Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Boycott SeaWorld. 2010 Attendance Down. Face the Music or Die.

Looks like a sad reality is catching up to SeaWorld, but they might not be wise enough to admit that abuse of animals has something to do with it. Hospitality and Travel News reported that attendance at SeaWorld slumped for the third year in a row. If this was baseball, SeaWorld would be called Out at the plate.

SeaWorld's spokesman, David Koontz, tried his best to downplay this very significant trend by blaming a slumping economy and an unseasonably cold Summer. Nice try, Mr. Koontz, but that does not make sense. Why is it then that other theme parks like Disneyland, Universal Studios, Knott's Berry Farm, and Disney California Adventure all realized an increase in attendance? Last time I checked, these companies were part of the same economy and Summer season.

Treat your animals with dignity, SeaWorld. Consider giving them up altogether. It's not the economy nor the weather; it's your reputation. In the meantime, let's continue to boycott SeaWorld, and make them understand the error in their ways, the hard way.

Here are the stats as provided by Hospitality and Travel News:

2010 Attendance figures:

- Disneyland: 15,980,000, up .5 percent

- Disney California Adventure: 6,278,000, up 3 percent

- Universal Studios Hollywood, 5,040,000, up 26 percent

- SeaWorld San Diego, 3,800,000, down 9.5 percent

- Knott's Berry Farm Buena Park, 3,600,000, up 8 percent

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hawaii. Dog Fighting. Senate Bill 1069. New Sheriff in Town.

Some good news coming out of Hawaii. The surf is up and so is animal welfare law. Hawaii's natural beauty can give you a false impression. It is not as much a great paradise as you think when the animals in that state do not have ample protection from abusers. In fact, the Humane Society of the United States judged Hawaii as the state with the weakest animal welfare laws.

Well, that's going to change very soon. Come July 1st, a new law comes into effect that will make animal abusers, particularly dog fighting aficionados, look over their shoulders. Governor Neil Abercrombie signed Senate Bill 1069 into law this week with the Hawaiian Humane Society shepherding the bill into fruition.

The law prohibits using bait dogs to train other dogs for fighting. If you haven't met a bait dog before, then you wouldn't know that they can be the most gentle and friendly dogs, usually they are pit bulls themselves. Furthermore, the law grants the police authority to arrest anyone attending or betting on a dogfight. Damn, that's a good one.

Blood-thirsty patrons can no longer excuse their sorry selves, can't deflect responsibility, can't plead that the blood is only on the organizers' hands. Well, the new equation is spectator = conspirator. This particular proviso will cut the legs off the dog fighting business. Only top drawer sickos will show up at the pit, and there will be room for them in the paddywagon.

The Class C felony carries a penalty of up to five years in prison and a maximum $10,000 fine. How's that for a cherry to top your sundae?

Friday, June 24, 2011

SHARK bites Mitt Romney. Animal Cruelty in Rodeos. Flipflapper wants to be President.

SHARK is on Mitt Romney's tail and rightly so. Politicians will promise us the heavens if only they could get our vote. They will tell us what we want to hear, flush us with that good feeling and hope the satisfaction will carry us all the way to the polling place and check that box with their name on it. Compliance is another thing altogether. We all know that promises are meant to be broken particularly in the political arena. But, hey, promises are also meant to be delivered. And SHARK intends to collect. Watch.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ducks crossed Interstate with Cop's Help. Kindness among the Motorists.

After a slew of bad publicity concerning our men in blue, with the raping of a drunk, unconscious woman in lower Manhattan (she didn't rape herself, did she?) or the bartering of a sexual favor in lieu of a traffic ticket in Long Island, or even the more common drunk driving of off-duty cops, it is quite refreshing to see this man in blue offer help to a family of ducks on what seems to be Interstate 5 in Washington State.

Only the most depraved individual would run over a gaggle of geese or a family of ducks who are trying to cross a highway. There is something extra awful about killing a whole family at once. But, there are such individuals who wouldn't allow themselves to be delayed a few seconds so that an animal's life can be saved. And I do wonder what would have happened to these ducks if the police officer wasn't at the scene.

Aside from that, this is incredible footage. There is a similar story on the web
, happened on the 405, with the cop responding to a call from a concerned citizen. I don't know if they are one and the same. Nevertheless, let's enjoy and cherish this moment in time when kindness prevailed over humankind's usual reaction.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Troy Gentry. Lee Marvin Greenly. Canned Hunt of Cubby. Animal Killers for the Ages.

