Thursday, September 25, 2008

Whose Skin Are You In? Fur, Leather, and the Killing of Animals for Fashion.

" My fur Coat, " it's one of those phrases that makes my blood boil, usually uttered by a slave to high fashion, obviously seeking attention and praise. It makes me wish that a discreetly sized aerosol can, bright orange, was within reach. How wonderful it would be to see the mist fly, and hear the woozing sound of the spray...High fashion does not justify the skinning and killing of innocent animals for their fur. Below is PETA's latest video on the problem of fur coats. If you haven't seen videos of this sort, be warned. Gruesome images will follow, and they can upset you. But that is the nature of the beast. It's a cruel business, and you should at least see what really goes on in the fur trade, at least once. Here it is:

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