Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Japan Dolphin Day. September 3, 2008. Japanese Drive Fisheries. World Protest Against the Butchering of Dolphins in Japan.

In case you didn't get wind of this, the world will protest the killing of dolphins by holding demonstrations at Japanese embassies around the world. This will be the fourth annual protest held against the drive fisheries of Japan. Thousands of dolphins are herded into a cove in Taiji and then brutally hacked to death, sparing only a few for the captive dolphin industry. The slaughtering season runs from September to March. Dolphin meat, recent studies have shown, has high levels of mercury, and it is unsuitable for consumption by children or pregnant women. The Japanese consumers are undeterred by the danger.

The Humane Society International informs us that " The Taiji dolphin hunts continue to prosper because the fishermen receive immense profits from selling some of their victims to the captive dolphin industry. The government also gives the fishermen permission to continue the hunt because they consider the dolphins pests who eat too much of the fish stocks around Taiji. "
A list of participating organizations for the global protest can be seen HERE
See the true story behind the seemingly happy dolphins we clapped for at dolphins shows and sea worlds. It is sickening to realize that so much misery lay behind the scenes, and we thought everything was just dandy:

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air said...

How awful. These beautiful and intelligent creatures.