Thursday, November 06, 2008

Defenders of Wildlife. A Victory Message. Elections 2008.

I learned about the plight of the Alaskan wolves from the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund(DOWAF). This group is dedicated, I mean dedicated , to the welfare of our American wildlife, working the political route for change. Life looked dismal when the effort to stop the aerial hunting of wolves fell short of the mark, primarily due to the aggressive opposition of Gov. Sarah Palin who spent approximately $400,000 to preserved this merciless practice. She even offered a $150 bounty for every severed foreleg of a wolf. Mind you, Gov. Palin did not specify that the wolf be dead. Wolves prey on moose, and the governor is primarily a moose hunter. The less wolves, the more moose to shoot. Simple equation.

Enter the 2008 presidential election. The DOWAF sent out a call for donations to fight the election of Gov. Palin to the White House, and people like myself gave readily. The DOWAF aired their now famous video on aerial gunning in key voting states that ultimately ended up in Obama's column except Missouri. Candidates who are environmentally friendly also got elected to lower albeit important positions. The DOWAF set out to defend our wildlife alright, and payback time is at hand. Sarah Palin, I am anxious for the day when elections are held in Alaska. We will put you out of office. Here is the DOWAF's victory message:

2008 Election Wrap-Up from DefendersActionFund on Vimeo.

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