It wouldn't be correct to say that she splits this sum of money with the dogs because, according to Ms. Titus, the dogs get most of it. A former worker a humane society in Texas, Titus moved to Oklahoma after falling into hard times. She now lives in a van with a select few of the dogs while the rest fend for themselves outside. But how did she end up with so many dogs? Titus explained, "I get them wandering in from the pasture, stranded and beaten... I pick them up out of trash bags. I picked them up out of cardboard boxes... They tie them to the fence. They tie them to the gate. "

Although Titus has now gotten help from a local animal sanctuary, Compassion Seeds, it seems that she stood alone for a long while, five years, providing compassion where it was needed, when there was no friend in sight, when resources were low, the proverbial candle in the wind. Thanks for making this world a better place, Ms. Titus. (Photo Credit: )

Compassion Seeds

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