I am going to avoid telling too much of the story of these two guys, country singer Troy Gentry and his buddy Lee Marvin Greenly, and let the videos do the talking. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) estimated that there are approximately 1,000 ranches in the country that offer canned hunting, and half of those are located in Texas. Canned hunting is as low as a hunter(?) can get, shooting a corralled animal rather than one that has a running chance to get away. It's like the proverbial shooting of fish in a barrel. Evidently, this isn't an issue for some shooters (I can't call them hunters since there is no hunt), and certainly not for piddling, glory-seekers like Troy Gentry.

In 2006, two years after the incident, in a deal with federal prosecutors, Gentry was fined $15,000 after he pleaded guilty to a
misdemeanor charge of falsely registering a captive bear as killed in the wild. He was also prohibited to hunt, trap, or fish in Minnesota for five years, ordered to give up the bear's hide and the bow he used to kill the animal.

As for the cohort who charged $750 per guided hunt, Lee Marvin Greenly, he pleaded guilty to
two felony charges for aiding other hunters in killing bears at illegal baiting stations that he maintained within a wildlife refuge in Minnesota. Greenly was ordered to give up the all-terrain vehicles he and his employees used to access the bait stations. Unfortunately, true to form that the guilty always gets a break, Greenly was sentenced to a mere 3-yr probationary period plus penalties amounting to approximately $4,000. You can see a copy of the plea agreement HERE

With no jail time, these men got off lightly. The fee that Greenly charged Gentry to kill Cubby, the bear, is almost equal the amount Greenly had to pay in penalties. It seems to me that Greenly broke even; his crime didn't cost him at all. He's probably still laughing his head off to this day. And the big country star, Gentry, what is $15,000 to him?

Fortunately, they cannot escape history's judgment. Even after a hundred years and beyond, when the great humane societies have finally come into existence, people will still be reading about Gentry and Greenly and their depraved existence on Earth. People will be cursing their names and spitting on their graves. Their relatives, who by then would wonder at how hunting appealed to some, will deny any affinity to them. Perhaps, that would be Cubby's revenge on these cowards--an everlasting condemnation; their names and faces marked forever.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Australia. Cattle Export. Animal rights activists march in Sydney. Abattoir or Slaughterhouse. Let's Call a Spade a Spade.

Animal rights activists march in Sydney: "Up to 1000 people have marched from Sydney's Hyde Park to Parliament House to protest live cattle exports."

If you are coming into this just now, you might want to read the story about AnimalsAustralia's investigative report on the inhumane treatment of Australian cattle exported to Indonesia and the subsequent suspension of cattle exports to that country.

Praises for the Australians who came out and protested this cruel business at locations across their country, usually at government offices. Thousands of protesters participated. It is not enough to sympathize, whatever the issue is. In our respective places in this world, we need to go out there and show our outrage, to lend our presence and our voices for the abused animals. Show yourself and be counted. Those poor animals have no one else but the AR people to protect them.

Whether the Australian government has the gumption and moral fiber to permanently ban cattle export to Indonesia and the Middle East, we will see...very soon. The Australian government could be negotiating with Indonesian officials, imploring them to use captive-bolt stun guns before slaughter. This would be an attempt to save the cattle industry from tanking, but it ignores the reality that all animal slaughter is cruel--even when a stun gun is used. All meat-eating stems from animal slaughter.

While watching the report above, I cringed every time I heard the word, abattoir. What is this word that cloaks the hideously cruel practice of animal slaughter? Even the animal rights advocate used it without hesitation.

Employing euphemisms in animal welfare is deflecting, or even denying, the horrible conditions that animals have to endure on their way to slaughter. Semantics do matter. Not surprisingly, some people have found a convenient term in French, abattre, to sanitize the blood and gore at the killing place. This verb, which means to knock down (a tree) or tear down (a wall), and its cognate "abattoir" has been applied tangentially to the slaughter of animals. Abattoir, quite frankly, sounds like a salon, a cleansing place. Let's recognize the suffering of farm animals, and not shroud it with stylish foreign words. Slaughterhouse is apt and to the point. It is not vague about what truly happens at the end of the line.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Vivisectors. Vivisection. Cruelty is Part of the Job. No Mercy.

Lisa, a commenter on my blog, said in reference to vivisectors, "What kind of sicko could seriously be happy and content with their life, knowing they abuse and inflict cruelty onto animals, for a living?"

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kelly Miller Circus. Washingtonville High School. New York. Crass Entertainment for the Undiscerning.

It seems another circus company is soiling the ground and stinking up the air in our general area. The Kelly Miller Circus is performing, their animals actually, in Washingtonville, New York in mid-June 2011. Our dear colleagues from Hearts for Animals will be there to protest their appearance, specifically on June 15th at 630pm. The indefatigable Claudia Rose Emerson, founder of Hearts for Animals will be leading that protest.

