Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New York Outlaws Electrocution of Animals for Their Fur.

In case you missed it, because I did, New York State banned the electrocution as a means of execution of animals born and bred for the fur trade. This was back in August 2007. The sponsors for the bills were Assembly member Deborah Glick (D-66) for A. 2613a, and State Senator Frank Padavan (R-11) for S. 3529a. Thank you for your kindness and humanity. The electrocution of animals for their fur includes anal and genital electrocution. Imagine that.

Michael Markarian, executive Vice President of The Humane Society of the United States, said, " Animals killed to make fur coats and fur-trimmed apparel suffer in numerous ways, but one of the most inhumane and painful methods is the anal or genital electrocution of foxes, chinchillas and other animals...We applaud state lawmakers for their foresighted leadership in protecting animals from this horrifying fur factory farm practice...The anti-cruelty laws of a state are a reflection of our basic values and attitudes toward animals, and this pair of path-breaking bills is a measurable step forward for animals and consumers in the state of New York. "

Senator Frank Padavan: " By enacting this legislation into law, we are outlawing the barbaric, callous and inhumane practice of electrocuting animals for use of their fur...I am pleased we have been able to take another significant step forward in the fight to ensure all animals are treated with the highest standard of humane treatment and care."

Assemblymember Deborah Glick: " This painful method of killing fur bearing animals is inhumane and gruesome...Most people would be appalled at these methods that are considered unacceptable according to guidelines by the American Veterinary Medical Association. It is reassuring that this inhumane practice will be prohibited in at least one state. "

According to the Humane Society of the United States : " Prior to being killed, animals in fur factory farms are warehoused for months in rows of barren wire battery cages. When animals are electrocuted through their anus or genitals, which is typical on fur farms, the electricity does not go through and stun the brain; the animals must remain awake and feel the full excruciating force of a massive heart attack. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association's guidelines for euthanasia, "Use of a nose-to-tail or nose-to-foot method alone may kill the animal by inducing cardiac fibrillation, but the animal may be conscious for a period of time before death. Therefore, these techniques are not acceptable."

So, folks, it's a very cruel business. All this cruelty coming out of the fur business should be enough to turn off everybody, but some still cling to the notion that fur is classy. Well, it isn't classy. That's a dead animal's skin and fur. It isn't yours! Stop patronizing the fur business. Here is a video about life in a fur farm (disturbing images):

Bark in the Park. Dog Walk. Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society. May 4, 2008.

The Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society will be holding a dog walk at Shepherd Lake State Park, 1304 Sloatsburg Road, Ringwood, NJ 07456 on Sunday May 4th, 2008. 11am. This is an annual event to benefit the society which serves six towns in the northern New Jersey area without any financial help from them. Incredible, isn't it? Well, you can help us help animals by joining us at the walk plus some donations from yourself and your friends. You can download the registration form HERE . Our goal is to save and rescue 1,000 animals for 2008. You can read all about it from the registration form. For directions, I looked it up on MapQuest and you can see it HERE . Please Join Us!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Reklamo. Rock Group. Joins Animal Advocacy. Philippine Animal Welfare Society.

Filipino rock band Reklamo ( translates to " complaint " in English) has joined the fight against animal cruelty in the Philippines through their music. Their song, Katas ni Ungas, deals specifically on the mistreatment of dogs by their owners, and written for the benefit of Philippine Animal Welfare Society . In a country that still needs to get out of the pre-Cambrian as far as animal welfare is concerned, this group's advocacy is a huge shot in the arm. Previously, this group lamented through their music the laziness of people, piracy, road rage, and environmental harm. Stunning, a rock group that exhibits a good level of social consciousness! The group consists of LC de Leon (vocals and guitars), Mig Dayanghirang (bass), Ciro de Leon (drums) and band manager Amy Rosalyn, all self-proclaimed dog-lovers. Now, the cause of animal welfare in the Philippines stretches from open-air demonstrations, the blogosphere, and government offices to bars/cafes and music halls where hoi polloi might be more willing to listen and retain the message through the magic of music. Reklamo will be representing the Philippines in the World Battle of the Bands (WBOB) to be held in Singapore in 2008.
How much of an animal lover is this group? Well, the group reportedly stores dog food in their cars, feeding strays as they come across them.
Good show guys and girl! I wish you the best in your careers. God bless you.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Hoboken Condo for Sale. First and Willow. Fourth Floor Walk-up.

