Friday, November 07, 2008

California. Proposition 2. Relief for Farm Animals. Election 2008.

No one say that Californians didn't care because they do. Proposition 2 passed with 60% of the voters voting YES. The full provisions of Proposition 2 will be fully implemented by 2015. Relief is on the way for millions of abused farm animals. Proposition 2 is a landmark measure that bans confinement methods like battery cages, veal crates and gestation crates . The misery that farm animals have been living through is immeasurable. We are hoping for a domino theory come true, a political theory thought improbable during the Cold War era but it could just work out in animal welfare. California joins Florida , Arizona , Oregon and Colorado in outlawing gestation crates, joins Arizona and Colorado in outlawing veal crates. But California is first to ban battery cages for laying hens whose fatality rate is far higher than we've seen among pigs or calves. I suspect that egg producers in California are much annoyed that they will be required to provide hens with enough space to turn around, stand up and spread their wings. Welcome to civilization, cave people. More power to the folks at Farm Sanctuary. God bless you all.

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