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Philippines. Committee on Animal Welfare. Tambucho Gassing. Oscar Macenas. Fight for Compassion, Not Cruelty.

Believe it or not, the Committee on Animal Welfare (CAW) is again pushing for the reinstatement of Tambucho Gassing as an accepted form of euthanasia in the Philippines.

This comes after CAW dragged its feet from August 2010 to April 2011, stultifying a directive from Secretary Proceso Alcala of the Department of Agriculture to rewrite a previous CAW-endorsed administrative order that embraced Tambucho Gassing like it was a God-sent cure-all for stray or unwanted animals.

For those coming into this matter only now, Tambucho Gassing is not carbon monoxide gassing as CAW would like the world to believe. Tambucho Gassing is death by vehicular exhaust fumes. No gas cylinders are used, just a rubber hose connected to a clunky, old, usually badly tuned gas engine. The animals are entombed in a sealed metal container and toxic fumes are pumped into it. In terms of expediency, the process is slow, inefficient, and ineffective against the problem. In terms of humanity, it is depraved, utterly cruel, an abomination to any civilized society.

This latest effort was a cleverly conceived ruse. The main proponents of Tambucho Gassing at CAW, Drs. Enrique Carlos and Angel Mateo, initially called for a meeting for consultation purposes only, to discuss Administrative Order 13 concerning the gassing. Drs. Mateo and Macenas quickly turned this impromptu meeting into a vote on the issue of Tambucho Gassing. The voting took place under protest from Anna Cabrera of PAWS citing the comments of Atty. Edgardo Sison from the Office of the Solicitor General who realized the impropriety, perhaps illegality, of the vote.

Representatives from other animal welfare organizations were not present; they were conveniently not invited. Thus, opposition was almost non-existent. Divide and Conquer.

Seven of the nine CAW members voted to reintroduce Tambucho Gassing in the provisions of a new administrative order. The two opposing CAW members were the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS). This is the gist of what transpired on April 12, 2011.

But not all is lost.

Secretary Alcala was informed of this subterfuge, this attempt to usurp his authority and ignore his direct order. The Secretary is the highest authority who approves or disapproves administrative orders. The secretary will be meeting with animal rights organizations very soon.

Let it be said again: some people can fool most people most of the time, but they can't fool all the people all the time. CAW take note.

In the meantime, the general animal/pet-loving public must be informed about practicing veterinarians who strongly believe and support Tambucho Gassing as a form of euthanasia. This is a matter of fact, and not contention.

There is an important, fundamental difference between veterinarians who are willing to incorporate Tambucho Gassing into their personal philosophy/practice and those who unequivocally reject such inhumane practices, those who see Tambucho Gassing as contrary to the purpose and spirit of responsible veterinary medicine.

If CAW had its way, it would make executioners out of thousands of Filipino veterinarians.

Do not support veterinarians who do not have the best interest of all animals in their hearts.

Below is information pertaining to the veterinary practice of Dr. Oscar Macenas, representing the Philippine Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA) at CAW. Please do not support him:

Macenas, Oscar
Joren Bldg., Circumferential Rd., Marvill Park Subd., Antipolo Rizal

Our Lady of Assumption Dog and Cat Clinic - Cainta
Macenas, Oscar
72 – A Ortigas Ave., Ext, Bo. Sto. Domingo, Cainta, Rizal

Assumpta Dog and Cat Clinic - Marikina
Macenas, Oscar
815 J.P Rizal Barrio Nangka, Marikina City

Assumpta Dog and Cat Clinic - Fairview
Macenas, Oscar
98 – A Don Mariano Marcos Ave., Fairview, Quezon City


Aqua Azalea said…
If I had some kind of authority over the Ph I would have liked the dogs to live (except rabies infected ones) and would push through with spaying/neutering as a requirement and requiring breeders to have their dogs pregnant only once or will have to pay additional taxes to government.
Can an animal rights group be part of the legislative or executive branch of the government?
Thank you Ted on your fervent work on this issue. You and Anna are the foot soldiers of the animals on this issue & other issues.
Chessbuff said…

Thanks for commenting. No, animal rights groups can't be part of the Executive Branch. But, it is possible for an individual who is sympatheitc to animal rights to become President.

