Monday, November 03, 2008

Nail Clippers. I Search and Try Them Out While My Dog Pays the Price.

Off from work today, I decided to drive to Petco in Paramus to see if they had good nail clippers for sale. I have been using the guillotine type of clippers on my dog's nails. It does the job except for the accidents---the bloody accidents when I cut too close to the quick/nerve. It's always a struggle. Fidelma knows what's going to happen very soon, and she starts pulling her leg away while I try to get a good shot at the nail. I wanted one with a guard on it and settled for an $8 clipper for small dogs. I tried it on my sweetie and it worked well except that I began to feel that the clipper was constructed very cheaply. So, I drove back to Petco to exchange the clipper for a more sturdy one.

This time, I got a more solid-feeling clipper for medium dogs . I thought that the size wouldn't be a problem; Fidelma is an 8-lb Chihuahua and hardly a medium sized dog. Overkill could mean a cleaner cut, I surmised. When I tried it on one of Fidelma's remaining long nails, it bled. Again, I managed to cut into the quick. Fidelma pays dearly for my mistakes. I am very sorry. The guard was too deep for a small dog's nail. There's the difference. I am back to square one again after spending $10 on this last one. I think I am going to donate this clipper to the shelter, and resume my search for the ultimate nail clipper. Take note of the sign outside the Petco building.


air said...

Have digital will travel.

Chessbuff said...

I saw the digital ones. They give you Red, Yellow, and Green lights. They cost $35. However, the reviews are not good. People complained that they get Green and when they are about to make the cut the light turns Red.