Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Borche. Fort Lee. Demonstration. Dec. 6 2008. Animal Cruelty. Fur.

One more demonstration alert, this one from the New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance (NJARA) who will be targeting the fur store Borche in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The sponsor will be the Caring Activists Against Fur. Just two weeks ago, Hearts for Animals demonstrated at this very same store.

To tell you frankly, I have never been inside a fur store. That's a blessing, I think. It must be like a morgue. An atmosphere of painful death must pervade in it, to see the remnants of what used to be beautiful animals displayed on hangers and windows. I mean, these stores sell the fur of dead animals. You can realize the monstrosity of the fur business by putting it in this very simple term. Dead animals are literally hanging on chrome racks with price tags attached to them. And for a sum of money, an animal's fur can become your fur. But, no. It never becomes YOUR fur because you don't grow any fur. You just bought the fur of a hapless animal whose fur was forcibly stripped from it. How sad is that?

When: December 6, 2008 ( 1:30-2:30pm)
Where: Borche Design [a Fort Lee NJ fur store]
200 Main Street Fort Lee, NJ
Sponsor: Caring Activists Against Fur
Parking: There is meter parking on the street, but people should arrive by 1:15 to find it


air said...

My parents used to shop at Flemington Furs. I used to wear a fur coat. In my early 20's. My uneducated, slave to fashion days. It was a rabbit fur coat. I remember my best friend giving me hell about it. I look back on those days with shame.

Chessbuff said...

Don't we all have sometime to regret. I still have my trusty, old leather jacket that has aged quite nicely, but I don't think I can wear it again. My leather portfolio made from buffalo skin, I put that away somewhere in the basement. I probably should just sell them on craigslist, and donate the money to an animal shelter.