Friday, November 14, 2008

Ten Worst Zoos in America. In Defense of Animals. November 2008.

This is the fifth year that In Defense of Animals (IDA) will publish their top ten violators of animal welfare, the worst ten zoos in America. By whose judgment would that be? By you, the people. Last year's list is HERE .

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California topped that list. And they have been on top for the fourth consecutive year. What a shame, but they've got none. Nine elephants have died at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom since 1995, five of them euthanized as a direct result of the same foot and joint disorders. There are, at least, two elephants who suffer from them at the present time. These ailments are caused by the elephants living in cramped and barren areas. If ever you are reincarnated as an elephant, make sure you don't end up there. IDA reported that " An IDA investigation revealed that elephants with diseased feet and joints are forced to stack 600-pound logs and perform in shows for the public, despite their afflictions. To force the elephants to perform and give rides, Six Flags coercively controls elephants through force and physical punishment with a bullhook, a device similar to a fireplace poker that keepers use to poke, prod and stab the elephants into compliance. "

Who's it gonna be this year? You can send in your nominations to .

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