Monday, November 17, 2008

Car Donation. Giving Up a Dear Friend to a Good Cause. Animal Rescue Force.

The old BMW finally gave out. The engine froze because fuel got into areas where only oil should be. The mixture took away the lubricating quality of the oil, and the pistons overheated and froze into place. It's no longer advisable to have it repaired. It would cost a ton of money, and she is already eighteen years old with 151,000 miles. So long, old friend. We shared many times together. I was always proud of you.

To make something positive out of something negative, I have decided to donate the car to an animal rescue organization in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Yes, they will take a car even if it does not run anymore. I think the plan is to scuttle the vehicle and sell individual parts separately. The organization is the Animal Rescue Force , and they work with the Vehicle Donation Center .

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