Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chihuahua. Fidelma. No Dogs Allowed. No Purchase Either.

This is Fidelma when I leave her in the car because the store owner does not allow dogs in the premises. She spends the time looking out the windows. Yes, some shopkeepers are adamant about the " No Dogs " rule. That's fine. I am just as adamant about not buying from animal-intolerant stores. I let them know by telling them.
Here, Fidelma looks like she lacks some sleep but tries valiantly to stay awake.

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air said...

You can bring them into Lowes on a leash. I've seen small dogs in Lowes in Piscataway. They won't, however, tolerate the 100 pound white, fluffly calamity. Last time, he obliterated Home Decor.