Okay, folks. This is not animal-related, but a matter of real estate. I co-own a condo in Hoboken, New Jersey ( across the Hudson River from Manhattan ) with my son, and we are now putting it up for sale. He's lived there for approx. four years and four months. The condo is in very good condition, just look at the photos. The condo is situated within 5 minutes walk from the PATH trains in an area regarded as one of the best locations in town. The sale will be in as-is condition although there is nothing wrong with the unit. We just don't want to deal with nitpickers. We're leaving two window AC units plus three ceiling fans. It has an oven that has never been used, good as new. Washer and Dryer in the condo and included in the sale. It's a great investment as well as a home. Two distinct bedrooms and one full bath in a railroad style condo. It measures 640 sq. feet. Take a look. Here's the website:

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hunted Bear. New Jersey. Unsecured Garbage the Culprit. Fish and Wildlife.

Here's an email I received from the New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance concerning a bear being hunted at the present time although no one can identify it beyond doubt. This is a mindless and reckless hunt by the Fish and Wildlife (NJ) because any other bear could be shot and killed. Here's the email:

Calls are needed to stop the imminent killing of a black bear in Highland Lakes.

Recently, a black bear, attracted by huge amounts of unsecured garbage, broke into the house of a Highland Lakes resident. The man was not harmed but the bear was shot at the other night as he was was running away. It's uncertain whether the bear was hit or not.Today (4/24), Fish & Wildlife has a lynch mob out for this bear. They are combing the woods and streets and even enlisting local residents to find, and ultimately kill this bear. The bear will not be properly identified (not that we want any bear to be shot), so they are likely going to shoot the first bear they see and claim that the problem is solved. It's interesting that F&W chose today to do this, not yesterday or the day before, as today is garbage day, so it's likely they will see bears.It is INSANE that the bears keep on paying for human irresponsibility. Unsecured garbage is THE #1 cause of human/bear interactions.

We have a LAW requiring residents to make provisions to contain their garbage.

It was enacted years ago and is STILL not being adequately enforced. Please call the following and demand that the state enforce the law and get people to clean up their garbage once and for all and that this bear be aversively conditioned (he was already running away!), not killed.

DEP Commissioner Lisa Jackson: 609-292-2885

You can also call the DEP hotline: 1-877-WARNDEP (1-877-927-6337) (This is a toll-free telephone hotline established to report environmental incidents, abuses and complaints in New Jersey or impacting it.)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Dog for Adoption. Northern New Jersey. Buster.

This is Buster, a Rottweiler-German Shepherd mix up for adoption at the Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society . He came in several weeks ago at the shelter, emaciated and dirty, straight from a chained life in the backyard. He must have been at least 40 pounds underweight. The animal control officer brought him in together with another dog named Dixie. But Buster quickly gained 15 pounds in two weeks, and he now pulls with authority when walked. Buster loves his bed, probably the first bed he has ever slept on. He is classified as " extra large " on his's ad, and how true it is. He likes to stand up and place his paws on your chest. Buster is just a wonderful dog, friendly and playful, a gentle giant. Buster is waiting for his loving, forever home.

UPDATE : ADOPTED May 4, 2008!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fidelma Goes to California

Greetings from sunny California. I arrived here on the 9th for a two-week vacation while New York and New Jersey thaw out furthermore from last winter. I am going to miss the dogs at the shelter, but I brought my own sweetie with me. It's Fidelma's first plane trip, and she did not behave well. She resented being placed in a dog carrier, and things got worse when she got spooked by heavy turbulence. I must say that the turbulence shook us up pretty good, including 5-foot drops. It was too much for an unhappy dog in a Sherpa bag. Here she is pictured at my feet where FAA regulations dictate onboard dogs should be kept. I think I am going to need to sedate her on my return trip.

