Tuesday, December 16, 2008

EPA. Environmental Fugitive List. Most Wanted Criminals.

Maybe this isn't new, but it is new to me. There is now a Most Wanted list for those who have committed environmental harm. Well, why not? We have laws to protect the environment and most definitely there are people who won't abide by them if it was convenient or profitable for them. Many of these criminals dumped toxic waste into our natural resources or treasures. It's like someone dumping his repulsive trash in your living room, worse in your kitchen. I also noticed that many of these criminals are foreigners, now fugitives hiding in their home countries. Take for example this guy Butch R. Bustamonte. He hails from the Philippines, and it is believed that he is there right now. That's going to work for him because of the generally weak law enforcement in that country. Criminals can hide there for years incognito or out in the open as long as you continually bribe those who are suppose to catch and prosecute you. I know, I am from that country. I don't need to be told. Bustamonte is charged with obstruction of justice because he ordered the crew of a ship to lie to the U. S. Coast Guard concerning the waste oil management system. Okay, maybe that isn't the worse one can do, but it is criminal nonetheless. If you see this guy or know anything about his whereabouts, you can contact the EPA at the Criminal Investigation Division office in Los Angeles, California at: 1-213-244-1900 or submit the Report a Fugitive's Location web form. Do your civic duty, and don't hesitate. Now, for the rest of these scoundrels, you can view them at the WEBSITE

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