Friday, December 12, 2008

Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits. Stop the Hunting of Wolves and Moose.

Okay, folks. It was a long and hard campaign effort. We might not be able to recall with ease the highlights, but don't despair. Someone did it for us, and you can see them in the video presented here. Aptly enough, it's called Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits. No, it's not about the shooting of moose and wolves which the governor wholeheartedly supports. Actually, wolves are being hunted and killed, from the air and from the ground, as I type this message to you. Remember, if you can present a severed front leg of a wolf to the governor, she will pay you $150 for it. How do you do this? Well, you can hop on an aircraft and hunt them down from the air. Don't worry. She'll probably give you a hug and a kiss as well. Governor Palin supports the aerial hunting of our natural treasures. Heck, the less wolves around, the more moose for her to shoot. Some people's values are simply misplaced, I tell ya. I find this practice to be very brutal and destructive, and so are the people who support it.

But, I digressed...or, is it that I am about to?

Here is a montage of the governor's awe-inspiring moments during the campaign, minus the turkey interview and no mention about the $150,000 shopping spree; get a tissue cuz you'll need it :

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Vegan Good Life said...

We definitely dodged a bullet with this one. I felt so sad when I would hear her talk about promoting a culture of life. Clearly, that culture excluded polar bears, moose, wolves and other animals.