Brooklyn Animal Foster Network. Appeal for Support. April, 2008.

Cross-post for BAFN:

April 10, 2008

Dear Friends and Animal Lovers,

As you most certainly know, through no fault of our own, the Brooklyn Animal Foster Network, which has tirelessly served the community and its homeless animals for years, remains suspended from saving further animals from the New York City kill shelter system (NYCACC). Many other groups and rescuers have also been banned.

As a result, I am forced to plead for your continued and steadfast support. In the past, BAFN has been able to accomplish its mission mainly through the collection of adoption fees for the animals we saved from NYCACC. Now unable to rescue these dogs and cats, we are now in dire need of income to be able to continue to accept the many animals we rescue before they enter the shelter system. They come from Brooklyn’s streets, gardens and alleyways and from people in dire need of re-homing their pets.

Your continued and consistent donations are vital. In addition to standard vetting costs, as a business, the BAFN must also find ways to fund animal transport, additional medical costs, veterinary boarding fees, training fees for those with behavioral issues, insurance and modest general operating costs.

Without you, we could not have saved the life of a tabby found by our Park Slope neighbors last week. Starving, this abandoned housecat was brought up to date on vaccinations and neutered. The BAFN placed him into a loving furever home at last Saturday’s weekly adoption event. Still, our adoption fees remain at a reasonable $200 for dogs and $100 for cats. Without BAFN, and without your donations, this happy tail would have ended very differently.

Today, animals like little Swee Pea still need your help! This unconditionally loving, petite Lab mix pup was abandoned to forage for food in garbage cans. At 7 months old, she has already seen some of the worst that life has to offer, and yet she is boundless in her love for her foster family. Without your help, we could not have saved this sweet girl from emaciation and a life in the streets or worse— and without your continued help, others will not have the opportunity to find the joy of a permanent home.

Please consider making and immediate donation to the Brooklyn Animal Foster Network. You can provide life to these abandoned animals, and in light of the current situation, there has never been a more urgent need for your donation.

• Consider a donation of $300 to provide an animal with a full round of vaccinations and a spay/neuter operation. • Donate $100 to fund the life-saving training of an animal previously thought unadoptable. • Donate $25 to help provide leashes, collars and other supplies to animals who have no one else to provide for them.

Your tax-deductible donations are vital to the life of this organization, and without them, we and the animals we serve are without hope. Please open your heart to them today.


Laurie Bleier Director

Your tax-deductible donations are gratefully accepted!

Whether you are visiting us from just around the corner or from across several continents, you can touch the lives of these deserving, wonderful animals in our care. Donation receipts are available upon request. BAFN is a non-profit community animal service organization which has been serving NYC and surrounding areas since 2005.
501 (c) 3 Fed. I.D. #20-3635635 Tax Exempt

Donations can be mailed to:

The Brooklyn Animal Foster Network 392 14th Street, 4B Brooklyn, NY 11215
Or you can donate securely online here.

BAFN recommends DOGS’ DEN in Park Slope for all your boarding needs. They have helped us save countless dogs!

Shelter Animals aren't Criminals. Please visit

Monday, April 07, 2008

Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Circus. Protest. Madison Square Garden. April 5, 2008.

This was the third Saturday in a row that animal rights activists protested the circus at the Garden in New York City. I am not sure what groups were represented at the demonstrations, but certainly NJ Animal Rights Alliance (NJARA) and NYC Animal took part in them. I am both a member of PETA and the NJARA. I was glad to make it to last Saturday's demo, having missed the first two. Most of the demonstrators worked from 2pm until 8pm covering both shows that day. One group positioned themselves at 34th street and 7th Avenue and another group worked the corner of 32nd street and 7th Avenue, across the street from the Garden's main entrance. We had the usual loud speakers and projection screen ( actually a white sheet ) to inform and visually show the crowds the cruelty that circus animals go through. People gawked at the video images, realizing only then that cruelty actually happens at the circus. Some people have no clue! It pleased me to see the sudden realization in their faces. Knowing that more people have become aware of the problem, I believe that their disgust will grow exponentially among other people. These are my sentiments exactly. It's about getting the word out there, changing minds, spreading information, proselytizing.

