Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Alaskan Wolf. Aerial Hunting. Sarah Palin's 2008-09 Bloodbath. Stop the Slaughter.

The national elections are over, and Sarah Palin has been relegated to the role of butt of jokes and spoiler of John McCains presidential dreams. But, Sarah Palin's anti-animal policies continue to hurt our natural treasures particularly the Alaskan wolf. The hunting season is ongoing. This past November was the worst slaughter in five years. At least forty-seven wolves were killed by aerial gunners, and more killings are expected. The Defenders of Wildlife estimated this season's victims could number as much as 600 wolves. Remember that wolves live in packs, and so there is collateral damage for every wolf killed. All this killing is made possible by Sarah Palin's wolf-killing programs. Our natural treasures are in the wrong hands. To stop the killing, Sarah Palin must be voted out of office, or animal rights organizations need to step up the pressure in Washington to counter the governor's barbaric policies. The Protect America’s Wildlife Act (PAW) needs to be reintroduced to Washington and passed to end aerial hunting of American wildlife. Evidently, there is already a federal law called Federal Airborne Hunting Act but it contains a legal loophole that Sarah Palin exploited. That hole needs to be plugged as well. As always, donations are crucial to continue the fight and the Defenders of Wildlife is one organization who is spearheading such efforts. You can make a donation HERE .


air said...

wolves are beautiful creatures. it makes me sad to see them endangered again.

Anonymous said...

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