This is almost true about the legislative branch, but in the Netherlands there is a political party that is solely for animal rights. And they have won seats in their legislative branch.
kahel kuting said…
omg. i cant believe he supports that. i bring my cats to his clinic and even encourage my family to bring their pets there. if he supports this gassing as a means to euthanize animals, id ont ever want to set foot on his clinic again!
Chessbuff said…

Thanks for commenting. A member of the animal rights egroup that I belong to telephoned Dr. Macenas to confront him about his support for Tambucho Gassing. According to her, he tried to convince her about the "benefits" of Tambucho Gassing. You should ask him about his position on Tambucho Gassing and tell him that TG is unacceptable and utterly inhumane, that on this basis you cannot, with a clear conscience, use him as a physician for your pets.
kahel kuting said…
Thanks for the heads up sir. I definitely will try to talk to him after the holy week. I even had one of my cats health certificate processed there before she was relocated to Manhattan. I have 4 more on the way. This is very disturbing. His son is my friend on facebook and I dont know how he would react if he sees my post. I had to share your article because it echoes my sentiment on this matter. a vet should be an ally of animals not the other way around..
Chessbuff said…

Hey, if the doctor does a 180 on this issue, that would be a definite improvement. I believe in welcoming repentant sinners. Dr. Macenas has to know that his philosophy is in serious contradiction with his work. A women's rights advocate would be wrong to support prostitution. A children's welfare advocate can't delve in child pornography. These examples are antithetical and anyone who lives this sort of contradiction is a fraud.
kahel kuting said…
i totall agree with you. there are no exceptions when you say you care for animals. besides if he can stomach gassing animals, then anything else is possible. for example,it would be easier to administer a deadly dosage of medicine to a seemingly dying dog or cat and still charge the owner for it. doing this can also free more room on sick bay to accommodate other potential patients that could pay more. another would be to prescribe a medicine that could be toxic to a pet but would make the owner come back for more treatments. short if you can compromise your principles or integrity then it will be hard to tell if you are being sincere or honest the following time.
Chessbuff said…
Kahel Kuting,

Please make sure the doctor realizes that his support for Tambucho Gassing will affect his practice. If he truly is a staunch
and unwavering supporter of TG, then suffer the consequences. Thanks for your support, KK.
kahel kuting said…
sure sir. i will keep you updated.
Anonymous said…
what can we do aside from boycotting these clinics?
Chessbuff said…
Aside from boycotting these clinics, you can spread the word. Enlarge the circle of people who shouldn't see a vet who believes in Tambucho Gassing. Email, comment, blog, and Facebook message your friends.

Second, you can call Dr. Macenas himself. You should be able to reach him using the telephone numbers provided here. You wouldn't be calling to argue with him. You would be calling to tell him that you disapprove of TG and disapprove of his support for TG. The doctor needs to know that people see a contradiction between a veterinary practice and TG. Don't argue. Just inform the doctor that you disagree.

Email Sec. Proceso Alcala of the Dept. of Agriculture. Tell him (it doesn't have to be a long email) that CAW must respect his directive back in August 2010 to delete TG from the administrative order concerning euthanasia. His email:
Gia said…
I have emailed the DA secretary and CAW member vets to protest at their cruelty. I hope more animal lovers will join us to fight for our animals.
Gia said…
I have emailed the DA Secretary and CAW member vets to protest at their ignorance and cruelty. I hope more animal lovers will join us to fight for our animals.
Anonymous said…
Euthanasia means "GOOD DEATH" and tambucho killing is obviously not a good death. Our Animal Rights law shouldn't be called rights then if all those evil people kill dogs in a cruel way. Are they that blind and blunt and deaf and all those negative things? why can't the public be heard?! they're in the government because of the public and now those bad people don't hear from the people? anong klase naman! That's what's wrong with this country. Animal lovers outnumber those bad people. and there's no way they're gonna get away with this. napakabastos tlga ng mga heartless people. mabilis ang karma, they're well now but soon they'll rot. anong klaseng animal rights ba meron ang pilipinas. i understand we have to decrease the number of the stray dogs, but most of them are well and only harm people if they are harmed first. pero sana man lang kahit yung mga rabid dogs nalang ang papatulugin, but tambucho killing just shows how rotten this country is. NOT ONE OF GOD'S CREATION DESERVES IT. and people have NO RIGHT to do it to any creature. Im a kid but i'll grow up to be a rebel against those stupid pounds if this doesn't stop. please please let's do something about this.

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