Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sarah Palin. A Political Liability. Shoots Animals. Mat Damon Deplores Palin's VP Selection. Foresees Disaster in Washington.

Mat Damon is right. We should all be scared of Sarah Palin. The likelihood of Palin becoming our president is greater than what we've thought so far. John McCain is an old man, and he is ailing. To suggest that he might not complete a term as president isn't outlandish at all. One cannot vote for McCain as president without weighing Palin as his replacement. If you approve of John McCain, do you also approve of Palin as president? They may be on the same ticket, but they are very different people. McCain is a veritable war hero and veteran, and he has had many years of Washington experience. There are no accounts of Palin's heroism except as a cheering hockey mom. McCain is an animal lover, and I don't think that he's ever killed an animal for sport or fun. Palin shoots animals, and she is proud of it. She even offered a $150 bounty for every Alaskan wolf foreleg brought in. McCain is against drilling while Palin is for it. I can imagine McCain standing up to foreign leaders, hostile or friendly, while Palin tries her best to avoid questioning by our very own American press.

Sarah Palin doesn't even know what the Bush Doctrine is about, as evinced in her interview with Charles Gibson. Remember, unlike us, she is running to become the VP of the USA. Virtually, Palin is running for President by dint of McCain's old heart. This is essentially the gist of Mat Damon's comments. Palin did her best to fudge it, but her ignorance was transparent even when she tried to drown Gibson in a blizzard of words. Saying that she's ready doesn't mean that Palin is actually so. Palin's qualification for foreign affairs, according to John McCain, is that Alaska borders Russia. Really? Does living in New Jersey endow me with profound experience and deep understanding of Pennsylvania then? Putin would have a field day with Palin, and we don't have to help McCain put us in a situation like that. Ok, but never mind what I think. Let's listen to what Mat Damon thinks ; he's entitled to his opinion:

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