Monday, November 24, 2008

PAWS. Dog Rescue on TV. Lovely Day Show. November 2008.

There's a show in the Philippines called, Lovely Day, that featured a dog rescue by Philippine Animal Welfare Society ( PAWS ) volunteers May Angela Felix and Joe Claret. Now, this stuff is all in Tagalog but you can easily surmise what went on. Evidently, an elderly woman rang to report a dog in need of help. May showed the reporter, Jacob, how the the catch pole works and when the net is necessary. They weren't needed after all because the dog went along without any resistance after a food offering was made. Joe Claret explained that most of the animals in need of rescue flee upon their approach, and so this was one of the easiest rescues. The rescuers took the dog to " Dra. Mardi " for a check-up/deworming. From there, they're off to the PAWS shelter where the dog began its rehabilitation. The second video includes a rescued two-week old kitten, the adoption of two dogs, and a dog named Jackie getting groomed for a better chance at adoption.

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siyerwin said...

Grooming worked indeed because Jackie got adopted! :)