My wife curiously asked me if I yell and scream at demonstrations. Well, no. That's why we have those loud speakers. Taped messages are played over them while video images are projected on a screen. I meet people, hand out literature about cruelty in circuses, engage people in a conversation about the lives of circus animals, suggest alternatives to animal circuses ( the Big Apple Circus stopped using animals; Cirque de Soleil has no animals ), and I urge them on to visit where they can get more information about the problem.

The confluence of the exits/entrances and the sidewalks served me very well. It's the best place to meet the people who actually paid to see the circus. Some people resented my raining on their parade---I carried a large poster of a miserable, old, chained elephant, as if to shove it up their faces--- but this is something I have to do.

Being courteous and pleasant with the public is a must. I wished those with prepaid tickets a nice evening, but to avoid the circus next time---now that they have an idea of the inherent cruelty in animal circuses. One lady told me that our video presentation turned her off to the circus, and I handed her some literature for further reading. Most people are equally pleasant, but there are some who figuratively thumbed their noses at me. I talked to a large group, probably ten people, who knew nothing about the cruelty. They were not there to watch, but only passing by. Nevertheless, they are now ten people who know better. The word is that attendance at the circus is down, and Ringling is giving away free tickets as a promotional gimmick. I did not get the chance to take a lot of photos. The following are the only photos I took of the demonstration:

Our base at 32nd St. and 7th Avenue. People cross here and exposure is great.

This is Benjamin. I met him for the first time on Saturday. He carried the same poster I did.

Our small desk and projection area across Madison Square Garden

Two ladies taking their case to the street

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Lisa Ling on Puppy Mills

I couldn't watched Lisa Ling's investigative report on puppy mills for Oprah's show because I was at work, but ABC news did a short piece on the investigation and here it is :

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Senator Kent Williams. South Carolina. No Friend of Animals.

State Senator Kent Williams, pictured here trying to look distinguished and honorable, is no friend of animals. What else can you say about a man who dumped a very pregnant German Shepherd at a high-kill animal shelter because he does not want to deal with her anymore? Heartless, irresponsible, inhumane...I think these are all appropriate labels for the Senator's action. Actually, Senator Kent Williams rang the local animal control center on March 18th to have them pick up the dog. No way would this Senator be inconvenienced by bringing the dog himself to the shelter. Are you kidding me? He's an important man. On Easter Sunday, in case the Senator is concerned, the dog gave birth to eight puppies at the shelter. Fortunately, a decent human step forward and fostered the dog and her puppies. The dogs, the Senator would be pleased to know, are no longer on death row. Don't worry, Senator. They'll take care of it for you. The fostering will not entail any expenses in time and money on your part. Just concentrate on your re-election which no doubt you feel entitled to. This dog business is just another misunderstanding.

But, what do you know? The good Senator had the heart to reply to an email sent to his office by a fellow animal lover. Here it is:

“The following statement has been released to the media.

“Growing up on the family farm, I developed a love and respect for animals at a very young age that has stayed with me throughout my life. As a result I have adopted four dogs during my life, all of whom have been attended to and provided for with the utmost care. My German Shepherd was given to the local shelter for her own safety, with the knowledge that I would reclaim her if no one else did. Any suggestion to the contrary is a complete and utter falsehood.”

Kent Williams
Senate District 30″

Absolutely, Kent. Who do they think they are? A Senator and a self-proclaimed animal lover like you surely knows that one can't reclaim any dog surrendered to a shelter. And, giving up a dog to a high-kill shelter for its own safety is perfectlly understandable, Sir. It's like throwing a child to a python and insisting that it will be safe there. But, let's pretend I didn't say that. I believe that you are a greatly misunderstood man.

