Monday, November 03, 2008

Van Saun Park. Bergen County. New Jersey. Fall 2008.

Every year, usually in the Fall, I take some photos of Van Saun Park. This park is approximately 3/4 of a mile from my house, and it has been the park of choice for me for more than twenty-three years. My previous dog, Patito, loved this place enough that I considered spreading his ashes here. He lived 15 years, and I have his ashes at home.

The park measures a mile length-wise ( North-South ) and probably half a mile in width. I visit this park year-round, even in the Winter. There are many times, throughout the year, that I sit in my car and look out on the pond or an open field, sipping my hot coffee. On other times, I sit at a park bench and read a good book or a newspaper. Once in a while, we need to slow down and clear our heads. To be in the midst of a peaceful setting is very comforting. Parks are very important to communities because they provide respite from the tramplings of life. Click on the photographs to enlarge them. Here they are:

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