Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Northern New Jersey. Dogs for Adoption. Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society. September 2008.

The thing about volunteering at a shelter is that periodically you look around and realize that you've got a whole new generation of adoptees. This is good, for it means that earlier generations of adoptees have gone to their forever homes, and the vicissitude continues. It's a measure of success, nurtured by volunteer work and public donations.
The following are four of our newest residents, and all of them are good and happy dogs. They don't belong in an animal shelter! I realize that the first attraction is often a physical one, and so I present their photos here without narratives. You can read about them at our website, and if you like what you learn about them then you can go on from there.


Adopted 09/19/08!!!


Adopted 09/19/08!!!


Adopted: 09/29/08!!!


Adopted 09/19/08!!!

Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society

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