Oh, by the way...

Here's a comment on the web, spotted by our eagle-eyed friend Deanna from For the Love of the Dog, that says more about the good Senator; she found the comment on Fitsnews:

" 24. AngieLuvsAnimals - April 3, 2008
I assure you this is all true. I called the office myself and confirmed it before it got on the internet. The info is public. Kent williams address was on the surrender form that is placed on a clip board on the caged cell of death. I know I worked there almost two years. My name is Angie. I used to work at the shelter. When I worked at the shlter, Kent Williams came in and aasked me to look for a smart lab. A few weeks alter a beautiful black lab came into the shelter. She was a great fence climber, so I could not keep this dog inside. I called Kent Williams and told him about the dog. He said he had to have her and he then adopted without paying an adoption fee for her. He did have her taken to the vet by his right hand man, best friend , animal control officer buddy Donald Fling. He did have that one spayed at least. Kent knew she had heart worms and Kent promised me there was no way she could escape his fence. The dog kept getting out and he or Donald Fling would call me to tell me to go get the dog. Donald Fling was the animal control officer not me, but I went and got the dog anyway in personal vehicle. Finally after Kent had not came back for the dog I gave him a call and asked if he was coming back for the blkack lab, he said he did not care for or have time for that dog to put her to sleep or what ever, he did not have time to deal with her anymore. I then called the vet to find out what had been done with her so I could find rescue for her. I then found out from the vet that she had tested positive for heartworms and Kent had never brought her back for her heart worm treatment. I called Kent back and told him about the heart worms and he said the dog is not his problem and do not bother him with it again. So some great kids in the county raised over $300 for her heart worm treatment and we found a great rescue for her. So, you see this lack of interest for animal life is not an iscolated case. This is the way Kent is. Why have an animal if you could care less about them. "

What a guy! It must be a pleasure to meet you.

Hamster Eats Brocolli. Very Cute. Life is Precious.

This video will make you smile.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Congo Goes Home. His Life Spared. Judge Annich Overruled. Animal Lovers Rejoice.

Reason has triumphed over intolerance, or perhaps even ignorance! Congo goes home for good. The final decision put municipal Judge Russell Annich in the doghouse, one who ordered that Congo be put to death late last year. Judge Annich decided that Congo was a vicious dog, a threat to society, and only an appeal to a higher court by Congo's family kept him from death. Congo's triumph is all over the news, and so I will not repeat the specifics of the case and decision. Let's just be happy that through publicity, public outcry, and appeals via email and telephone may have helped shine a brighter light on Congo's case. He will never know the extent of support he received from animal lovers, but that does not really matter for him. He is blissfuly ignorant of the nasty and often unforgiving legalities of the human world. He just wants to go and stay home. Well, he has come out of the woods alive, and I wish him a wonderful life from here on. Not all dogs are as fortunate as Congo. You can view a newspaper report and public comments HERE .

Thursday, April 03, 2008

New Game in Town. Burberry Fur Fighters. PETA.

You can try your hand at this game. You just need a keyboard and good hand-eye coordination. Remember, avoid the guards. Wishing you loads of fun!

Help the Fur Avengers fight Burberry! Play the game now.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Two Dogs get Adopted from BASS. Northern New Jersey.

Last week, we saw two of our dogs go home! First, there's Mona. This jack russell terrier mix is about knee-high with two wonderful black eyes. See the photo, and you'd know what I mean. I remember Mona as someone who didn't like going back to her kennel after a walk. She'd put on the brakes with all fours. She also loves her toys. There were several toys in her small kennel and those kept her busy. Mona had a bit of a skin problem on her back, but nothing incurable. Then, there's Kado. He's a Shiba Inu mix who also had a bit of a skin/fur problem, but his spirit is strong. Kado's ears are always upright and he looks like he's always on alert mode. He's got this nice golden hue to him, and he's very people friendly. I am glad that these dogs have found their forever home. The shelter has gotten word that they are settling in pretty well in their new homes. Woof!