Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ridgewood, NJ. Granny's Attic. Buddy. German Shepherd Mix.

I should have done this a long time ago, take photos of the dogs I meet along the avenue called life. Of course, I meet a lot of dogs ; I volunteer at an animal shelter. But I am talking about those dogs/cats we meet in stores, junk yards, gas stations, parks, etc. It's no longer enough to compliment the owner on how wonderful their pet is. We need to make a simple record of their existence.

Meet Buddy. He's a good boy. Buddy loves to meet other dogs and strangers like me. He was most curious about my dog, Fidelma, who is a lot smaller than him. Many dogs cannot tolerate a small dog, but Buddy looked at Fidelma like she was a toy that walked in just for him. Issues? I don't think Buddy has any. This is a dog you can hug right away. Just absolutely friendly. Tell-tale signs say Buddy has had a loving environment all his life and he, in turn, epitomizes the sweet and loyal family dog. You can meet Buddy at Granny's Attic in Ridgewood, New Jersey. He hangs around the office. He might know quite a bit about antiques, most certainly about accounting. I've seen Buddy at the store over the last several years, and it has always been a pleasure.


air said...

What a beautiful boy!

mariethestrange1 said...

Buddy was my favorite dog on my route he always remembered me when I delivered the mail. I miss him and I will visite one day again Buddy...Marie

eileen said...

Just looking into Buddy's eyes and receiving one of his kisses is enough to brighten up one's day. I wish all of God's sentient creatures were as well-loved as Buddy! I think a kitty or two would be a great addition to Granny's, and it would be fun to see all the places in which they would hide out!
I wish more store owners would provide such a warm, welcoming home for the homeless critters. Eileen