Friday, November 21, 2008

Elephant Rescue. Ned. Royal Hanneford Circus. IDA. USDA.

Some good news, made me look twice. Ned, a captive elephant performing for the Royal Hanneford Circus, has gained her freedom through the good people of In Defense of Animals who sent photos of an emaciated Ned to the USDA. If you eyeball the photo, you'd presume that Ned is an old elephant, but he is only 21 years old. Ned weighs approximately 2,000 lbs less than normal for his size and age. Well, it didn't take a month for the USDA to rescue Ned and send him off to a better life at the Elephant Sanctuary. The IDA reported that he now enjoys a variety of good food, watermelon and corn on the cob being his favorites. The IDA further reported that :

" Meanwhile, Ned’s trainer, Lance Ramos, remains a USDA-licensed exhibitor while the case for revocation of his license is on appeal. He and his father, Manuel Ramos, have a history of violating the Animal Welfare Act since 1989. (click here for more information about the Ramos family) He has in his control other animals, including big cats, zebras and camels.
This case has strong parallels to the case of John Davenport, former proprietor of the King Royal Circus. The USDA has allowed Davenport to continue business as usual despite revocation of his license (due to the death of a baby elephant) and his failure to pay the $200,000 fine levied against him. Click here for more information on this case. "

Please express your appreciation for Ned's rescue. The USDA, through the urging of the IDA, made a commitment to animal welfare and it would be very nice for them to hear praises from us and not only complaints. You can send your thanks to :

Elizabeth Goldentyer, DVMEastern Regional Director, USDA, APHIS, Animal CareEmail:

Dr. Chester A. Gipson, Deputy Administrator, USDA, APHIS, Animal CareEmail:

Ned arrives at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Born in 1987; Free in 2008.
UPDATE: Ned passed away on May 15, 2009. In his life, he enjoyed six months of freedom and love.

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Oh My Gawd said...

I wanted to let you know that I sent an email to Goldentyre and Gipson thanking them for rescuing Ned (after one year of knowing of his loosing weight BTW).

Good Blog - you might want to check out Cynthia "Eleadvocate" on MySpace who is studying to be a lawyer for animal defense in SF.

St. Simons Island, GA