Monday, September 15, 2008

Philippines. Dogs for Adoption. Philippine Animal Welfare Society. September 2008.

If you're somewhere in the Philippines, particularly in the Manila and Quezon City area, here are several dogs who could be your best friend and loving companion. They reside, temporarily I hope, at the shelter of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in Caloocan [ See Correction in Comments ]. Saved from hideously cruel situations by both the grace of God and kind-hearted members of PAWS, these dogs deserve a better life. The shelter is a better place than the street, but it is not a home for animals. Please consider opening your heart and home to a dog/cat in need. I don't know these dogs personally, and so I have lifted the narratives and photos from the PAWS website. If you are interested in providing a forever home to anyone of these forever friends, then please contact the Philippine Animal Welfare Society at or call 475-1688; 3pm-5pm Mondays to Sats..

" Piolo was rescued from a pound who reportedly did not regularly feed or water the dogs under their care. Indeed, Piolo was positively skeletal when he arrived at the shelter a month ago. Despite his emaciation, Piolo was the happiest, friendliest, and sweetest dog you could meet. He was happy to meet everyone and would play with anyone. His indomitable spirit made him an instant shelter favorite with volunteers and visitors. Though a new dog, he has already completed the necessary vaccinations and is ready for adoption. Piolo's new forever-family would be very very lucky to have such a sweet dog. " More photos of Pioli :

" Hershey was picked up by a barangay's animal control facility, and was kept for four months, hoping they would find her owner. Unfortunately, no one turned up to claim her. She had a damaged left eye, but was otherwise healthy. Extremely shy at first, Hershey turned out to be a very sweet and loyal dog. She loves human company and is quite content just staying by your side while you work or read a book. Hershey is gentle enough to be around small children. A few days ago her damaged eye was finally cleaned out and stitched up - she is Hershey the One-Eyed Dog. Already spayed, she is ready to find her new forever-family. "

" Jerby was abandoned along with another dog by his former family, when the family had to leave the country and unable to take their dogs along with them. A PAWS shelter denizen since November 2007, he is considered by most PAWS volunteers to be the sweetest dog in the shelter. His companion was lucky to have been adopted already, a few months back. A lot of PAWS shelter adopters neglect to choose Jerby maybe because he is not as attractive as the other shelter dogs. But what Jerby lacks in appearance, he more than makes up for in heart. Already neutered, Jerby is ready to go home with a new forever-family who would be lucky to have this very sweet and loyal companion. "

" Ely was rescued along with four other dogs in a trucking parking lot. They were a wild band of strays with severe mange (galis), very skinny, and living on scraps from garbage. Ely had no hair then, and had scabby wounds throughout his body. This was a year and a half ago, in March 2007. Today you would swear the Ely you see must be a different dog. He now has grown a soft beautiful brown coat and has gained a lot of weight. A small stubborn patch at the end of his tail refuses to grow any hair, though. Maybe to remind us all of his past and how far Ely has gone. Ely is approximately 7 years old, already neutered, and ready to go home with a new forever-family. His happy, friendly, and sweet disposition makes him a great canine companion. "


anna said...

Hi Ted, thanks for posting this. Just a minor correction - the PAWS shelter is in Quezon City (very near the boundary of Marikina and QC), not Caloocan. =)

Anonymous said...

could i adopt hershey?

Chessbuff said...

Hi Anon.

Please email PAWS at Hershey is most probably still there. thanks for your interest.