With great disappointment, I can tell you that this event was sponsored by Washingtonville High School's class of 2011. The circus website said so. Students, no doubt with the cooperation of their school, invited the circus to town. What were they thinking? Haven't the bloody news surrounding circuses reached these people?

It is particularly discouraging when the circus is invited by an educational institution. I find this to be in utter contradiction to the spirit and purpose of education. Education, if done right, includes an awareness of the significant, often pressing social issues of the time. Animal abuse in circuses-- that's not exactly a secret anymore, is it?

People who have attained a higher level of thinking, a higher level of social consciousness, will have nothing to do with circuses and their inherent animal cruelty. This is not a stretch of the imagination. The enlightened recognize and eschew crass entertainment.

Pardon me, but I will be judgmental. There is a great divide between high roaders and the low roaders. I reckon that's why there are institutions of higher learning like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford, and there are institutions like... well...like Washingtonville High School. Sorry.

If you want to know how bad Kelly Miller Circus is, particularly towards animals and including a charge of rape, you can read more about them HERE. Perhaps the high school should have checked this fact sheet before inviting the circus to town.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New York City. Air France KLM. Demo Against Vivisection. Air Souffrance. FAUN.

Rain, wind, and a slight mix up with the address didn't stop us from delivering our message. In fact, even a scuffle with some discontented members of society made no difference. It took several officers of the NYPD to break up the disturbance. The Air France offices on East 50th and Third Avenue was yesterday's demo site. Praises for Friends of Animals United New Jersey (FAUN) under the able and tireless leadership of Anthony Botti.

Finally, the veil of secrecy was lifted; a dirty little known fact revealed. Air France-KLM is responsible for shipping thousands of primates to laboratories all over the world. So, the next time you fly Air France-KLM, it's no longer just a matter of chicken or beef. You might just be sitting above enumerable crates of captive and unfed animals on a one-way ticket to clinical hell.

And we all know what happens to those animals when they get to the laboratories. Some, including mice, are mercilessly overdosed with nicotine as in the case of Dr. Marina
Picciotto of Yale University in her quest to be a noted scientist in the exhausted field of nicotine addiction. Some have holes drilled into their skulls and tubes inserted into their heads for whatever hideous reason that passes for science nowadays.

Air France is now wonderfully referred to as " Air Souffrance. "

More Info:




Thursday, June 09, 2011

Cole Bros Circus . Animal Imprisonment & Slavery. Bengal Tiger in Distress.

The back way is often the most revealing in many instances, and it certainly was in the case of the Cole Bros Circus last weekend. It was Sunday afternoon and the last show of their stop in Garfield, NJ neared its end. After demonstrating at the front gates, I walked around the block to the backside of the circus. There, I saw the circus animals being fed and loaded unto trailers for their next stop which I believe was Middletown, New York.

What do circus animals do when they are not performing? If you are still wondering, then you don't have a clue about the cruelty that exists in circuses. Animals are either being whipped to learn new tricks, bodies contorted, or being whipped to practice tricks they have already learned. In between the beatings, they are chained or caged, restricted in their movements, and made to wait until the next performances. If you think that they graze or run happily in an open field until its time, then I have a bridge in New York to sell you for a very minimal amount.

Here is a 5-min video of a Bengal Tiger in its cage. I took this video to illustrate the humdrum, bare, stupefying and unhappy life of captive animals in their cages. This tiger is trying to keep its sanity by pacing back and forth. Captivity can drive any social animal to insanity. You can judge the size of its living area by the extent of its turns. Notice how low the ceiling is. This tiger would normally live in wide, open spaces with an unlimited horizon.

Imagine yourself in a closet and you'd like to have more space to stretch and move around, but someone won't let you out. When do you think this tiger had a chance to run at full gallop? When do you think this tiger last saw lush vegetation?

If you watch the full five minutes or so, you will have some sense of this animal's frustration. And that's only five minutes of its life you've seen. Right now, as you are reading these words, this tiger is somewhere out there pacing, trying to keep up with the mental strain of captivity and slavery.

If Cole Bros was an airline, it would not be allowed to fly. But by the devil's will, it is still in business.

You can read about the Cole Bros Circus' litany of violations at:


Please do not support circuses. They are prisons for animals. There's no excuse for animal abuse.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Garfield, New Jersey. Animal Rights Movement. It's about Compassion.

Demonstrating against the infamous Cole Bros. Circus in Garfield, NJ last weekend, I was approached by a passerby who asked me, " Where is the balance between those who do not respect animals at all and those who believe that animals should have more rights than humans (pointing to us demonstrators)?."

"Sir, in all my years in animal rights and in all my associations with animal lovers, I have never met an animal rights activist who believes that animals should have more rights than humans. We're not the extremists you think we are."