Wednesday, December 03, 2008

American Dog Magazine. Best Friends. 100% Donation.

Want to help the animals, and get something in return? Well, your ship has arrived. The American Dog Magazine will donate 100% of its revenue to Best Friends Animal Society when you sign up for a subscription. I looked over the magazine, and it became immediately evident that it isn't one for cuteness overload. This magazine delves into animal welfare legislation, advocacy, animal training, profiling of animal welfare advocates, and so on. It has pretty good stuff.

Now, why would they donate 100% of their revenue to Best Friends? It sounds counter-intuitive for a magazine to give up 100% of its subscription revenues to a cause, even a good one. Let's hear from the publisher:

"I'm personally disgusted by our nation euthanizing 5-7 million pets EVERY year and the only way to end this is to spay and neuter like crazy, shut down the puppy mills, stop pet stores from selling puppies, stop the backyard breeders from trying to make a buck and help change legislation to curb pet overpopulation. BEST FRIENDS has done so much good for animal welfare which is why we have selected your organization to form a partnership with and donate 100% of the subscription profits to you for every customer or member who subscribes online for a one year subscription ($20). it's very important to The American Dog Magazine to give back to the animal community, focus on the needs of others and make a huge difference in saving the lives of animals. Our dream and goal is to donate as much as possible to Best Friends, and the way to achieve that is to build partnerships with the organizations that really can make a difference and stand out as the leaders and forge the way in ending abuse, cruelty and neglect of all creatures."

If you subscribe, make sure you type "Best Friends" in the very first box (animal charity special code). Here's their website for your perusal:

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